Earth Day 2024 is an important reminder that the global climate crisis and migration are intrinsically intertwined. While people migrate for a variety of reasons, such as family reunification or to seek asylum from life-threatening factors like state persecution and gang violence, climate change and related environmental crises have... Continue »
New data shows that tens of thousands of Americans have signed up to help welcome refugees under the Biden administration’s recent expansion of its private sponsorship program. Niskanen Center said that new figures from the Community Sponsorship Hub reveal that 65,000 people have signed up to be a part... Continue »
The Biden administration has announced the extension and redesignation of Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for Ethiopia for an additional 18 months, citing “ongoing armed conflict and extraordinary and temporary conditions in Ethiopia that prevent individuals from safely returning.” Under the extension and redesignation, this humanitarian relief will also be... Continue »
After several delays, Speaker Mike Johnson may be finally sending the impeachment articles against Department of Homeland Security Alejandro Mayorkas to the U.S. Senate this week. Johnson had previously named 11 House impeachment managers who will oversee the process. For anyone who has paid attention to House Republicans, it... Continue »
Hundreds of faith leaders, Members of Congress, and impacted individuals are among the latest voices urging the Biden administration to take urgent action to address the political and humanitarian crisis unfolding in Haiti. In their letter to the Biden administration, more than 250 faith leaders and organizations are urging... Continue »
CIS’ Jessica Vaughan Distanced Herself From GOP’s Dangerous ‘Invasion’ Rhetoric and Said She’s Never Used Conspiratorial Rhetoric. But She Lied To a Member of Congress, Because Her Tweets Say Otherwise During a House Natural Resources subcommittee hearing this week, GOP witness Jessica Vaughan claimed that she was unaware of... Continue »
First published February 28, 2024; last updated April 11, 2024 Topline Summary While the salience of immigration has increased, and Americans are concerned about maintaining an orderly border, the majority of the public is open to a “both/and” approach. They support a broader set of immigration solutions that pair... Continue »
Ahead of Tax Day, it’s always necessary to highlight the tax contributions that immigrants—including those without legal immigration status—make to the local, state, and federal government every year. Their robust contributions help sustain programs like Medicare and Social Security, fund our public schools, libraries, and police departments, and boost... Continue »
During an appearance on Fox News, Rep. Anna Paulina Luna (R-FL) claimed that indicted former President Donald Trump “has not ever said anything xenophobic or racist about immigrants.”  That would be news to anyone that’s paid attention to Trump’s xenophobic or racist remarks since descending the escalators of Trump... Continue »
Despite continued uncertainty due to ongoing litigation led by corrupt Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton and a slate of Republican attorneys general, researchers say that results from an annual survey of Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) recipients show that the program’s beneficiaries “are more integrated in the American... Continue »