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Are GOP Moderates Behind Queen of the Hill Push Posturing or Ready to Throw Down for Dreamers?

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The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the news and implications of yesterday’s Capitol Hill “Queen of the Hill” press conference about Dreamer legislation:

“Are the Republican moderates behind the Queen of the Hill push posturing and looking for political cover? Or are they ready to throw down and force leadership’s hand on action to protect Dreamers? Anyone who signs onto Queen of the Hill but refuses to sign onto a discharge petition and force Republican leadership into action will show that this latest effort is about their re-election and not about resolving Dreamers’ crisis that their own party created.

Republicans have been unable and unwilling to do what’s best for Dreamers and the country – President Trump ended DACA; Republican leaders have refused to deliver a vote on a bill that could pass; and House Republican moderates are aiming to get credit for PR stunts that don’t deliver anything real.

Signing on to Queen of the Hill is not enough, we’ll see in the coming days if Republicans are serious about protecting Dreamers or if this is just one more political trick.”