A link to the recording can be found here. Washington, DC- Today, advocates and activists who mobilize immigrant, Black, Latino, Labor and progressive voters in key battleground states gathered on a press call to urge Democrats to keep fighting and win legalization for immigrants because of its impact on voter enthusiasm in upcoming 2021 and… Continue »

On Tuesday, September 21, 2021, thousands of immigration advocates from across the country marched the streets of Washington, D.C. to demand Congress includes a pathway to citizenship for undocumented immigrants in the budget reconciliation package.  The march was part of a nationwide effort to ensure Congress invests in the care economy and green infrastructure that… Continue »

For those who have waited for immigration reform that legalizes them, a few more days doesn’t mean much. Well, at least not the time needed to know if the Senate Parliamentarian will or will not authorize inclusion of a path to citizenship in the budgetary measure that will be considered through the reconciliation process. The… Continue »

Douglas Rivlin: “Democrats will be judged by results achieved and promises kept. And today, they took another step forward toward delivering on their commitments to the American people.”   Today, the House of Representatives passed a budget framework that would include new pathways to citizenship for millions. The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin,… Continue »

Al aproximarse el otoño comienza la cuenta regresiva para el fin de 2021 y, con ello, la posibilidad de que muchos asuntos legislativos se resuelvan o vuelvan a quedarse en el tintero, de cara a un año de elecciones intermedias, 2022, cuando toda la atención se centra  en la política electoral. Una vez más, el tema… Continue »

La inclusión del lenguaje que proveería una ruta a la legalización en el plan presupuestario del Senado abre otro capítulo, esta vez durante la presidencia del demócrata Joe Biden, de la carrera maratónica con obstáculos que ha sido y es la búsqueda de una reforma migratoria que regularice a millones. Pareciera que se ha conjuntado… Continue »

The National Republican Campaign Committee (NRCC), the political arm of the House Republican Caucus, has a long history of running racist, xenophobic ads, as documented by America’s Voice ad tracking over the past few cycles. The Republican Party has nothing to offer the American people – besides the Big Lie and fealty to Donald Trump… Continue »

“If Democrats move forward, go big and deliver change, the country will bounce back from the deadly pandemic and the cruel Trump years stronger and more united than ever.”   Congress is gearing up to deliver a long overdue breakthrough on citizenship legislation. Here are three reasons why. Bipartisan immigration discussions going nowhere because of… Continue »

Washington, DC – It’s been a week of positive momentum for immigration and the goal of citizenship for millions of Dreamers, TPS holders, farm workers, and other essential immigrant workers. The Biden White House and leading Democrats are leaning in; the immigration movement is gearing up; the American people, including Latino voters and swing state… Continue »

Democrats need to deliver on immigration this year   New battleground polling of Latino voters underscores why Democrats need to use their majority to deliver on immigration reform this year.  The poll, featuring responses of more than 1,800 Latino voters in battleground states and districts across the country, was conducted by Barreto Segura Partners (BSP… Continue »