As Rubio’s Immigration Talking Points Get Picked Apart and Criticized, He Sides with Immigration Hardliners on Senate Show-Vote Inspired By Donald Trump Washington, DC – Today, the U.S. Senate will take a procedural vote on a virulently anti-immigrant bill, sponsored by Senator David Vitter (R-LA) and inspired by Donald Trump, that taints all immigrants as… Continue »

New Denver Post Piece Captures the Immigration Politics at Play in a State with a Surging Latino Population Washington, DC – As all eyes focus in on the next GOP debate in Colorado, a new Denver Post piece discusses the fact that the politics of immigration in the state are a microcosm of the issue… Continue »

As the Senate returns to work from its latest break, the Republicans have prioritized S. 2146, anti-immigrant legislation, sponsored by David Vitter, but inspired by GOP frontrunner Donald Trump. Over the weekend, The New York Times editorialized that this bill is a “false fix for a concocted problem.” Here’s the letter sent today from immigration,… Continue »

What’s happened to the President’s executive actions on immigration? That’s a good question. Republican politicians are doing everything in their power to prevent those policies from taking effect. Republicans on Capitol Hill threatened to shut down the government over them at the beginning of the year. Currently, the executive actions are blocked because of a… Continue »

Bumped this post as the Senate Republicans are expected to take up this ugly, anti-immigrant bill, sponsored by David Vitter, as early as Tuesday, October 21. Because Republicans just can’t seem to get enough of immigrant bashing, GOP Senate leaders are bringing yet another anti-immigrant bill to the Senate floor later this month. Seung Min… Continue »

Democrats Lean In; Rational Republicans Marginalized; and Trump’s Bigotry Continues to Define the Republican Party (and Soon NBC, Too) Washington, DC – It’s been another busy week in the world of immigration.  Here are our three main takeaways: Democrats Continue to Lean In on Immigration: The week kicked off with the first Democratic Primary debate,… Continue »

In Courts, Congress, Campaign Trail, and in North Carolina, Republicans Showing Outright Disdain for the Rights and Aspirations of Immigrants  Washington, DC – Across the nation, the Republican Party is engaged in a relentless assault against the rights, protections and aspirations of immigrants. On the Republican campaign trail, frontrunner Donald Trump is running the most explicitly… Continue »

Democrats Leaning Forward With Pro-Immigrant Positions; Republicans Are Lurching Right and Pandering to a Shrinking Base Washington, DC – At tonight’s Democratic presidential debate CNN will undoubtedly try to draw out differences between the candidates.  With respect to immigration, however, the differences will be slight.  All the major candidates support comprehensive immigration reform with a path… Continue »

New Pew Poll Shows Strong, Durable Support for Legal Status Across Party Lines Washington, DC – Amidst a backdrop of intra-GOP chaos, anew Pew Research Center poll shows broad, cross-party agreement on the crux of the immigration policy debate: what to do with the 11 million immigrants in this country without legal status. “The American people know what needs to… Continue »

Frank Sharry: Rubio “Confusing the Issue on Purpose;” Clinton “Engaging in Some Long Overdue Straight Talk” The contrast between Marco Rubio and Hillary Clinton on immigration reform was on full display yesterday.  Rubio talked out of both sides of his mouth in ways that were confusing with respect to his policy stance and revealing with… Continue »