A new project is highlighting the 30th anniversary of historic immigration reform legislation. Passed by a bipartisan Congress and signed by Republican President Ronald Reagan in November 1986, the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) put some three million undocumented immigrants on a path to legalization. To commemorate the... Continuar »
While Republican Presidential candidates like Donald Trump are doubling-down on ugly rhetoric, Latino and immigrant voters are busy planning to fight back at the ballot box. We’re guessing Trump didn’t see that one coming. In fact, a slew of recent reports note that many of the Latino and immigrant... Continuar »
In Donald Trump, the Republican Party seems on track to nominate a candidate running the most explicitly nativist and anti-immigrant campaign in recent American history. Simultaneously, Republican primary exit polling in state after state is demonstrating that, despite the front-runner’s obsession with this issue, among the electorate it ranks last in a list... Continuar »
In a year where Florida politicians like Marco Rubio and Carlos Lopez-Cantera continue to embrace Trump’s extreme position on immigration, Republicans across the country should take note on Latino and immigrant community’s commitment to fight back anti-immigrant extremism. The Florida’s legislative session has come to a close, meaning that... Continuar »
On Immigration, Don’t Let Trump Distract From The Anti-Immigrant Policies of The Rest of the Field   Last night’s Republican debate made clear—all sights are trained on Donald Trump. As Marco Rubio and Ted Cruz’s performances show, both candidates are trying to claw their way into whatever anti-Trump space... Continuar »
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Cross-posted from Frank Sharry’s post on Medium: It’s not terribly surprising that a Republican Party that has failed to effectively counter the rise of Trump is now trying to rally around Marco Rubio as the great “establishment” hope. The hope is that the Cuban-American Senator from Florida can help... Continuar »
As Democrats Lean Into Immigration and Energize Latino Voters, Republicans’ Hardline Immigration Stance Poses General Election Problems Immigration continues to be a major issue in both parties’ presidential primary contests, with leading candidates of both parties tacking in the exact opposite direction. While the two presidential races are starkly... Continuar »
In the wake of the battle of words between Pope Francis and leading Republican Presidential candidate Donald Trump, Vice President Joe Biden adds to the moral argument against a massive wall along the US/Mexico border, saying that, in the face of America’s tradition of welcoming the immigrant and refugee, “erecting a... Continuar »
As Pope Francis is set to pray at the Rio Grande tomorrow, a delegation of women and leaders began a day-long pilgrimage from El Paso to Ciudad Juarez today to bring a message of welcome and compassion for the immigrant and refugee. “Last September, we heard the Pope’s message... Continuar »
Rubio Immigration New Hampshire
Marco Rubio has been on a roll lately, and definitely not in the good way. Two weeks ago he was mocked for appearing to “malfunction” at the Republican debate in New Hampshire, when he repeated the same canned responses no less than three times in a row. Then there... Continuar »