The second night of the Republican National Convention (RNC) on Tuesday was rife with speakers spewing ugly anti-immigrant rhetoric, including the deadly white nationalist and antisemitic great replacement theory. From the House Speaker to other GOP House leaders to senators and candidates, speeches used language that inspired multiple deadly... Continue »
The Trump administration’s inhumane and traumatic family separation policy was and remains indefensible – and it’s front and center again as convicted felon Donald Trump pursues his mass deportation agenda. But that cruel program’s unpopularity is probably why Donald Trump Jr. couldn’t defend it and instead resorted to lies... Continue »
The key things to know about Trump’s VP pick Donald Trump’s choice of J.D. Vance is a signal that there will not be a change in tone after the shooting incident on July 13, 2024. The junior Senator from Ohio had one of the most combative reactions. He falsely,... Continue »
No doubt we’ll hear a lot about immigrants during the GOP convention in Milwaukee this week. Expect a lot of the usual xenophobic rhetoric. But don’t expect an acknowledgement of the role immigrants play in “America’s Dairyland.” It’s an open secret that across Wisconsin, industries like dairy rely on... Continue »
The Project 2025 immigration agenda was written by white nationalist and is a white nationalist vision for America Overview Project 2025 is a radical plan geared for a potential second Trump term and setting the agenda for the right. Broadly expansive, Project 2025 targets immigrants and anyone who looks... Continue »
Mark Robinson, the MAGA nominee for governor in North Carolina, may not have the national name recognition of convicted felon Donald Trump or mass deportation enthusiast Marco Rubio, but he is one of the most extreme Republican candidates of 2024 (and that’s saying something these days.) During a hate-laden... Continue »
DACA recipient Ellie Perez-Pawloski was among the approximately 11,000 immigrants sworn in as new American citizens during the week of the July 4 holiday. While the Arizona resident has lived in the United States for nearly her entire life, “things that many do every day now take on a... Continue »
A sound-minded judge has blocked corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton’s despicable attempt to shut down a faith-based migrant aid organization that has served the local El Paso community for decades, issuing a pair of decisions finding that his office violated the organization’s religious freedoms and used a records... Continue »
The U.S. welcomed more than 5,500 new citizens during last year’s July 4 celebrations, including Sudanese immigrant Adam Maxmoud, whose pathway to legalization was temporarily halted by the pandemic. “I have been counting the days on my fingers, counting the days to have this very special day,” he said. ... Continue »
The first 2024 presidential debate, taking place Thursday evening in Atlanta, will likely feature two contrasting visions for America. President Joe Biden introduced legislation featuring a pathway to citizenship soon after taking office and has, in recent weeks, announced action to protect hundreds of thousands of eligible undocumented spouses... Continue »