Kelly Ayotte doesn’t trust him with the nuclear codes and Marco Rubio still think he’s a con man, but they’re both still voting for Donald Trump for President anyway. In recent interviews, Ayotte — who trails her challenger by ten points in a new poll — has dodged whether she would trust a man who can… Continue »

Coffman’s Record Conflicts With Desperate Election Year Pandering to Latinos; Constituents Know It’s Too Little, Too Late A new piece from the New York Times’ Emmarie Huetteman traces Rep. Mike Coffman’s shameless demographic pandering as he campaigns to keep his seat in Congress. The article examines Mike Coffman political shift from introducing legislation in 2011, to repealing portions… Continue »

Republican Candidates Universally Oppose DACA, DAPA, Executive Action Today marks the four year anniversary of the implementation of the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program for DREAMers, and while DACA changed the lives of 700,000 young immigrants, the results of the 2016 elections could determine the fate of this and other executive actions. While presidential… Continue »

Over the weekend, the Las Vegas Sun editorial board published a new piece admonishing Representative Heck and the four Nevada Republican congressional candidates, Danny Tarkanian, Cresent Hardy, Mark Amodei, and Mary Perry, for their continued support of Donald Trump’s candidacy in light of his unrelenting racism and divisiveness. In their refusal to disavow Trump, these Nevada Republicans are enabling… Continue »

In light of the controversy surrounding Melania Trump’s immigration issue, David Leopold delved into the issue and why it matters. Cross-posted from Medium On June 16, 2015 Donald Trump sauntered out to the lobby of his Manhattan Tower, declared he was running for president and proceeded to slander Mexican immigrants as rapists and drug dealers.… Continue »

NBC News finds that Donald Trump’s un-American plan to ban Muslims from entering the US would be a bureaucratic nightmare that would not only cost tens of billions of dollars, but would force the government to enact a religious test through “a massive interrogation machine.” “Currently, the U.S. immigration system costs over $21.5 billion per… Continue »

History Has Its Eyes on You Yesterday, prominent Florida Republican strategist and longtime Jeb Bush advisor Sally Bradshaw joined a growing chorus of GOP leaders in rescinding her support of Donald Trump. Today, Rep. Richard Hanna (R-NY) became the first Republican elected official to publicly support Secretary Clinton. While it may have been a tough choice to… Continue »

Following a weekend of silence, Sen. Marco Rubio has finally commented on Donald Trump’s ongoing attacks on the parents of a fallen US soldier killed in Iraq. “I think it’s unfortunate,” the gutless wonder said in a statement. “[Captain] Khan is a hero, for every measure. I think his parents are heroes and they have… Continue »

Since day one of his presidential campaign, Donald Trump has made nativism the centerpiece of his campaign. In recent weeks, however, Hispanic allies have begun to make a pathetic attempt to explain away Trump’s own chilling immigration-related insults and policies. This spin is similar to what other Republicans, such as Rep. Darrell Issa and Senator Jeff Sessions, have attempted. Puleeze. An Associated… Continue »

In sharp contrast to RNC, DNC embraced immigrants as part of America  At a time when the nativist backlash on the right is pulling the Republican Party in the wrong direction on immigration, it was notable and welcome that the Democratic Party put the stories of immigrants front and center throughout their convention and rightfully… Continue »