Washington, DC – With labor shortages and high inflation in the news, several Republican-aligned voices are making the case that getting our economy right means getting immigration reform right.  Earlier this week, NBC News reported, “Slowing immigration worsens job shortages.” It noted that net immigration to the U.S. was one-quarter what it had been in… Continue »

Washington, DC — A letter from Senator Bob Menendez (D-NJ), Chairman of the Senate Foreign Relations Committee, and 32 Senate Colleagues urges the Biden Administration to expand Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to protect vulnerable Central Americans from deportation to unsafe conditions.  As the COVID-19 crisis continues to rage and more than a year after devastating… Continue »

Census: net international migration into the U.S. last year was one-quarter what it was in 2016 Washington, DC – An NBC News story lays bare the economic consequences of the Republican embrace of nativism. The damage wrought by President Trump and Stephen Miller over their four years in power has been fully embraced by the… Continue »

Washington, DC – Virginia labor leader Jaime Contreras and Ohio business leader Steve Stivers are both calling on Congress to include immigration in the Build Back Better Agenda. Both argue that immigrant workers are crucial to helping mitigate the current worker shortage in America. Both address the role immigrants and immigration can play in helping… Continue »

Washington, DC – Republican Senator Steve Daines of Montana offered an amendment to the National Defense Authorization Act prohibiting the U.S. from making payments to families whose children were kidnapped or stolen by the United States Government, specifically as part of the previous President’s “zero tolerance” policy to deter asylum seekers from seeking asylum. This… Continue »

Guatemala, Honduras, Nicaragua, and El Salvador Grappling With Compounding Crises & In Need of Immediate Relief On the one year anniversary of twin hurricanes Eta and Iota devastating Central America, the spotlight is on the Biden Administration for its failure to grant new Temporary Protected Status (TPS) designations for nationals of Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador,… Continue »

anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants

Washington, DC – Pressure is building on the Biden administration to end the Title 42 program, a Trump-era policy aimed at excluding migrants and asylum seekers due to COVID. Despite promising to undo Trump’s cruel policies, the Biden administration has kept Title 42 in place to block and expel asylum seekers at the southern border. … Continue »

Washington, DC – There’s a stark divide between what the Biden administration promised and what the administration is delivering on immigration, border, asylum and racial justice issues. Deportations of Haitians continue despite the deadly conditions on the ground; expulsions of asylum seekers without due process or an ability to seek asylum continue; and progress for… Continue »

Democrats in Congress, Advocates, and Civil Rights Leaders Condemn Biden Administration’s Decision to Continue Deportations “It’s gonna be a stain on this administration” Yesterday former special envoy to Haiti Daniel Foote testified in a briefing before the House Foreign Affairs Committee in his first public comments since resigning in protest over the Biden Administration’s rapid… Continue »

Compounding humanitarian crisis demand urgent action from Biden Administration On Saturday, a 7.2 magnitude earthquake struck Haiti and the death count is already at 1,900 with widespread damage, especially across the southern third of the country. The natural disaster hit amid instability following the assassination of President Jovenel Moïse, widespread poverty, hurricane season, kidnappings, violence,… Continue »