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Legal Experts, Advocates: DACA Beneficiaries Already Losing Status; Congress Needs to Pass Dream Act Now

A recording of today’s event is available here. Today, experts from RAICES, Make the Road New York, American Civil Liberties Union, National Immigration Law Center, and Center for American Progress addressed the reality that DACA recipients are already threatened – with unjustified arrests; with detention; with denials of applications because of bureaucratic snafus; because of the arbitrary and … Continue reading »

DHS Denials and Reversal on DACA Applications Underscores Reality: Dreamers at Risk Now, Congressional Action Needed

The arbitrary and cruel decision by President Trump’s decision to end DACA and to set the October 5th re-application deadline make it increasingly clear that Dreamers are under threat and in need of relief now. Recent reporting in the New York Times and Vox highlights that some of the 22,000 DACA recipients who missed the artificial October 5th re-application deadline were victims of … Continue reading »

Ohio Manufacturers’ Association Joins Chorus of Business, Faith, Education Leaders Calling for Swift Action on Dreamer Legislation

What is Sen. Portman doing to get legislation passed this year? Cleveland, OH – Today, the Ohio Manufacturers’ Association joined the National Association of Manufacturers and over two dozen other business groups in a letter to lawmakers urging Congress to pass legislation to protect Dreamers “well before the administration’s March deadline.” As the signatories note: Recipients participating … Continue reading »

Outrage: Texas Dreamer with Active DACA Status in Detention for a Month

Felipe Abonza-Lopez the latest example of how Trump Administration is targeting young immigrants despite assurances from Trump; latest reminder why Congress must pass Dream Act this year In the latest outrageous example of the Trump Administration targetingDACA recipients and other young immigrants, HuffPost’s Elise Foley highlights that 20-year old Felipe Abonza-Lopez has been unjustly held in a Texas … Continue reading »

PHOTOS: 8,000 Dreamers, Advocates Across Country Call for #DreamActNow

Almost 8,000 Dreamers, advocates, allies, and local leaders rallied at 43 locations in 14 states today in a targeted effort dubbed Operation #DreamActNow to call for a clean Dream Act before the end of this year. In Oregon, Washington, Arizona, New Mexico, Georgia, Massachusetts, California, New York, Kansas, Colorado, Florida, Minnesota, Wisconsin, South Carolina, North Carolina, … Continue reading »

Three Months of Dreamer Dinners: Immigrant Youth Meet With More than Forty Elected Officials to Tell Stories, Explain Need for Dream Act

View photos from all of our Dreamer Dinners here. Back in July, America’s Voice announced that we were kicking off our “Dreamer Dinners” campaign, which sought to bring together immigrant youth and elected officials in order to build support for Dreamers and the Dream Act. Anyone could host one — Dreamer Dinners have been held … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “A Teacher, Therapist, and Pastor: How DACA Recipients Are Serving Their Texas Neighbors”

As New UT/Texas Tribune Poll Finds 2:1 Opposition Among Texans to Deporting Dreamers; Dallas Morning News Lifts Up Three Examples of Why Dreamers Benefit America  Austin, TX – As a new poll from the University of Texas and the Texas Tribune finds two-to-one opposition (59-30%) among Texans to the idea of deporting Dreamers, the Dallas Morning News lifts up the stories of … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “‘All she ever knew was America’: This high school athlete had a plan. Then DACA was rescinded.”

The Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty has a new must-read on the tight rope that Dreamer and high school volleyball player Nicolle Uria is walking. Like all Dreamers, Nicolle grew up American – her family emigrated from Bolivia when she was just one year old. She didn’t learn she was undocumented until she was a teen: “You’re undocumented,” her parents told … Continue reading »

These Republicans Hate DACA. But Here’s How Much Their Hometowns Would Lose Without It

This week, the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration and the Center for American Progress released new data on how much the dismantling of DACA would cost America, Congressional district by Congressional district. Previous reports have shown that doing away with DACA wouldn’t make any sense, as 800,000 young people would be left … Continue reading »

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