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GOP Midterm Strategy: Deafening Silence on What Matters; Loud Roars on What Doesn’t

House and Senate GOP Leadership Linked to New Immigration Attack Ads – Latest Reminder that Desperate Republicans Are Running on Division In Hopes of Distracting Voters The Republican embrace of immigrant-bashing not limited to President Trump and Rep. Steve King (R-IA). Speaker Paul Ryan and Majority Leader Mitch McConnell are jumping in with both feet. … Continue reading »

This Administration is Now Making Unilateral Decisions About Which Parents Deserve to Get Their Children Back?

Frank Sharry: “The only bad actors that should be separated from these kids are the federal officials who cruelly and coldly caused this crisis” The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to reports that the federal government is deciding which children are “eligible” for reunification with their … Continue reading »

Detained Mother with 9-year-old Son: “He wonders when we will get to the United States.  I do not tell him that we are already here. He wouldn’t believe that the United States would treat us this way.”

On Monday, more than 200 sworn statements from detained immigrants – mothers, fathers, children – were filed in federal court describing horrific conditions in immigration detention.  Many came seeking asylum only to be thrown into what most described as “dog cages” and “ice boxes” with highly unsanitary conditions where guards kicked and taunted children, guards … Continue reading »

We Have a Copy of the Unvarnished First Draft of the House GOP Resolution on ICE!

With House Republicans set to stage a show vote resolution regarding ICE later today, America’s Voice is excited to report that we have uncovered what appears to be the unvarnished, first draft of the GOP resolution. While we hear that the final version that will receive a House vote today has been through just a … Continue reading »

Heads Up! As Trump Tries to Recover from the Surrender in Helsinki, Expect Another Cynical Pivot to Attacking Immigrants

Fresh off his historically disastrous summit in Helsinki, be ready for President Trump to try his favorite political maneuver – aiming to distract and divide us by whipping up fears over immigrants. Immigrant bashing is his central political strategy to divert attention from Helsinki, soaring healthcare costs, the Trump Tariff Tax, and declining wages. According … Continue reading »

USCIS Methodically Transforming Itself From Immigration Benefit Agency to an ICE Deportation Feeder Operation

Traditionally, USCIS is in charge of granting applications for legal immigration status, while ICE enforces immigration law, including orders related to deportation. These two functions have generally been kept distinct. The idea is that someone with a chance to confirm their legal status should be able to do so generally without fear that a negative … Continue reading »

First-Person Accounts Bear Witness to the Lasting Trauma of Trump Family Separations on Kids, Families and Our Country

The Trump administration’s family separations have inflicted a lasting trauma on thousands of children and families – as well as on our nation’s moral authority. While more than 2,500 minors remain separated from their parents as a direct result of Trump administration policy, dozens of children have been reunited and they, and their parents, are … Continue reading »

Attorney General Sessions and DHS Secretary Nielsen Join Force Again, This Time to Close the Door on Asylum

USCIS issued a memo on Wednesday that strong-arms adjudicators tasked with deciding the fate of thousands of asylum seekers to deny virtually all cases involving women fleeing horrific abuse, kids and others running from ruthless gangs, and most others claiming fear of persecution, where the persecution is not directly caused by a government.   This … Continue reading »

Despite Public Outrage, an Executive Order Purportedly Ending Family Separation and Two Court Decisions, the Trump Administration Remains Intent on Mass Family Detention and Separation

After enormous public and political pressure, President Trump issued an executive order (E.O.) that purportedly put an end to family separation. However, since that E.O. was signed three weeks ago, only a few families separated by the Trump Administration have been reunited, even families with infants and toddlers and even in spite of a court … Continue reading »

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