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Speaker Paul Ryan

Frank Sharry Reacts to Report that Legislative Fix for Dreamers Likely by the End of Year

A HuffPost story from Matt Fuller and Elise Foley reports that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (R-WI) has told conservative House Republicans to expect that a legislative fix for Dreamers will be included in an end-of-the-year spending package. The following is a reaction to this report from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund: … Continue reading »

GOP Voters Agree with Rest of US: Congress Should Legalize Dreamers

Do Ryan and McConnell Represent Americans, or Steve King? Washington, DC – Republican elected officials should embrace a clean legislative solution for Dreamers, rather than loading up a legislative package with “poison pill” provisions that are designed to scuttle the package and set up another Washington blame game. “Americans are tired of the blame game … Continue reading »

Paul Ryan Impanels House GOP “Committee to Nowhere” for Dreamers

Washington, DC – News reports indicate that Speaker of the House Paul Ryan will impanel a working group of House Republicans to work on Dreamer-related immigration legislation. No one should be confused about the intention of the committee – this is a transparent attempt to slow-walk and scuttle Dreamer legislation, not to improve it. According to Frank … Continue reading »

As the Nation Prepares to Celebrate the Best of Who We Are, Trump and the GOP Prepare to Denigrate Our Tradition of Welcome

With Demagoguery, Distortions and Wedge Politics, Republicans Embrace Nativism and Trash a Defining Feature of American Identity Today the House of Representatives will vote on two anti-immigrant bills aimed at throwing red meat to the GOP base and attempting to help President Trump change the subject after his stunning healthcare setback. The bills do nothing … Continue reading »

As Speaker Ryan Visits the US/Mexico Border, Over 50 Organizations Urge Him to Stand with America Against Trump’s Immigration Policies

Washington, DC – Just one day after the Department of Homeland Security released extensive, Draconian memos on how to implement Trump’s Executive Orders on immigration, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan traveled to the US/Mexico border.  In response, over fifty immigration, refugee, faith, labor, and legal service organizations sent the House Speaker a public letter, … Continue reading »

Daniel Ramirez’s Attorney Blasts ICE For “Utterly Implausible And Wholly Fabricated” Claims

Lawyers for Daniel Ramirez Medina issued another very strong statement taking issue with what ICE has been saying about their client. We wanted to share the entire release as this case has gotten so much attention – and because ICE continues it’s false narrative about Daniel: Today, the U.S. Department of Justice, Civil Division Office … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Responds to Paul Ryan’s Remarks on Immigration

Last night, House Speaker Paul Ryan was questioned regarding his stance on immigration reform and DACA during a townhall with Jake Tapper (full transcript available here). Below, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund, responds to Speaker Ryan. “Empty promises from the Speaker will not protect Dreamers, nor do they change the fact that … Continue reading »

Paul Ryan Casts His Presidential Ballot For Some Guy Named “Our Nominee”

Both Sen. Marco Rubio and Speaker Paul Ryan have early voted, but that’s not the only thing they have in common. Both recently cast their ballots for Donald Trump for President, and both — as if trying to avoid some sort of poltergeist — couldn’t even bring themselves to say his name out loud. From … Continue reading »

As Ryan Campaigns With Trump, Wisconsin DREAMers and Immigrant Voters Fight Back

As Speaker of the House Paul Ryan joins the campaign trail with Donald Trump, a man who has promised to round up 11 million immigrants; ban all Muslims from admission into the U.S.; revoke birthright citizenship from 4.5 million citizens;” and roundup Syrian refugees already resettled, this Saturday in Wisconsin, immigrant youth, DREAMers, and allies will canvass across Wisconsin to remind their neighbors … Continue reading »

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