UnidosUS and Mi Familia Vota Education Fund Polling Finds Latino Voters’ Overwhelming Sentiments Align with Democratic Policy Positions; Strong Call for Leaders to Condemn White Supremacy Washington, DC – Nationwide polling of Latino eligible voters finds that on a range of key policies, including immigration, Latinos overwhelmingly align with Democrats’ policy positions. The poll of… Continue »

Washington, DC – Republican candidates are cynically trying to turn the opioid crisis and the urgent problem of fentanyl-induced overdose deaths into a nativist political attack. The issues around fentanyl and the opioid crisis are expansive and multi-dimensional: It is a healthcare issue, an international trade issue, a corporate accountability issue, and a criminal syndicate… Continue »

Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings and David Torres from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week. In recent days, President Joe Biden has seen a series of pluses and minuses. Although at a personal level he contracted COVID-19,… Continue »

Dana Milbank on larger GOP embrace of violent rhetoric: “These are open invitations to the violent and the unstable to take matters into their own hands.” Washington, DC – Texas and Washington provide two of the lastest examples of Republicans “open invitations to the violent and the unstable to take matters into their own hands,”… Continue »

Mario Carrillo: Extreme Vision on Display at CPAC “Dangerous, Ugly and Against the Wishes of the Rest of America.” Washington, DC – A new recap from America’s Voice summarizes the disturbing proceedings on display last week in Dallas at the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) Texas conference. As the new analysis highlights: “The conference participants,… Continue »

Immigration polling from America's Voice.

Frank Sharry: “On immigration, like on so many other issues related to pluralism and multiracial democracy, MAGA extremism is isolating the GOP from the majority of the country.”  Washington, DC – New immigration polling from Gallup finds that Americans overwhelmingly recognize that immigrants and immigration are good for the country. The fact that this huge… Continue »

GOP Candidates and Elected Officials Are Embracing Same Deadly “Invasion” Lies as the El Paso Shooter Washington, DC – Mario Carrillo, Texas-based Campaigns Director for America’s Voice, has a new op-ed in the Austin American-Statesman highlighting how Republican candidates and elected officials like Gov. Greg Abbott are embracing the same “invasion” lies as the El… Continue »

“Democrats stood in lockstep against GOP obstructionism and nativism” – Vanessa Cárdenas Washington, DC – Statement by Vanessa Cárdenas, Deputy Director of America’s Voice, upon Senate passage of the Inflation Reduction Act: “Congratulations are in order to Democratic Senators for approving a historic bill that will make a difference in people’s lives and reduce inflation.… Continue »