The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to the news that Marco Rubio will backtrack on his previous pledge and run for re-election to the U.S. Senate. “Beyond his own political ambition, what does Marco Rubio actually believe in? His naked flip-flop... Continue »
As RepublicanNativistConvention.Com Makes Clear, Broader GOP is Enabling Trump, With All Kinds of Negative Consequences Since his campaign announcement last year, Donald Trump has engaged in a fact-free, anti-immigrant campaign that feeds off of racial anxieties and peddles a dark vision of an America in decline. He has used... Continue »
New Site Exposes Lawmakers Who Have Aligned With Trump, Chronicles Continued Trump-Inspired Acts of Hate For over a year, Donald Trump has used to the national spotlight to attack Latinos, immigrants and people of color—inspiring acts of violence and hate around the country. As the presumptive Republican nominee, he... Continue »
The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reflecting on the one year anniversary of Donald Trump’s official entrance into the Republican presidential race: “Ever since he descended by escalator to make his racist, fact-free anti-Mexican campaign announcement speech one year ago today, Donald... Continue »
Senator Burr and Governor McCrory Follow Trump Down the Rabbit Hole In the wake of the worst mass-shooting in American history, as the faces of the 49 men and women who were killed in Orlando make their way across social media, and the nation struggles to come to terms with the... Continue »
As the firestorm surrounding Donald Trump’s latest racist comments grows, Ohio faith and civic leaders are demanding Sen. Rob Portman rescind his endorsement of Trump or own the GOP leader’s words. Throughout his campaign Trump has made headlines with his racism, sexism, and disgusting attacks on the disabled. And yet, Senator Portman endorsed... Continue »
GOP leaders continue to twist themselves into pretzels in justifying their continued support for Presidential nominee Donald Trump in the aftermath of his racist attacks on Judge Gonzalo Curiel. Some Republicans have done the moral thing for both their party and America by condemning Trump’s remarks and remaining in... Continue »
“The process of unendorsing Trump is humiliating, but only for a moment. The honor of choosing rightly, when it mattered most, will endure.” After a week of controversy surrounding Donald Trump’s comments regarding Federal Judge Gonzalo Curiel, Republican leaders have been grappling with how to deal with the overt... Continue »
Speaker Paul Ryan has condemned Donald Trump’s attack on Judge Gonzalo Curiel as “the textbook definition of a racist comment” — but that’s still not stopping him from voting Trump in November. “Claiming a person can’t do their job because of their race is sort of like the textbook... Continue »
Yesterday, we called on Republicans to rescind their support for Donald Trump, noting: “Stand by Trump and you stand for racism. Stand by Trump and you are more interested in party and power than in defending our founding ideal that all men and women are created equal. Stand by Trump... Continue »