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Texas Continues To Deny Birth Certificates To U.S. Citizen Children Born To Undocumented Parents

What impact does your birth certificate have on your daily life? For undocumented immigrants in Texas, birth certificates are becoming a nightmare – as they struggle to secure a document that would allow their newborns to take advantage of vital services. The issue is not a new one, but as The New York Times reports, … Continue reading »

Carly Fiorina's Rhetoric on Immigration Does Not Reflect What a California Republican Should Know About Latino Vote

Carly Fiorina, the former CEO of Hewlett Packard who lost her Senate challenge to Barbara Boxer in 2010, looks like she’s running for president.  In a field that is sure to become crowded with GOP senatorial and gubernatorial heavyweights, some are already writing her off as an underdog.  Our interest in Fiorina stems from the fact … Continue reading »

New Poll: Latino Support for Hillary in 2016 Depends on Her Stance on Executive Action on Immigration

Cross-posted from Latino Decisions: New Poll Shows 2016 Latino Votes Will Follow Candidates who Want to Continue and Extend President Obama’s Executive Action on Immigration During the November 2014 midterms Latino voters said the number one issue they wanted Congress and the President to address was immigration reform.  Today, new nationalpoll findings of Latino voters reveal … Continue reading »

As Republicans Prepare to Fight Executive Action, Latino Voters Are Fired Up to Defend It

New Gallup approval numbers and a growing body of polling demonstrate that President Obama’s recent executive actions on immigration are overwhelmingly popular among Latino voters.  As Republicans hold hearings today that unofficially kick off their attempts to block and overturn this sensible step forward on immigration, the warning signs for the GOP’s 2016 political future … Continue reading »

Immigration in the 2014 Elections: Three Takeaways and One Lesson

America’s Voice has put together a new post-election memo that identifies three takeaways and one lesson for both parties to learn as they turn to the future: TAKEAWAY ONE: The Democrats’ gamble to not take action on immigration failed, costing them in voter enthusiasm. TAKEAWAY TWO: Republicans would be wrong to think they can repeat their … Continue reading »

Americans as Well as Latino Voters Want Immigration Reform, and That Will Matter in 2016

Some of the GOP spin, after last week’s midterms elections, is that the party has a mandate for its anti-immigrant, restrictionist ideas.  That’s something Sen. Jeff Sessions (R-AL) recently tried to claim — that last week’s results are one reason why President Obama should not announce executive action for immigrants.  Markos today, at a post at Daily … Continue reading »

ColoradoPols: Gardner’s Immigration Tap Dance Continues As Senator-Elect

On immigration, there are three types of comments right now coming from Republicans: Empty rhetoric about how the GOP might pass an immigration reform bill next year, because the party must show people that it can govern Reluctance to submit a proposal, or commit to passing anything, because Republicans claim that they can’t trust Obama … Continue reading »

Barreto and Segura Talk Latino Vote in Key Races with Jose Diaz-Balart (VIDEO)

Today, Matt Barreto and Gary Segura, the founders of Latino Decisions, talked to Jose Diaz-Balart about the Latino vote in key races around the country: Tomorrow, America’s Voice and several of our allies will release an election-eve poll of nearly 5,000 Latino voters nationwide and in ten battleground states, conducted by Latino Decisions. The poll … Continue reading »

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