No son los únicos: los inmigrantes indocumentados pagan $11,700 millones en impuestos anualmente Washington, DC – Luego de darse a conocer anoche información sobre los impuestos de Donald Trump, una de las antiguas indocumentadas que él explotó recurrió a su cuenta de Twitter para mostrar sus propias contribuciones fiscales y subrayar... Continuar »
Strategic racism didn’t work in 2018. Let’s make sure it doesn’t work in 2020.   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director at America’s Voice, taking stock of the latest political state of play: Much to the distress of Trump and the GOP, a powerful multiracial... Continuar »
It Starts at the Top In just one week, it has been reported that the President told Border Patrol officers to violate the law, assured his appointed acting DHS Secretary that he would pardon him for breaking the law, and that he is serious about using taxpayer dollars to... Continuar »
Trump’s Border Strategy is a Mess. Time to Bring in the Clean-up Team. There’s a better way. We need a new strategy that respects the life-and-death nature of asylum decisions, maintains the integrity of the system and ensures that the process is both fair and efficient. We need a... Continuar »
The 2018 midterms were awash in anti-immigrant ads because Donald Trump and Stephen Miller’s divide and distract strategy was widely adopted by the GOP. But — contrary to some commentators who say that Democrats didn’t run on the issues — a number of Democrats flipped House seats with immigration reform... Continuar »
Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a blog urging Congress to prioritize smart immigration reform that ensures more than 1 million individuals who are currently allowed to work here legally can stay in the United States (200,000 TPS holders, 30,000 spouses of high-skilled visa holders, and 690,000 Dreamers). Relevant excerpted... Continuar »
Last night, House Speaker Paul Ryan was questioned regarding his stance on immigration reform and DACA during a townhall with Jake Tapper (full transcript available here). Below, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, responds to Speaker Ryan. “Empty promises from the Speaker will not protect Dreamers, nor... Continuar »
American Public Overwhelmingly Supports Legalization and Rejects Deportation Trump’s Overt Nativism Actually Driving Up Support For Practical, Humane Policy Though we are still hours away from the first 2016 polls closing, one result is already in: nativism lost big. GOP nominee Donald Trump made his hard line anti-immigrant stance... Continuar »
Immigrants, students and their allies celebrated National #IAmAnImmigrant Day of Action yesterday by sharing their photos and inspiring immigration stories on social media: Immigrants make America great! The @FWD_us DC team is proud to join the #IAmAnImmigrant movement! Join us here: — Jen Martin (@theJenMartin) November 1,... Continuar »
Even Trump Voters Support “Stay” over “Go” By 2:1 New polling from Pew Research finds that by a 4:1 margin Americans support a policy that allows undocumented immigrants to stay legally over a policy that does not allow undocumented immigrants to stay legally.  Since Pew began asking this question in 2013,... Continuar »