The Trump Effect has done some scary things to Republican Presidential candidates who appeared eager to embrace immigrants just a few years ago. Case in point: Jeb Bush. The Republican has often been referred to as one of the GOP’s best hopes for Latino voters, embracing a path to citizenship in... Continuar »
#UniteIowa to Bring to Together Presidential Contenders, Local Leaders and Impacted Individuals from all Sides of the Political Spectrum for Thoughtful Discussion on Immigration As we noted last week, Donald Trump’s xenophobic positions on immigration have passed the point of hateful rhetoric and moved into inciting hateful actions. Following... Continuar »
Scott Walker has gotten himself into so many twists when it comes to immigration, he could work at Cirque du Soleil if the whole President thing doesn’t pan out. Walker was back in contortionist mode today, telling reporters, “I’m not taking a position on  one way or the other.” But it was just... Continuar »
As a Floridian, I am a little bit perplexed with the positions that Jeb Bush and Marco Rubio have adopted on immigration. It is especially concerning, when you take a closer look at both their previous positions on the issue, coupled with the fact that they both hail from... Continuar »
As Presidential candidates flock to Iowa to campaign for the first-in-the-nation caucuses, community leaders from the state have invited contenders to a special forum later this month that will focus squarely on the issue of immigration reform. The forum will feature voices from the state’s immigrant, business, political, educational,... Continuar »
Please note the following column was translated from Spanish to English and is available for reprint as long as the author is given proper credit. This column is available in Spanish here.  Donald Trump has fine-tuned his strategy to “win” the Latino vote, as he assured he will do if he’s... Continuar »
On Sunday, August 16, 2015 Donald Trump released an immigration policy position paper that has generated nearly as much controversy as his original, inflammatory statements about Mexicans.  Below are excerpts from just some of the many fine analytical pieces that came out yesterday and today in English and Spanish... Continuar »
“Attention, presidential candidates: If they haven’t already…Iowa DREAMers are coming for you.” In a must-read piece, the Des Moines Register profiles the young activists driving the immigration debate in Iowa as both Democratic and Republican Presidential candidates visit to draw support for next year’s first-in-the-nation caucuses. In particular, the... Continuar »
Over the weekend, leading Republican candidate Donald Trump went into further detail about his immigrant “plans” — an ugly, nativist wish-list proposing to round up and deport a population the size of Ohio — and at least one other GOP candidate is already eagerly onboard. From the Huffington Post:... Continuar »
If Implemented, Trump’s Radical Proposal Would Be a Tragic and Dark Chapter in America’s Story Donald Trump has begun to provide specifics regarding his approach to immigration.  The GOP’s frontrunner wants to rid America of 11 million undocumented immigrants and their U.S. citizen children, change the U.S. Constitution’s definition... Continuar »