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Election 2018

Anti-Muslim Activist David Horowitz Has Inspired Ron DeSantis and Stephen Miller, Reports Say

An official in the Trump Administration and a Republican candidate for governor have been promoting ideas by leading anti-Muslim activist David Horowitz, according to reports from the past several months. Horowitz’s ideas have played an important role senior advisor and white nationalist Stephen Miller’s thinking, while Ron DeSantis, Florida’s Republican gubernatorial candidate, has praised Horowitz’s … Continue reading »

Trump’s Cruelty Towards Immigrants Backfiring Politically

Leading political observers are pointing to Trump’s cruelty towards immigrants as a major factor in his sinking poll numbers and the GOP’s sinking prospects in the midterms. A front page article in Sunday’s New York Times by Jonathan Martin and Alexander Burns, entitled “The Economy Is Humming, but Trump Is Tweeting. Republicans Are Worried,” includes … Continue reading »

Listen to the “A is for America” Podcast with the America’s Voice Politics Team!

*** * On this week’s episode of our podcast, we sat down with the America’s Voice politics team — Mario Carrillo from Texas, Viridiana Vidal-Gonzzali from Nevada, and Adriana Ruggiero from California — to talk about the midterm elections this year and the respective organizing challenges they face in their states. Key districts across the … Continue reading »

Maribel Hastings and David Torres from Florida: “Knocking on 100,000 Doors to Mobilize the Vote”

The America’s Voice en Español team, Maribel Hastings and David Torres, both former veteran Spanish-language journalists, penned the following article, originally published in La Opinón, after seeing first hand how on the ground canvassing work is mobilizing Latino voters of Central Florida ahead of the upcoming election on November 6th. The article is part of … Continue reading »

Maribel Hastings: “In Central Florida, Building Alliances to Mobilize Voters”

ORLANDO, Florida – With the midterms approaching, Maribel Hastings, America’s Voice en Español Director, wrote the following article as a part of the series Voz y Voto 2018, which was originally published in La Opinión, focusing on the on the ground alliances between groups in Florida looking to mobilize Latino voters to seek change. The … Continue reading »

Maribel Hastings: “Puerto Ricans and Immigrants: They Are Us”

KISSIMMEE, Florida – Maribel Hastings, America’s Voice en Español Director, published a new article in La Opinión, as a part of the election series Voz y Voto 2018, shining a light on the growing resentment towards President Trump from Puerto Ricans, not only because of the administration’s irresponsible reaction to Hurricane María, but also because … Continue reading »

Mi Familia Vota Launches Bilingual Voter Mobilization Campaign in Key Battleground State

New campaign Is refreshing antidote to the cynical, “morally bankrupt” tactics of Paul Ryan and the entire GOP New reporting from Nevada Public Radio highlights Mi Familia Vota’s newest bilingual campaign to mobilize Latinx voters in Nevada, one of the key battleground locations where the Latinx vote could again prove pivotal. At a time when … Continue reading »

Daily Kos: “Desperate Republicans lying about immigrants as election strategy. Don’t let them get away with it”

In a scathing piece for Daily Kos, Gabe Ortiz focuses on the Republican party’s divisive and ugly campaign strategy of attacking immigrants and the Democrats who stand up for immigrants.    The article is below and available here. Since Republicans can’t run general election campaigns on gutting the safety net of our senior citizens, on … Continue reading »

Right on Cue, GOP Doubles Down on Ugly “Divide and Distract” Political Strategy

Medium Post from Frank Sharry Offers Advice to Democrats and Progressives for How to Respond to Deeply Cynical and Ugly GOP Strategy Right on cue, and as predicted, the Republican Party is doubling down on its midterm “divide and distract” strategy. GOP candidates and ad buys want to stoke fear of immigrants in a desperate … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “As the GOP Revs Up its ‘Divide and Distract’ Strategy, How Should Democrats and Progressives Respond?

With eight weeks until Election Day, America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry assesses the Republicans’ ugly “divide and distract” political strategy and offers advice for how Democrats and progressives should respond, in a new Medium post. The full piece is posted below and available online at Medium here. Republicans can’t run on healthcare because they … Continue reading »

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