On Monday, July 19, 2021, Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC), appeared on The Ingraham Angle show on the Fox News Channel to declare his newfound hardline opposition to legal status for immigrants by using talking points peddled by white nationalists. Graham went on the program to oppose the effort to provide a pathway to citizenship for… Continue »

To discuss, please be in touch with press@americasvoice.org    Momentum is building for a legislative breakthrough on pathways to citizenship this year – an imperative made all the more urgent following Judge Andrew Hanen’s decision issued last Friday that rules DACA unlawful and cuts off approvals of first-time applicants.  Leading Democrats across the party support… Continue »

Yesterday, Senate Democrats announced a $3.5 trillion budget as part of the Build Back Better agenda. Democrats have included a path to citizenship, along with jobs, care and climate, in a reconciliation package that can be enacted by simple majorities in the House and the Senate.  To read our statement on the matter, click here. … Continue »

Washington, DC – Momentum is building for an immigration breakthrough this year. Leading Democrats – from across the party – are publicly supporting the inclusion of pathways to citizenship in the budget agreement and its chances of success this year. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki: During a Q&A during yesterday’s press briefing (see video… Continue »

Washington, DC – Senate Democrats announced a $3.5 trillion budget agreement last night as part of its Build Back Better agenda. The plan is expected to address jobs, care, climate, and, yes, citizenship.  While we do not yet have details regarding how many immigrants are covered, the inclusion of pathways to citizenship in the budget… Continue »

Whenever summer arrives, with its intense heat waves, everyone remembers that there are millions of agriculture workers who, no matter the temperature or the circumstances, pick and process the products that feed this country. And they do it in the middle of intense heat, cold, and the pandemic, under precarious working conditions, housing, salaries, and… Continue »

Last Friday, President Biden held a naturalization ceremony for twenty-one immigrants where he embraced their pursuit of the American dream and his hope for a more welcoming and accepting future. Biden assured the American public that he is committed to creating a pathway to citizenship for the 11 million undocumented immigrants that call the United… Continue »

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Biden holds citizenship ceremony at White House on eve of July 4th Washington, DC – This afternoon, President Biden will host a naturalization ceremony at the White House, where twenty-one immigrants will take the oath of American citizenship. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, ahead of this afternoon’s… Continue »

Democrats gear up to deliver a legislative breakthrough on citizenship Washington, DC – We’ve been calling for Democrats to use every ounce of their majority to deliver a long-overdue breakthrough on citizenship bills by using a 51-vote vehicle. It now appears that it’s game on. Pelosi: “There Ain’t No Infrastructure Bill Without the Reconciliation Bill” … Continue »

Democrats are coalescing around the idea of using their majority and a 51-vote legislative vehicle to deliver citizenship for millions this year.  Expanding on the details first noted in a Roll Call story from earlier in the week, the Los Angeles Times was out yesterday with a piece titled, “Democrats to seek citizenship pathway for… Continue »