Washington, DC – Today is a national day of action in support of Haitian migrants, with actions planned in more than 10 cities across America. Ahead of today’s actions, two stories capture why there is so much energy and outrage around the Biden administration’s mistreatment of Haitians. Find excerpts and links below: A Vox story… Continue »

anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants

Senior State Department Official Resigns in Protest, Calling the Deportation of Haitians “Illegal” and “Inhumane” Washington, DC – Two recent resignations from the Biden administration were accompanied by powerful condemnations of the administration’s ongoing deportations of Haitians to a nation buckling under the strain of political violence, an earthquake’s devastation and climate-related disasters. To carry… Continue »

Immigration polling from America's Voice.

Frank Sharry: “Whether through or around the parliamentarian, Democrats need to keep their promise to deliver on citizenship.” Washington, DC – New bipartisan battleground state and district polling finds overwhelming support for delivering a pathway to citizenship in the budget reconciliation process. The polling was conducted for the American Business Immigration Council (ABIC) by the… Continue »

Washington, DC – The horrifying images of U.S. Border Patrol’s mistreatment of Haitians at our southern border are indefensible. In addition to investigating and holding accountable those responsible, the U.S. government needs to stop deporting Haitians to a country the U.S. government has said Haitians should not be deported to.  Leading observers have been unsparing… Continue »

America’s Voice responde al fallo inicial de la Parlamentaria del Senado Washington, DC – A continuación compartimos un comunicado de Frank Sharry, Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice, en reacción al fallo de la Parlamentaria del Senado sobre inmigración: Este no es el principio del fin, sino el fin del principio. La Parlamentaria falló en torno… Continue »

America’s Voice Responds to the Initial Senate Parliamentarian Ruling   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice reacting to the Senate parliamentarian’s ruling on immigration: This isn’t the beginning of the end, this is the end of the beginning. The Parliamentarian ruled on one approach and we believe she… Continue »

The President and his White House team are out today with strong statements in support of enacting legislation with new pathways to citizenship.  White House Council of Economic Advisors, “The Economic Benefits of Extending Permanent Legal Status to Unauthorized Immigrants.”  Granting permanent legal status would … likely raise tax revenues, increase productivity, and have additional… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “The news of renewed Haitian deportation flights is the type of morally indefensible news we would have expected from the Trump Administration, not the Biden Administration.” Washington, DC – The Haitian Bridge Alliance reported yesterday that the Biden Administration sent a new deportation flight to Haiti this week – an unconscionable development that… Continue »

Los resultados deberían dar a los demócratas mayor razón para impulsar y cumplir con la reforma migratoria en la etapa de conciliación presupuestaria Washington, DC –  El rechazo aplastante a la iniciativa para destituir al gobernador de California, Gavin Newsom, es un testimonio de la fuerza del voto inmigrante, étnico y progresista en el Estado… Continue »

California results should give Democrats even more reason to push for and deliver on immigration reform in reconciliation   The landslide rejection of the California ballot initiative to recall Governor Gavin Newsom is a testament to the strength of immigrant, ethnic and progressive voters in the Golden State, and a clear sign that, once again,… Continue »