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Frank Sharry to the U.S. Senate: Reject the Nomination of Ronald Vitiello to Head ICE

“As our generation’s darkest moral scandal – the separation of innocent children from safety-seeking parents – continues to enrage the nation, the idea of rewarding one of its architects is unthinkable” The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: We strongly recommend that the Senate reject the nomination of Ronald … Continue reading »

The Split on the Right: Laura Ingraham vs. Jennifer Rubin; The Future of the American Experiment: A Challenge For Us All

At a time when some pundits are attempting to divine a nonexistent civil war on the left, it seems to us that the divide on the right is of greater consequence. With the GOP now the Party of Trump, there is still an active debate between those embracing the white nationalism of the President and … Continue reading »

Operation Orphanage? Unless the Trump Administration Takes Responsibility for Reuniting All Families, Hundreds of Kids They Seized Will Become Orphans

After separating nearly 3,000 kids from their parents, a federal judge stepped in and ordered the Trump administration to reunite them. Nearly two weeks after the court-ordered deadline, 572 children remain traumatized, in federal custody and with little evidence the administration is interested in reuniting them. For more than 400 of the children, the Trump … Continue reading »

NBC News: “Now the Trump administration wants to limit citizenship for legal immigrants”

Frank Sharry: “another dangerous, desperate and cynical strategy aimed at kicking immigrants out of America and keeping Republicans in power” This morning, NBC News’ Julia Ainsley exposed the latest frontier in Stephen Miller and Donald Trump’s war on the American idea: a proposal that would use new “public charge” rules to make it harder for … Continue reading »

The Trump Administration That Kidnaps and Abuses Kids Now Says They Are Not Responsible for Reunifying Them

Court Filings Expose More Reckless Irresponsibility  In a court filing yesterday, the Trump administration argued that it should not be their responsibility to reunite the families separated by the government’s own cruel policy decisions and incompetence. The government suggests the reunification of 572 children that remain separated should be the responsibility of private organizations, NGOs, … Continue reading »

As Trump’s Race-baiting Gets Uglier, and His Senate Faves Kiss His Ring, Will Voters Follow?

Frank Sharry: “Racism doesn’t increase wages; xenophobia doesn’t pay for healthcare; dividing America doesn’t protect the government investments Americans count on” Last night’s ugly speech from President Trump in Pennsylvania featured efforts to scapegoat familiar targets, such as immigrants and the media, while seeking to divide and distract the electorate from substantive, kitchen table issues. … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “Despicable. Un-American. Unacceptable.”

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, regarding today’s Senate Judiciary Committee oversight hearing on the Department of Homeland Security’s efforts to reunite families: The Trump administration – in our name, with our taxes, and by our government agents – has been responsible for a moral travesty of historic … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry on Trump’s Shutdown Talk: A Political Attempt to Divide and Distract Us Heading Into the Midterms

Shutdown talk has nothing to do with policy, it’s nothing more than calculated politics; it unites Republicans, feeds the base and distracts from bread-and-butter issues that favor Democrats Some observers are covering President Trump’s latest threats to shutdown the government over a border wall as a policy issue and a divisive tactic within the GOP. … Continue reading »

The Family Separation Crisis Continues: We Must Hold Trump Administration Officials Accountable & Bring Deported Parents Back

Despite the ongoing efforts of the American people, hundreds of families remain separated and family separations are still continuing. The Trump administration’s incompetence is a big part of this story. As Federal Judge Dana Sabraw observed, “The parents didn’t know where the children were, and the children didn’t know where the parents were. And the … Continue reading »

Not Reuniting 43% of Separated Children is a Disaster

Trump Administration’s Cruelty and Ineptitude is Unacceptable According to press reports, 1,442 of 2,551 children taken from their parents by the Trump administration have been reunited as of late yesterday.  Up against a court order to reunite all the children with their parents by yesterday’s deadline, the government reunited 57% of them. Unbelievably, the Trump administration is trying … Continue reading »

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