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ICYMI: Washington Post: With three months left in medical school, her career may be slipping away.

“That’s my dream: to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I hope I can do it.” A Washington Post piece masterfully captures the all-too-familiar combination of “dreams and disbelief” that so many high-achieving DACAmented students face as Republicans in Congress and the White House continue to block passage of a bipartisan solution. Maria Sacchetti’s in-depth piece sets the … Continue reading »

New Reports: DACA Has Led to Huge Strides for Dreamers, End of DACA Could Hurt Economy

Two new reports released this week showcase Dreamers’ contributions to American institutions and the economy. These contributions face challenges now that Dreamers are slowly losing status after Donald Trump cancelled the deferred action for childhood arrivals (DACA) program last September. National Bureau of Education: DACA helped Dreamers receive an education The National Bureau of Economic … Continue reading »

Encuesta de Quinnipiac: los estadounidenses quieren proteger a los Dreamers, pero piensan que Trump y el Partido Republicano desean deportarlos

La encuesta más reciente de Qunnipiac ofrece un recordatorio más de que el pueblo estadounidense, independientemente del partido, apoya mayoritariamente que los Dreamers obtengan la ciudadanía. La nueva encuesta es lo más reciente de los sondeos que han encontrado que al menos 80% del pueblo quiere que el Congreso proteja a los Dreamers. La encuesta también ha encontrado que … Continue reading »

Quinnipiac Poll: Americans Want Dreamers Protected; Think Trump and GOP Want Dreamers Deported

The latest polling from Quinnipiac offers another reminder that the American public, across party lines, overwhelmingly supports Dreamers gaining citizenship. The new poll is the latest in a series of polls each finding that at least 80% of the public wants Congress to protect Dreamers. The polling also finds that the public is seeing through the White House and … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “These Dreamers are saving lives”

In a new must-read piece, CNN’s Parija Kavilanz interviews a few of the many DACA-recipients, who – as doctors, nurses, and teachers – dedicate their lives to bettering our shared nation. Now, because of White House extremism and congressional inaction, they may lose their jobs and ability to fully contribute to their communities. According to Juan Escalante, … Continue reading »

How the Ongoing Crisis Over DACA Has Left a Toll on Dreamers

At the Huffington Post this week is a story about Norma, a Dreamer who was diagnosed with anxiety, depression, and PTSD after being undocumented in the U.S. for nearly her entire life. She’s far from the only immigrant who’s suffered adverse psychological consequences as a result of her status. Today on our blog, we published … Continue reading »

Norma’s Story: Fear of Deportation Can Have Lasting Psychological Impacts

Austin, TX –  In a new piece, Roque Planas of HuffPost outlines the journey through anxiety, depression, PTSD–and towards recovery–of Norma Herrera, a formerly undocumented immigrant living in Texas. Growing up with the fear that she or her parents could be deported at any moment profoundly affected Norma’s mental health.  Even after she became a legal permanent resident, … Continue reading »

Akron Beacon Journal, Editorial Boards Across USA Take Strong Stand For Dreamers

Last week, President Trump called on Republican senators to oppose the bipartisan legislative solutions for Dreamers on the table during the Senate immigration debate, ensuring that nothing would pass the chamber. In response, the Akron Beacon Journal and editorial boards across the nation issued sharp rebukes of the GOP’s “politics as usual” approach to dealing with Dreamers: … Continue reading »

Nationwide, Editorial Boards Take a Strong Stand For Dreamers

National and Hometown Papers Criticize Republican Failure to Advance Solution Last week, Trump called on Republican senators to oppose the bipartisan legislative solutions for Dreamers that could actually pass. In response, editorial boards across the nation are assigning responsibility for this crisis where it belongs: New York Times: “Trump Kills Compromise on Immigration” Unfortunately, Mr. … Continue reading »

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