2020 edition of PRRI’s “American Values Survey” offers fresh data on why Trump’s reliance on xenophobia keeps failing and backfiring The latest edition of PRRI’s annual, large-sample “American Values Survey” poll is out today. It is filled with interesting findings on a range of issues and topics, including immigration.  Among the key findings relevant to… Continue »

The “Cornyn Con” is now laced with cowardice   We have labeled the distance between what Senator John Cornyn says and how he votes the “Cornyn Con,” or in Spanish, “La Farsa Cornyn.” And wow, do we have another good example to add to the litany of Cornyn’s hypocrisy, lies, and cowardice on immigration. In… Continue »

Key Immigration Politics Stories Trump loves Dreamers so much he’s trying to deport them: Trump is cynically trying to pose as a champion of DACA while his administration is aggressively trying to end the program and subject Dreamers to deportation. Why immigration as a wedge issue has lost its edge: In 2016 and 2018, immigration… Continue »

DACA is on the ballot in November Shorter Trump: I Love Dreamers So Much I’m Trying to Deport Them DACA is on the ballot in November The Liar-in-Chief tackled last night’s question from a pro-DACA questioner with his usual bluster, obfuscation and mendacity. He said, “we’re gonna take care of DACA.” In fact, Trump has… Continue »

In a letter released exclusively to Forbes, more than 200 state and local groups across the country signed on to a letter urging Presidential candidate Vice President Joe Biden to enact Deferred Enforcement Departure (DED) on day one of his presidency and protect more than 2.2 million people from deportation. Chantal da Silva reports that… Continue »

These truly are not normal times. And in this abnormality, an infinite number of offenses have aggravated the most basic standards of social coexistence and human integration: from direct and public bullying of less-favored immigrants to the separation of families at a border that has become a shameful scar, and where migrant children have borne… Continue »

Detainees from Cameroon, Congo, Haiti moved out rapidly, including some who are witnesses to DHS abuses. There appears to be an increased push by the Department of Homeland Security and the Trump Administration to remove Black immigrants.  A group of detained Cameroonian hunger strikers and protestors, as well as detained Congolese,  were deported Tuesday despite… Continue »

“At a bare minimum, let’s hold those who commit wicked deeds in our names and with our tax dollars accountable in the 2020 election”   Stunning. During the Senate Judiciary Hearings, Amy Coney Barrett refused to denounce Trump’s family separation policy that has ripped more than 5,500 children away from their families, some never to… Continue »