As we enter 2024, we can fully expect to be deluged with an onslaught of punditry about the Latino vote. Over the years, we have watched as many paid political prognosticators expressed their uninformed takes on how Latinos will vote and it’s usually dire predictions that Democrats are in... Continue »
Senate Republicans have been demanding a series of cruel, draconian and permanent changes to the U.S. asylum system in exchange for funding to support our allies in Ukraine. These lawmakers seek to end the legal pathway of asylum as we know it and cut off other legal avenues for... Continue »
35 House Democrats led by Reps. Chuy García (D-IL), Adriano Espaillat (D-NY), Lou Correa (D-CA) and Darren Soto (D-FL) have penned a letter urging the Biden administration to use existing law to extend work permits to both new and long-time immigrants already in the U.S. The letter has the... Continue »
Sixty-six House Democrats are urging the Biden administration to act on critical relief for immigrant communities, including using its legal authority to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) to a number of Caribbean and African countries. The letter, signed by Congressional Black Caucus First Vice Chair Yvette Clark and 65... Continue »
This week, as the GOP and right-wing media tried to stir up as much fear as they could with the end of Title 42, Republicans in the House passed H.R. 2, an anti-immigrant bill that perfectly encapsulates the party’s descent into extremism.  As America’s Voice executive director Vanessa Cardenas... Continue »
The Biden Administration has announced that it is moving forward with a proposed asylum ban. The proposed asylum ban would deny asylum to migrants encountered along the U.S. – Mexico border who transited through a country without seeking asylum there first. It is a policy similar to ones that... Continue »
It’s not a top issue for most voters, Republicans demagogue migrants to galvanize their base, Democrats employ a consistent both/ad message about security and reform   The 2022 midterms will largely be determined by issues other than immigration, but immigration and the border showed up on the debate stage... Continue »
Key excerpts from leading Democrats candidates when asked questions on immigration on the debate stage and campaign trail    When it comes to paid communications, Democrats’ campaigns have focused on the other concerns that are top of mind for voters as indicated by polls. However, when asked on the... Continue »
Southern Dem vetoes state GOP anti-immigrant bill, shows Democrats how to lean in with courage, conviction and confidence Washington, DC – Gov. Roy Cooper (D-NC) yesterday vetoed legislation that would have forced North Carolina law enforcement to cooperate with ICE. The proposed legislation was passed by the GOP legislature... Continue »
The Nevada primaries on June 14 did not offer election night surprises, but Republicans confirmed they will field a slate of radical nativists across the top of the ticket in November. Adam Laxalt (Senate), Joe Lombardo (Governor), April Becker (NV-03), and Sam Peters (NV-04) all ran on xenophobic fear-mongering... Continue »