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Dream Act

Juan Escalante, “Dreamers Like Me Need Democrats To Put Immigration Back On The Table Now, Not Later”

In his newest column for HuffPost, Juan Escalante, Communications Manager for America’s Voice, urges Democrats during this lame duck session to demand a permanent, legislative solution for Dreamers and TPS holders. He insists that Democrats must prioritize Dreamers and TPS holders during the inevitable shutdown fight over Trump’s border wall. Escalante’s piece is excerpted below … Continue reading »

Trump’s Cruelty Roundly Condemned

It is increasingly clear that the animating principle of Trump’s presidency is abject cruelty and inhumane policies towards immigrants and people of color. Below, we excerpt just some of the most recent commentary on this administration’s radicalism.   The New Republic’s Matt Ford: “Cruelty Is Trump’s Only Immigration Policy”: Cruelty is both the means and … Continue reading »

House GOP Leaders Continue Allegiance to Hardliners at Expense of the National Interest and the Demands of GOP Moderates

Pili Tobar: “It’s a moment of truth for Republicans who say they want action” House Republican leaders, under pressure from moderates in swing districts to bring up the Dream Act, have caved to pressure from the Freedom Caucus and promised a vote on the far-right nativist bill authored by Rep. Robert Goodlatte (R-VA). It’s clear … Continue reading »

The Class of 2018 is Graduating, and they Still Don’t Have the Dream Act

Cue the pomp and circumstance; the class of 2018 is graduating. While many graduates will take time off this summer and prepare for the next chapter of their lives, undocumented graduates must prepare for an uncertain future. Undocumented graduates are just some of the Dreamers across the country whom Donald Trump wants to deport and … Continue reading »

By Blocking Dream Discharge Petition, Republican Leaders Choosing Party Over Country

Republican leaders are laying bare the fact that their desire to maintain their hold on power vastly exceeds their interest in helping Dreamers or the country. The ongoing intra-GOP squabbling over the discharge petition, which is designed to force action on a vote for Dreamers, boils down the following: Republican leaders, including retiring Speaker of … Continue reading »

Washington Post Editorial on Why GOP Moderates Should Force Vote for Dreamers

Juan Escalante: “Give Dreamers, like me, a chance to pursue the American Dream” A powerful editorial in this weekend’s Washington Post calls on Congress to deliver a vote for Dreamers and explains why forcing such a vote would be an important step forward. The editorial sharply criticizes Speaker Paul Ryan’s failure of leadership on Dreamer issues – … Continue reading »

Moderates’ Choice: Be Defined By an Anti-Immigrant Retiring Speaker or Stand Up and Sign the Discharge Petition

As momentum builds around the House discharge petition, an attempt spearheaded by Republicans to resolve their party’s created Dreamer crisis, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan (WI-01) has issued yet another vague, empty promise for an immigration bill. This is just his latest thinly veiled attempt to squander a bipartisan solution for Dreamers and save the day for … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Trump’s Latest Rage-Filled Tirade Unmasks Paul Ryan’s Lies”

In his latest column, the Washington Post’s Greg Sargent delivers an insightful and sobering take on the latest Dream Act action happening on Capitol Hill. Read excerpts from the latest Greg Sargent’s column from The Washington Post below and find the entire piece here: In January of 2017, at a town hall meeting broadcast live to the nation on CNN, … Continue reading »

Pili Tobar: Republicans, Get Serious About Helping Dreamers

The following is a statement from America’s Voice Managing Director Pili Tobar, regarding Congressman Curbelo’s discharge petition for Dreamers: “In the 8 months since President Trump rescinded DACA, House Republican leadership has been unwilling to move legislation to provide overdue relief for Dreamers, and the House Republicans have, until now, failed to successfully pressure their … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Trump Claims He Wants To Help Dreamers. Time To Put Up Or Shut Up.”

In Juan Escalante’s latest column in HuffPost, he celebrates the latest federal court ruling in favor of DACA recipients, but calls on Trump and his fellow Republican leaders to do what only they can do: enact legislation that provides a permanent solution for Dreamers. Read excerpts from Juan’s column below and check out the piece … Continue reading »