Maribel Hastings and David Torres The United States is being stalked by different scourges: the coronavirus pandemic and its resulting economic crisis; the political violence against African Americans and minorities; and a prejudiced president, incapable of having empathy for anyone and anything, who continues fomenting violence and division. He is, in many ways, the worst… Continue »

English El Semanario The only statistic that matters to Trump has nothing to do with the coronavirus By Maribel Hastings May 28, 2020 The Voice George Floyd killing: ‘The guilty should be put behind bars’ By Milton Boyce May 30, 2020 Reuters Trump Faces Election Risks in Looming Supreme Court Ruling on ‘Dreamers’ June 01,… Continue »

Trump’s wall has already passed the level of obsession. It’s like a sort of zipper on a garment that doesn’t fit, but one stubbornly tries to close it anyway. The seams of the garment struggle in the effort, a warning that it’s simply not possible to achieve the objective. But to him that does not… Continue »

America’s Voice   The Presidential obsession remains fixed on the wall Comunicado sobre el asesinato de George Floyd Statement on the Murder of George Floyd English Bloomberg Law Over 10,000 Immigration Agency Furloughs Possible: Union (1) By Genevieve Douglas May 28, 2020 New York Times Border Wall Land Grabs Accelerate as Owners Shelter From Pandemic… Continue »

America’s Voice   Waiting to take the Oath: Experts and Lawmakers Discuss COVID-19 and Virtual Naturalization Ceremonies Trump Accelerates Construction of the Border Wall While Doing Nothing to Accelerate Testing and Contact Tracing Must-Read Lawrence Downes in the LA Times “Republicans weaponized ‘amnesty’ to make undocumented immigrants suffer. Let’s take it back” English NPR Latino… Continue »

America’s Voice   Sen. Cornyn Could Act to End the Trump Administration’s “Gratuitous Act of Cruelty” on Vulnerable Migrant Children The Trump Administration Advances Nativist Policies “Under Cover of the Coronavirus” English Washington Post There’s new wall on 194 miles of the border. Sixteen miles didn’t have a barrier before. By Philip Bump May 27,… Continue »

While the number of coronavirus deaths in the United States approaches 100,000, to President Donald Trump only one number matters: the 270 votes that are required to win the Electoral College in November and with it, guarantee his re-election. The deaths do not matter to Trump and he asserts that there is no reason for… Continue »

America’s Voice   The only statistic that matters to Trump has nothing to do with the coronavirus ICYMI: “Coronavirus Pandemic Complicates TPS for Haitians” The Trump Administration’s “Gratuitous Act of Cruelty” English The Hill The Memo: Trump agenda rolls on amid pandemic By NIALL STANAGE May 24, 2020 Associated Press Judge Demands ICE Better Explain… Continue »

America’s Voice   2020 AdWatch Report: GOP Turns Towards Racialized Fear-Mongering on China to Deflect from Trump’s Inadequate COVID-19 Response Sen. Cornyn is Silent As Another $1.3 Billion is Diverted from Coronavirus Response to Trump’s Border Wall, Lining The Pockets of Fat Cat Donor Contractor ICYMI: “Immigrants Work Essential Jobs on Front Lines of Coronavirus… Continue »

America’s Voice   Press Call: Texas TPS Holder Frontline Workers Discuss Their Roles in Combating Coronavirus While Under Threat from Trump Administration Mientras los estadounidenses luchan por mantenerse a salvo y ser responsables, Trump llena los bolsillos de sus donadores para construir su estúpido e ineficaz muro fronterizo While Americans Struggle to Stay Alive and… Continue »