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Cook Political Report’s Amy Walter is out with a must-read analysis that deconstructs the current environment around the shutdown fight and Trump’s border wall. She concludes, “what’s keeping the Democratic caucus from splitting in two (or three, or four) is that debate isn’t about immigration anymore. It’s about a wall. And, even his own base … Continue reading »

Trump: “We’re Getting Crushed” A New York Times story by Maggie Haberman and Annie Karni reports that Trump has been railing internally about how he is losing the public battle over who’s to blame over the shutdown . After watching some of the coverage, he yelled, “We are getting crushed!” Recently-released polls show that, for … Continue reading »

Across the nation, concerned constituents are urging Senate Republicans and President Trump to end this harmful and asinine government shutdown and focus on the pressing issues plaguing our country and communities, instead of a useless and wasteful border wall. Below are a few recent examples of in-state Americans focused on the personal, damaging consequences of … Continue reading »

As we head into the fifth week of the longest shutdown in US history, Texan communities are feeling its devastating effects. Low income residents, TSA workers, NASA employees, and small businesses are just some of the casualties of Trump’s irresponsible shutdown.   Below are links and excerpts to stories of the overwhelming impacts of the … Continue reading »

Leading observers are pointing out that the growing Republican denunciation of Rep. Steve King (R-IA) is both overdue and hypocritical. As the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent puts it: …Republicans are all in with Trump’s government shutdown. And that shutdown is a last-ditch stand to realize the crowning symbol of the policy agenda of Steve King. … Continue reading »