As Trump spreads lies about undocumented immigrants in an attempt to score political points, it is important to remember that as a business owner Trump has profited from the labor of the same undocumented immigrants he is attacking.  Following revelations by two housekeepers who took on the president and revealed that his company employed and… Continue »

Republican Racism and Xenophobia on the Ballot in November  In Kansas and Arizona, today’s two primary races offer a glimpse into what’s to come in November.  In Kansas, the GOP insiders worry that the Senate primary winner will be Kris Kobach, a divisive figure whose inflammatory anti-immigrant stances helped defeat him in his 2018 run… Continue »

This past week, in the latest effort to limit the program that protects immigrant youth from deportation, the DHS unveiled yet another anti-immigrant plan in their memo on the current and future status of the DACA program .Earlier today, in response to the memo, immigration lawyers and advocates came together to discuss the DACA program,… Continue »

Donald J. Trump fears losing reelection. He sees the writing on the wall and is engaged in a frenetic campaign, not to win fair and square over the likely Democratic presidential candidate Joe Biden, but to sow doubts among the American people about the results of the elections this November 3rd. His nervousness is understandable… Continue »

President Trump’s new reelection ads criticize Joe Biden for supporting a path to citizenship for 11 million undocumented immigrants. The ads — one titled “Takeover” and another titled “Cards” — attack Biden for wanting to “give amnesty to 11 million illegal immigrants.”  Proceed, Mr. President. Beyond the loaded phrasing, the focus on the policy vision… Continue »

131,000 of 300,000+ TPS Holders Across the Country Working in Essential Industries as They Fight to Stay in the U.S. With Their Families Temporary Protected Status (TPS) holders are on the frontlines battling both a deadly pandemic and the Trump administration. Despite serving as essential workers directly helping other Americans cope with the coronavirus pandemic,… Continue »

Americans Yearn for Unity and a New Direction; Trump Sticks with Ugliness & Division   Today, one year after the El Paso Massacre that tragically killed 23 people and left another 23 wounded, America’s Voice reflects on the state of a city and a country battered by hatred, division and violence.  According to Mario Carrillo,… Continue »

Each Friday through Election Day, we will be putting out a short weekly memo that highlights the biggest 2020 election storylines at the intersection of electoral politics and immigration.   Key Immigration Politics Storyline of This Week DACA on the ballot this November – bad news for GOP. The Trump administration’s DACA memo restricts DACA now… Continue »

Yesterday, Donald Trump spent a full day in Texas, traveling to Odessa and Midland for a campaign-style rally and fundraiser. There’s no better indication that the state is a battleground than for the incumbent Republican President to devote such a major chunk of time in what was once a reliably red state. Trump, full of… Continue »

Win or Lose, Trump is Determined to Deport Dreamers In typical fashion, and in its determination to dismantle DACA, administration officials are saying their latest effort to limit the Obama-era program, is just a temporary measure until next steps are decided. We know what that means. When Trump and his gang say “temporary for now”… Continue »