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Increasing Deportations, Thousands of Cuban Asylum Seekers Sent Back to Danger in Mexico, Naturalization and “Green Card” Denials, Bureaucratic Hurdles to Obtain Status, Pressuring Other Nations to Block Cuban Asylum Seekers Washington, D.C. – Despite tough talk about the Cuban regime and the harm it continues to inflict on its own citizens, President Trump and … Continue reading »

Reporter Jonathan Blitzer Interviews a top ACLU litigator on Trump’s Asylum Ban, the Supreme Court’s Enabling of it, and the Threat to the Legal Right to Asylum The Trump administration is rewriting our asylum laws in an attempt to virtually eliminate access to a full and fair process. A revealing interview and Q&A between The … Continue reading »

With no action from the Trump administration, Alanna Quillen with WPTV in West Palm Beach, FL, reports “lives have been put on hold” after Trump denied the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Bahamians in the U.S. who may face deportation back to the hurricane ravaged nation. Stanton Forbes, a Bahamian now calling South Florida his … Continue reading »

The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice, in response to the news that the Trump administration signed an agreement with the government of El Salvador to explore asylum changes that could keep asylum seekers from other countries in El Salvador and which may lead to a future “safe … Continue reading »

American Public and Democrats in Congress Step Up: “This reversal was not a change of heart from Trump or Stephen Miller. It is the result of broad public outcry…” A program that would affect over 1,000 immigrants seeking to stay in the U.S. for life-altering medical treatment was reinstated, saving immigrants’ lives, including the life … Continue reading »