La semana pasada estuvo repleta de historias de Dreamers que han visto truncadas sus posibilidades de obtener un permiso de trabajo y protección de la deportación, tras el fallo del juez de distrito de Texas, Andrew Hanen, quien declaró ilegal el programa DACA y suspendió el procesamiento de nuevas solicitudes. El viernes, el presidente Joe… Continue »

Early voting began Monday in Georgia ahead of the January runoff elections. Longstanding organizing efforts by and of communities of color have built political power over time and could prove decisive in the twin senatorial races that culminate in January. The multiracial electorate in Georgia highlights the role of AAPI, Latino, Black and Native American… Continue »

The Story of the Dramatic Political Change in the Southwest   Three years ago, Arizona had zero Democratic senators. After yesterday’s official swearing in of Mark Kelly, Arizona now has two Democratic senators. Together with the official certification of Joe Biden as the winner of Arizona in the presidential election, it reflects a political transformation… Continue »

Must read by WaPo’s Greg Sargent on why Arizona going blue is a big deal Yesterday, Arizona officially certified that Joe Biden won the state. Tomorrow, Democrat Mark Kelly will be sworn in as the new U.S. Senator for Arizona. These developments reflect one of the most consequential trends in recent election cycles: the political… Continue »

Marisa Franco: “This vicious cycle of writing off Latinos as infrequent voters — and then blaming us for election outcomes and using that to justify inaction on issues that matter to us — must end.”  Latinos, Black voters, and AAPI voters were part of the multiracial majority that recoiled in response to Trump’s racism and… Continue »

While President Donald Trump defies the coronavirus with packed rallies that have been sources of contagion, even though it doesn’t matter to his loyal followers, around the country other places are equally packed. But these places are filled with voters who are waiting in long and, in many cases, slow lines for the ability to… Continue »

La pandemia del coronavirus ha alterado la forma en que grupos cívicos intentan registrar y eventualmente movilizar votantes. Esto, a fin de participar en la elección presidencial 2020 que ha sido catalogada como una de las más cruciales de todos los tiempos. Ya enfrentan otros escollos, entre otros, los intentos de Donald Trump de minar… Continue »

Fed Up with Being a Doormat for Trump’s Cruelty, Disparagement and Hate While there are many storylines and implications from Super Tuesday and what it means for November, the engagement and power of the Latino electorate should be part of the discussion. While we await more evidence in coming days documenting Latino turnout particulars, early… Continue »

As leading Nevada political observer Jon Ralston tweeted this morning, the Nevada caucus turnout this year was approximately 100,000, up from approximately 86,000 in 2016. Part of that increase was due to energy and engagement by Latino voters, who both contributed to the overall high turnout as well as the caucus victory by Bernie Sanders. … Continue »

With the Majority of Voters Pro-Immigrant, It’s Time for the Democrats to Lean In and Turn this Issue into a Winner The following is from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, on the role of immigration in the 2020 elections and the way Democrats can best engage it: In a searing New Yorker piece… Continue »