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Immigration Reform News August 16, 2018 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

English Morning Consult Independents See Immigration As Defining Partisan Issue By CAMERON EASLEY August 16, 2018 Associated Press Ex-ICE Agent Pleads Not Guilty to Sexual Assault August 16, 2018 Detroit News Lawyer fights UM to see immigration foe’s papers By Oralandar Brand-Williams August 16, 2018 Houston Public Media Immigration Judges Are Expected to Be Impartial; … Continue reading »

As Events This Week Prove, Anti-Immigrant Hate Groups Are in Control With the Trump Administration

Today, a coinciding of two events underscored the influence anti-immigrant extremists have on the Trump Administration — specifically those tied to John Tanton, a well-known white supremacist whose shadowy network of influence has reached all the way to the White House. First, the Center for Immigration Studies (CIS) held an event at National Press Club … Continue reading »

On Sixth Anniversary of DACA, Undocumented Youth Are Living in Uncertainty

Six years ago today, the life of thousands of undocumented youth changed for the better in an instant. On August 15, 2012, the federal government started accepting applications for the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program that was created by President Barack Obama earlier that summer. Tens of thousands of Dreamers lined up in … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News August 15, 2018 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice They’re Going For It: Despite Grave Risk of Slavery if Sent Back, Trump’s ICE Continues to Deport Black Mauritanians Earnell Lucas’ Victory in the Milwaukee County Sheriff Race Is a Big Win for the Immigrant Community Trump, Republicans Focus on Race and Xenophobia; Democrats Focus on Racial Unity and Economic Fairness: Advantage Democrats … Continue reading »

Trump Administration’s Latest Workplace Raid Takes 133 Workers in Nebraska Area

On August 8, Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) conducted a massive workplace raid across Minnesota and Nebraska and arrested 133 immigrant workers. ICE only had warrants for 17 immigrants; the rest were “collateral” arrests from the factories, farms, and restaurants ICE targeted. This raid is only the latest in a series of large and indiscriminate … Continue reading »

How the Trump Administration is Changing Immigration Courts

“Death penalty cases in a traffic court setting,” is how Dana Leigh Marks, emeritus President of National Association of Immigration Judges, once described immigration court, an assessment emphasizing the lack of justice that can be found in the immigration court system. The problems facing this court system are numerous and longstanding, but under the Trump … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News August 14, 2018 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice Legal Experts and Community Leaders Decry the Deportation of Mauritanians and the Arrest of Anti-Slavery Leader Biram Dah Abeid ‘Es difícil comprender la crueldad institucional” ICE Triples Arrests of Immigrants Without Criminal Records; Targets “Low Priority” Immigrants, Those on Verge of Getting Green Card “The Institutional Cruelty is Difficult to Fathom” How the … Continue reading »

Kris Kobach Sees Threats to Election Integrity Everywhere, but in the Kansas Primary the Biggest Threat Might be Himself

A week after the polls have closed in the Kansas Republican primary for governor, the race is still too close to call. Currently, Secretary of State Kris Kobach leads Governor Jeff Colyer by only 110 votes. Deciding a definitive winner could still be weeks away with an estimated 10,000 provisional ballots yet to be counted … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News August 13, 2018 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice Kris Kobach Sees Threats to Election Integrity Everywhere, but in the Kansas Primary the Biggest Threat Might be Himself Que la unidad también supere al racismo en las urnas The Trump Administration’s Family Separation Crisis Is Becoming a Liability for House Republicans TUES PRESS CALL to Decry Deportations of Mauritanians Facing Slavery, Arrest … Continue reading »

Immigration Reform News August 10, 2018 / Qué Pasa En Inmigración

America’s Voice The Trump Administration Continues to Drag Its Feet and Makes Very Little Progress in Reuniting Separated Families WaPo: “Three reasons Trump’s new immigration rule should make your blood boil” On Family Separation, Administration Defies Court Orders and Lies, While Congressional Republicans Remain MIA La ‘carga pública’ del trumpismo English Tuscan Weekly Experts Discuss … Continue reading »

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