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Election 2018

Multiple Polls Show Black Voters Don’t Like Racist GOP Attacks, Period

A new Quinnipiac poll finds that there’s one group of Americans who oppose Donald Trump’s stupid, wasteful border wall even more than Latinos — and that’s black Americans, 87% of whom do not believe that the wall should be built. In his Washington Post analysis, Eugene Scott notes that there are a few reasons why … Continue reading »

New from Frank Sharry: “2018 Promises to Be an Epic Battle Between the Populism of “Us vs. Them” and the Pluralism of E Pluribus Unum”

In a new Medium post, America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry assesses what’s driving President Trump’s turbocharged attacks on immigrants and refugees and what’s at stake as we head toward the 2018 midterms. Check out excerpts below: …why this relentless focus on immigrants and refugees? Because this is the core of Trump’s political strategy. It worked … Continue reading »

New Census Citizenship Question Part of GOP Political Plan to Sow Fear, Suppress Votes and Undermine Democracy

The news that the Trump Administration is seeking to add a new question about citizenship status in the 2020 Census is a disturbing development that fits into a larger pattern of the Trump Administration and their Republican allies. Civil rights advocates, constitutional scholars and voting experts alike were swift to denounce the news and its transparent and … Continue reading »

White House Again Employs Its Favorite Political “Blame the Immigrants” Charade

Today’s White House roundtable more disturbing political theatre by Trump Administration setting up anti-immigrant sentiment as prelude to 2018 and 2020 elections With disturbing frequency, we’ve been highlighting how the Trump Administration’s immigration enforcement is focused on “low hanging fruit” – including individuals without criminal records whose arrests surged 171% last year. While immigrant parents in long-settled … Continue reading »

Political Memo: The GOP’s Failing Strategy to Win Elections By Attacking Immigrants

Democrats Can Win by Leaning in, Staying Focused A new political memo from America’s Voice released today highlights how in red, purple, and blue states alike, Republicans have made attacks on sanctuary cities and immigration a key component of their political strategy this cycle. But, as the results of Tuesday’s special election in PA-18 exemplify, the GOP’s anti-immigrant … Continue reading »

The GOP’s Failing Strategy to Win Elections By Attacking Immigrants

OVERVIEW Tuesday’s special election in Pennsylvania’s 18th Congressional District was the latest reminder that the Republican Party is planning to run hard on immigration and so-called “sanctuary cities” during the 2018 cycle. The results of Tuesday’s special election in PA-18, meanwhile, were the latest evidence that the GOP’s anti-immigrant attacks aren’t working — and in … Continue reading »

Three Texas Primary Takeaways From America’s Voice Texas

Democrats make gains, immigration a winning issue in swing districts, Texas Latinas likely to be elected to Congress for the first time ever Austin, TX – Texas officially launched the 2018 midterms with yesterday’s primary election. The biggest winners were Latinas and women of color seeking to make history, who ran campaigns that galvanized voters … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Barreto in New York Times: “Democrats Can Win On Immigration”

Ahead of the Senate debate on immigration this week, political science professor and pollster Dr. Matt Barreto of Latino Decisions pens a must-read op-ed for the New York Times, reminding Democrats that leaning in to pro-immigrant policy is both the right thing to do and the politically smart thing to do. As Barreto notes, “Democrats have an opportunity to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: The Daily 202 – “Trump systematically alienates the Latino diaspora – from El Salvador to Puerto Rico and Mexico”

New, must-read analysis by James Hohmann in the Washington Post political newsletter, “The Daily 202,” explains how the Trump Administration’s stunning decision to put 200,000 Salvadoran-Americans on a path to deportation is the latest in a long line of actions against Latinos that have broader implications for the Republican Party. Titled, “Trump systematically alienates the Latino diaspora – from … Continue reading »