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Reminders About The Human Toll of Trump’s Failure to Address Humanitarian and Refugee Crisis at the Border

“Trump’s actions are motivated largely by fear that his base may figure out that he is failing on his number one issue, immigration.” As President Trump’s bluster and threats and declarations of victories on immigration continue to dominate discussion, we have a host of new reminders about the human toll inflicted by his administration’s failures … Continue reading »

DHS Inspector General and Doctors Describe Repeatedly Unaddressed, Horrific Immigrant Detention Conditions

Today, Acting Secretary of Homeland Security Kevin McAleenan told the Senate Judiciary Committee that he is hearing only about minor detention condition issues and that “any issue that affects the safety of detainees is addressed immediately.” However, the facts suggest otherwise, according to nine reports by the DHS Inspector General and multiple doctors working in … Continue reading »

“As Phony As A Degree from Trump University” – Observers Blast President Trump’s Desperate Spin and Continued Immigration Failures

Observers are busy panning President Trump’s claims of a major victory on immigration caused by his tariff threats, with leading columnists highlighting how it fits into a long-established pattern of Trump claiming major victories that are at odds with the real facts and failures on display. Additional reporting underscores that Trump’s motivations regarding the tariff … Continue reading »

While Trump Fumes and Fails, Democrats Outline a Sound and Sensible Border Plan

While Trump continues to propose more cruel and nonsensical policies destined to fail, Democrats are embracing a sensible, humane and effective way forward. Witness Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer’s floor speech yesterday, during which he refuted Trump’s bogus suggestion that Democrats don’t have a plan for the refugee crisis at the border. As Senator Schumer … Continue reading »

Previewing the Week on Immigration: Chaos, Failure and Abhorrent Detention Conditions As Humanitarian Crisis Grows

If you’d like a recording of the call, please contact As Trump appoints former Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli as Acting Director of USCIS (without Senate confirmation) and one day before Acting DHS Secretary Kevin McAleenan is set to participate in a Senate Judiciary hearing on Trump’s approach to immigration and border management issues, … Continue reading »

Trump Admin Prioritizes Border Wall Makeover As Children Lose Resources & Detention Conditions Worsen

This week, the Trump administration announced the gutting of resources for migrant children in detention while at the same time continuing to unconstitutionally direct money to the ineffective border wall. This is only one of the many attacks the Trump administration has carried out on migrant children, as DHS Watch, a project of America’s Voice, … Continue reading »

Borderline Crazy: GOP Colludes with Trump on Failure, Cruelty and Punishing Children, While Americans Deserve A Rational Way Forward on Border and Refugees

The latest monthly Customs and Border Protection apprehension numbers – denoting a 32% increase in apprehensions from last month with more than 100,000 families or children detained – underscore the fact that we are in the midst of a refugee and humanitarian crisis. Here are three essential points to remember: Trump’s cruel and deterrence-only approach … Continue reading »

Office Hours: Immigration Experts Discuss Trump’s Latest Attack on Asylum, Immigration

A recording of the call is available here. Earlier today immigration experts and advocates discussed the latest developments on immigration, border and asylum policy. Reports have surfaced that a new proposed asylum rule from the Trump administration, if announced, will exacerbate the humanitarian crisis on our southern border, fail to address the underlying causes of … Continue reading »

Taxing Americans To Get Mexico To Stop Central Americans:This Is What Flailing Looks Like

Yesterday, the Trump administration announced its latest pathetic attempt to stop immigration: a gradually increasing tariff paid for by Americans on all Mexican products consumed by Americans with the childish hope that this will somehow strongarm Mexico into stemming the flow of Central Americans seeking safety in the U.S.  In what will be another failed … Continue reading »