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ICYMI: “‘All she ever knew was America’: This high school athlete had a plan. Then DACA was rescinded.”

The Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty has a new must-read on the tight rope that Dreamer and high school volleyball player Nicolle Uria is walking. Like all Dreamers, Nicolle grew up American – her family emigrated from Bolivia when she was just one year old. She didn’t learn she was undocumented until she was a teen: “You’re undocumented,” her parents told … Continue reading »

Reminder: Trump Killed DACA; Dreamers Are Already Losing Their Status; Congress Needs to Act Now

The so-called March 5th “deadline” is not; it’s an excuse for inaction Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) told NBC News, “I am not planning on going home from Washington for any holiday until we take care of the DACA and Dreamer issue. We have made our promise to do that.” Senator Durbin is right. Congress must act now, … Continue reading »

These Republicans Hate DACA. But Here’s How Much Their Hometowns Would Lose Without It

This week, the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration and the Center for American Progress released new data on how much the dismantling of DACA would cost America, Congressional district by Congressional district. Previous reports have shown that doing away with DACA wouldn’t make any sense, as 800,000 young people would be left … Continue reading »

New Must-See Resource: DACA Data by Congressional District

This week, Center for American Progress and USC Dornsife: Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration released a new interactive map, broken down by congressional district, estimating the number of people who would have been eligible for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals Program, the number of DACA-recipients, and the human and economic consequences of ending the … Continue reading »

El presidente que terminó DACA ahora amenaza al Dream Act con una larga lista de drásticas medidas

Frank Sharry reacciona a los Principios de la Casa Blanca en Inmigración Washington, DC – A continuación compartimos una declaración de Frank Sharry, director ejecutivo de America’s Voice Education Fund, en relación con los Principios de la Casa Blanca en Inmigración: Esta noche, el presidente Trump firmó una larga lista de drásticas medidas que amenazan … Continue reading »

The President that Ended DACA Now Threatens the Dream Act with Long List of Poison Pills

Frank Sharry Reacts to White House Immigration Principles Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, executive director of America’s Voice Education Fund, regarding the White House’s immigration principles: Tonight, President Trump signed off on a long list of poison pill measures that threatens to kill the chances of enacting the Dream … Continue reading »

Thousands of Texas Dreamers Set to Lose DACA as Renewal Deadline Passes

Austin, TX – At midnight last night, the Trump Administration’s arbitrary deadline to accept DACA renewals passed, and now Dreamers are no longer able to reapply for another two-year extension of the successful program. According to HuffPost, 28% of DACA recipients in Texas who were eligible for renewal did not renew, meaning that thousands of Texas Dreamers stand … Continue reading »

Congress: Do You Stand with Dreamers or with Stephen Miller?

With Stephen Miller’s fingerprints all over latest leaked draft of White House immigration principles, will Members of Congress fall for Miller’s attempt to scuttle legislation for Dreamers? Washington, DC – The fingerprints of White House advisor and nativist activist Stephen Miller are all over the forthcoming White House immigration principles. Let’s be clear: Miller’s goal … Continue reading »

Por qué el Congreso necesita actuar este año: decenas de miles de beneficiarios de DACA están ahora expuestos a la deportación, debido al arbitrario plazo del DHS que vence hoy

Washington, DC – Compartimos una declaración de Frank Sharry, en reacción al significado del plazo que vence hoy para renovar DACA, el cual afecta a más de 150,000 actuales beneficiarios del programa: Hoy, como esultado del arbitrario plazo el 5 de octubre impuesto por el DHS, decenas de miles de beneficiarios de DACA van a empezar a … Continue reading »

Why Congress Needs to Act This Year: Tens of Thousands of DACA Recipients Are Now Exposed to Deportation Due to Today’s Arbitrary DHS Deadline

Washington, DC – Below is a statement from Frank Sharry, reacting to the significance of today’s DACA renewal application deadline, affecting more than 150,000 current DACA recipients: Today, as a result of an arbitrary October 5th deadline set by DHS, tens of thousands of DACA recipients are going to start losing their DACA-related work permits and … Continue reading »

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