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ICYMI: Chamber calls on Congress to pass a bill to protect TPS holders and Dreamers

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Yesterday, the U.S. Chamber of Commerce published a blog urging Congress to prioritize smart immigration reform that ensures more than 1 million individuals who are currently allowed to work here legally can stay in the United States (200,000 TPS holders, 30,000 spouses of high-skilled visa holders, and 690,000 Dreamers).

Relevant excerpted coverage follows, and the blog in full can be accessed here:

Second, a growing, thriving economy needs qualified workers to get the job done. That means we must act to ensure our workers are ready for 21st century jobs as well as move forward on smart immigration reform.

In his 2018 “State of American Business” address, Donohue said, “The Chamber believes that we need an all-of-the-above approach to address the dual challenge of people without jobs, and jobs without people.”

On immigration reform, Donohue urged, “A great place to start is by retaining the over 1 million individuals who are currently allowed to work here legally – but are at risk of losing that status.”

We’re calling on Congress to quickly take action to protect the roughly 200,000 TPS beneficiaries, the over 30,000 spouses of high-skilled visa holders, and the some 690,000 Dreamers in our country.

Qualified, talented workers are critical to keep this economy moving. Donohue believes, “The bottom line is that we can’t strengthen and sustain economic growth if we don’t expand and support our workforce.”