Douglas Rivlin: “Temporary Protected Status was created for this very scenario” In an exclusive for Reuters, Ted Hesson writes that the incoming Biden administration is “considering a plan” to provide Temporary Protected Status (TPS) protections for those from Honduras and Guatemala who have been impacted by the devastating hurricanes in November.  TPS would grant temporary… Continue »

“TPS was created by Congress 30 years ago to address precisely this type of situation.” A new report from the Center for American Progress calls for Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to be extended to Central American countries recently devastated by Hurricanes Eta and Iota. The report explains that extending TPS to nationals from these countries… Continue »

Hurricanes Cost Upwards of $10 billion in Damages The aftermath of hurricanes Eta and Iota continue to cause mounting devastation in Central America, specifically in Guatemala, Honduras, and Nicaragua. Reuters reports that the natural disasters have cost more than $10 billion in damages. Separately, Aon’s monthly Global Catastrophe report, highlighted by the Insurance Journal, says… Continue »

NPR: Even Disaster Veterans Are Stunned By What’s Happening In Honduras  In a new piece for NPR, Jason Beaubien details the devastation wrought in recent weeks by Hurricanes Eta and Iota.  In Guatemala and Honduras, the back-to-back storms have displaced hundreds of thousands and the toll on agriculture, schools, and infrastructure has prompted those governments… Continue »

The news that TPS relief will be extended for nine months for U.S. residents from Honduras, El Salvador, Haiti, Nicaragua, Nepal, and Sudan – on the heels of DACA being reinstated – is a tremendous success story and one that few would have thought possible at the start of the Trump administration. The following is… Continue »

Back-to-back hurricanes have left portions of the Central American region devastated, most notably Guatemala, Nicaragua, and Honduras. Hurricanes Eta and Iota swept across the region, displacing more than half a million people with exceptional damage that is just now beginning to be understood in totality.  The destruction has even prompted the Honduran and Guatemalan governments… Continue »

In a new piece for the Texas Tribune, Julián Aguilar highlights the stories of Gerson Bonilla and Gloria Soto, two Temporary Protected Status (TPS) recipients currently living under threat of deportation. Like the more than 300,00 TPS recipients currently residing in the U.S., Gerson and Gloria are concerned about their lives and the lives of… Continue »

Amidst ongoing focus on his level of support with Latino voters, Joe Biden traveled to Florida yesterday for events in Tampa and Kissimmee, released a plan on how he would support Puerto Rico, and conducted an interview with Telemundo’s José Díaz-Balart in which he reiterated his top immigration priorities.  Alongside a series of other immigration… Continue »

Yesterday, a federal appeals court handed down a ruling that threatens to effectively gut the TPS program and strip away legal protections from more than 300,000 TPS holders currently living in the United States. TPS holders from El Salvador, Nicaragua, Haiti, and Sudan are now subject to deportation starting as early as next year and… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here.  Earlier today, the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals’ gave its decision on an injunction in the lawsuit Ramos/Bhattarai v. Nielsen, siding with the Trump administration in their unlawful three year anti-immigrant crusade to strip hundreds of thousands of people  — including more than 130,000 essential workers and… Continue »