America’s Voice Founder and Executive Director Frank Sharry appeared on Univision’s “Al Punto” with Jorge Ramos this past weekend to discuss immigration and the 2016 Presidential election. “Nearly all Americans are opposed to Donald Trump’s plans,” said Sharry about the Republican nominee, who has proposed a massive wall along... Continue »
“Heck is officially married to Trump’s dangerous ideology” *High quality pictures available upon request. *Fotos de alta calidad e información en español disponible. Yesterday, Congressman and Senate candidate Joe Heck was questioned by CNN reporter Manu Raju about whether he “completely supports and trusts Donald Trump,”  to which he said... Continue »
Ron Brownstein, one of the most insightful journalists covering immigration policy and politics, has a new must-read column on Donald Trump’s radicalism on legal immigration. Brownstein, who writes for The Atlantic/National Journal, makes the case that while Trump’s nativism towards undocumented immigrants is rightfully generating attention and outrage, Trump’s extremism also... Continue »
Poll Suggests Democrats Should Lean Into Immigration in 2016 New immigration polling from CNN highlights that pro-immigrant policies, such as an earned path to citizenship for undocumented immigrants, enjoy the overwhelming backing of the American public, while mass deportation and other policies associated with Donald Trump are unpopular even among many... Continue »
The Republican candidate for president called for “ideological certification.” American values? I don’t think so. This election is one for the history books. The two candidates are strikingly different in their views on virtually everything, but especially on foreign policy and immigration issues. Without immigration, the U.S. population would... Continue »
In a new piece, Vox’s Dara Lind argues there’s been no debate, pivot, or flip-flop on immigration from the Trump campaign. In fact, the only part of Trump’s immigration plan that has changed is the media’s coverage. Lind explains that reporters familiar with immigration policy know that Trump has been consistent... Continue »
While the Trump campaign’s continued word blizzard around immigration is designed to sow confusion, the policy thrust remains consistent and disturbing. America’s Voice Executive Director Frank Sharry called Trump’s approach “the most radical immigration policy of any nominee in modern American politics. The intended outcome of Trump’s policy is to drive... Continue »
It is time for all observers to stop the charade that somehow Donald Trump is “softening” on immigration. According to Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, Trump is proposing “the most radical immigration policy of any nominee in modern American politics.” He adds, “The intended outcome of Trump’s policy... Continue »
Yet Portman Continues to Support Candidate In a new Medium piece today, nationally recognized immigration attorney David Leopold parses Donald Trump’s last two weeks on immigration in detail and concludes: Rhetorical gymnastics aside, what’s crystal clear after Wednesday’s immigration speech is that Donald Trump’s ugly vision of America would rip American families apart,... Continue »
Crossposted from David Leopold’s post on Medium. After Donald Trump met with his Hispanic Advisory Council on August 20, the media tied itself in knots over whether he had “softened” on his insistence that all 11 million undocumented immigrants be deported, a central pillar of his campaign. Then in a Fox News Channel town... Continue »