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Frank Sharry

Will Trump’s Border Wall Obsession Be a Political Liability?

After Defense Secretary Esper Receives Bipartisan Criticism Yesterday, Today Landowners Will Decry Desecration and Seizure of Lands Just because President Trump is obsessed with the political significance of his border wall – often it seems to be the only topic capable of holding his attention – doesn’t make it a politically beneficial subject for Trump’s … Continue reading »

DHS is More Focused on Reelecting Trump by Exploiting Nativism Than in Protecting America from a Pandemic

Homeland Security Chief Fails to Reassure Congress, American People on Coronavirus  At a time of heightened national public health concern surging from a pandemic preoccupying the minds of people across our nation and the globe, the full-blown ignorance of Acting Director of the Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Chad Wolf was on display in Congress … Continue reading »

The Trumpian GOP is the Anti-Immigrant Party, and Democrats are the Pro-Immigrant Party

With the Majority of Voters Pro-Immigrant, It’s Time for the Democrats to Lean In and Turn this Issue into a Winner The following is from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, on the role of immigration in the 2020 elections and the way Democrats can best engage it: In a searing New Yorker piece … Continue reading »

On Press Call, Advocates Blast Trump’s Decision to Send Tactical Units to Cities that Welcome Immigrants 

On the heels of a bombshell New York Times report that the Trump Administration will be sending military-style tactical units, starting this month, to “safeguard” American cities the Trump administration labels as “sanctuary” cities, a panel of experts and advocates gathered to respond:  Naureen Shah, Senior Advocacy and Policy Counsel of the ACLU, said:  This … Continue reading »

$3.8 Billion More from Military for Border Wall Obsession: An Emboldened and Vindictive Trump Taking America Into Authoritarianism In the Service of Hanging Onto Power

In response to reports that President Trump will raid an additional $3.8 billion from the Pentagon to fund border wall construction, the following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Just in time to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of his fake national emergency declaration, a lawless President Trump is raiding billions … Continue reading »

Jared Kushner’s Points-Based “Immigration Reform” is a Ruse

“We don’t need pretend reform that panders to nativist hardliners. We need fundamental reform that keeps families together, creates a line for undocumented immigrants to get into, expands safe and legal channels and puts fairness and due process at the heart of a modernized 21st century system.” National Public Radio is reporting that presidential son-in-law … Continue reading »

Trump’s Budget: Billions in Tax Cuts for the Wealthy, Billions in Health and Education Cuts for the Rest of Us, and Billions for His Stupid Border Wall

“It’s race-baiting in the service of plutocracy.” Yesterday, President Trump released his budget request for 2021 and beyond. It extends tax cuts for the wealthy, dramatically increases immigration enforcement funding, and cuts health care, retirement security, education, housing, environmental protections, safety net services and more.  The following is a statement by Frank Sharry, Executive Director … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry on Lt. Col. Vindman Firing: “A Chilling Encapsulation of the Dangers This President Poses to Our Democracy”

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to the firing of Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman: Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman is a patriot, an immigrant, a war hero, a man of honor and a defender of democracy. He embodies everything that President Trump hates and fears. Republican Senators’ … Continue reading »

Ahead of Trump’s Boastful State of the Union, We Set the Record Straight on Immigration

“Deterrence by way of cruelty, chaos, racism and suffering is not success, it’s failure.” At tonight’s State of the Union address, expect President Trump to claim “success” on his signature immigration and border obsessions. Below, first read America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry’s assessment of why Trump is, in fact, a cruel failure on his … Continue reading »

Trump Expands Muslim Ban to Target Africans

Frank Sharry:“There is no reasonable national security or immigration control justification for this policy, other than bald-faced and unapologetic bigotry.”  A Wall Street Journal article posted this afternoon confirms the new  administration policy that expands on the Trump administration’s existing Muslim ban. More than four out of five of those affected by this expansion hail … Continue reading »