Washington, DC — The most consequential immigration storyline this week is not the Senate’s border vote and accompanying skirmish over political positioning. Instead, it’s the growing attention highlighting the serious plans from Donald Trump and allies to round up, detain, and deport millions of long-settled immigrants and rip apart... Continue »
Washington, DC — Today, House Republicans are set to mark up legislation that is nothing more than a fig leaf to provide further legitimacy to election denial conspiracies. The bill relies on the widely and repeatedly debunked bigoted conspiracies about non-citizen voting and is pushed by Speaker of the... Continue »
Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week: As if it were not enough to be in suspense over the future of DACA in the courts, potentially... Continue »
Read Washington Monthly column from Robert Shapiro, former Under Secretary of Commerce for Economic Affairs (HERE) Washington, DC — As America’s Voice has detailed, not only is Donald Trump’s second term vision for immigration cruel and dystopian, it also carries far-reaching implications to US economic success and output. A... Continue »
Washington, DC — America’s Voice Senior Research Director Zachary Mueller reacts to the latest news surrounding the Trump campaign video, which features a headline about the “unified Reich.” As in, the Third Reich. Mueller tracks the advertising and social media of the opponents of immigration and is a keen... Continue »
Washington, DC — Later this week, Senate Democrats will hold another vote on the formerly bipartisan border bill that failed earlier in the year after Trump and allies scuttled its prospects. Republicans clearly preferred immigration and the border as a political issue to run on, rather than an issue... Continue »
Washington, DC — Yesterday on NBC’s “Meet the Press,” Florida Senator and onetime GOP immigration reform champion Marco Rubio embraced Donald Trump’s mass-deportation vision, while relying on the conspiratorial white nationalist “invasion” rhetoric connected to real-world violence.  Rubio’s comments, at direct odds with his 2016 stated beliefs and the... Continue »
ON THE ANNIVERSARY OF THE WHITE NATIONALIST-INSPIRED MASSACRE, REPLACEMENT THEORY HAS ONLY GONE MORE MAINSTREAM This week marked two years since a racist gunman motivated by white nationalist and antisemitic “replacement” and “invasion” conspiracy theories gunned down ten Black Americans in Buffalo. Their names were Ruth Whitfield, Roberta Drury,... Continue »