Over the weekend, Republican thinkers, activists, and elected officials gathered in Orlando, Florida for the Conservative Political Action Conference’s (CPAC) annual convening. From start to finish, the conference displayed the GOP’s disturbing trajectory, revealing that one of the two major political parties is organizing itself around politics of white... Continue »
New America’s Voice Report Explores Texas GOP’s Dangerous Embrace of Nativist Ideas and Rhetoric Washington, DC – In a new analysis posted to the America’s Voice website, America’s Voice Senior Political Manager Zachary Mueller highlights how Texas Republican elected officials and candidates “have recently turbo-charged their embrace of ‘replacement... Continue »
Washington, DC – Across the country, Republican candidates and elected officials are becoming increasingly radical, embracing nativism, stoking fear and stirring hate. Witness examples from Florida, Arizona, and Texas: In Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis and fellow Republicans have been pushing an ugly proposal that would stop the state from... Continue »
Washington, DC – Arizona Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon’s despicable ad where he depicts shooting the President, the Speaker of the House and Arizona Senator Mark Kelly is being widely condemned by observers in his state and across the country (read our take here). Yet elements of the ad... Continue »
Arizona has long been at the center of the debate about immigration, producing some of the most extreme and ugly voices, from Joe Arpaio to Jan Brewer to the violent border posse. This year, we’re seeing Republican elected officials and candidates pushing even more dangerous xenophobic rhetoric. And, it’s... Continue »
Washington, DC – Un anuncio dado a conocer hoy por el candidato republicano de Arizona al Senado, Jim Lamon, lo representa a él como un alguacil del Viejo Oeste disparando a personajes que caracterizan al presidente Biden, al senador Mark Kelly (D-AZ) y a la presidenta de la Cámara... Continue »
Last week, we highlighted how right-wing xenophobic conspiracy theories can have real world consequences and are increasingly being embraced, amplified and mainstreamed by Republican candidates and elected officials in addition to right wing media and activists. In a new blog post and analysis posted on the America’s Voice website,... Continue »
Republicans are using the same out-of-date and out-of-context images over and over again to create a xenophobic boogyman. We provide the context that belies their racist midterm narrative.     Republicans Monica De La Cruz and Alan Sims are both first-time candidates competing in crowded Republican primaries who recently... Continue »
Douglas Rivlin: “There’s no longer a divide between the ugly and dangerous misinformation in the fever swamps of the right wing media and the Republican Party as an institution. They own it all.” Washington, DC – This week brings several reminders how right wing xenophobic conspiracy theories can have... Continue »
An Analysis of Just Last Week’s Anti-Immigrant Messages, Statements, and Ads Provides a Road Map of What We Should Expect from the GOP Ahead of Midterms Washington, DC – According to their own reporting on Monday, the local Fox station in Orlando “was inundated with calls and emails to... Continue »