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Immigrant Advocates and Policy Experts Gather to Analyze and Criticize House DHS Appropriations Bill

A recording of the call is available here. On a press call today immigrant advocates gathered to discuss the  Department of Homeland Security (DHS) appropriations measures moving through the Congress, and to connect the funding process to the family separation crisis. Yesterday, the House Appropriations Committee approved the 2019 DHS bill in a party line … Continue reading »

Here’s What You WON’T See in Today’s House GOP Resolution on ICE

When it comes to immigration, House Republicans haven’t done much this year — they haven’t taken action to defend the status of Dreamers, or passed legislation to protect nearly a million immigrants whose temporary protected status is in danger, or done anything to prevent the tragedy of thousands of children being separated from their parents. … Continue reading »

We Have a Copy of the Unvarnished First Draft of the House GOP Resolution on ICE!

With House Republicans set to stage a show vote resolution regarding ICE later today, America’s Voice is excited to report that we have uncovered what appears to be the unvarnished, first draft of the GOP resolution. While we hear that the final version that will receive a House vote today has been through just a … Continue reading »

House GOP “Moderates” in Epic Fail

Curbelo, Denham Promise Big, Deliver Nothing, End Up Hurting Dreamer Cause Yesterday, the House Republican effort to pass an immigration bill crashed and burned. A bill negotiated by Speaker Paul Ryan, backed by “GOP moderates” and supported by President Trump, went down to defeat by a margin of 121-301. The following is a statement by … Continue reading »

On Immigration Bill, So-called GOP House “Moderates” Gave Up Everything to Get Nothing

A few weeks ago, a group of House Republicans the media has dubbed “the moderates” seemed to discover their backbones. Fed up with a leadership that ignores their needs and panders to the Freedom Caucus, they were on the verge of approving a discharge petition that would have compelled a bipartisan breakthrough on legislation pairing … Continue reading »

Ryan’s Immigration Bill: A Partisan Bill that Enables Trump’s Lies and Does Nothing To Reunite Separated Kids With Their Parents

Here are four key points to bear in mind regarding the House Immigration bill – the effort led by Speaker Ryan that reinforces Trump’s lying, panders to the Freedom Caucus, rolls the so-called Republican moderates, and does nothing to solve the crises caused by their President. This entire partisan House Republican effort to enact a … Continue reading »

New Cato Institute Analysis: “82% of Dreamers Won’t Benefit from House Bill’s Citizenship Path”

The Cato Institute’s new analysis of Speaker Paul Ryan’s “Border Security and Immigration Reform Act” finds that 82% of Dreamers will not benefit from the restrictive citizenship path. David Bier and Stuart Anderson write: Only a third of the Dreamer population would likely receive status under the House plan (H.R. 6136), and just 18 percent … Continue reading »

As Trump Rips Kids from Families, House GOP Engages in Theater of the Absurd

House Immigration Votes Are Meant to Distract from, Not Resolve the Family Separation Crisis AV Urges “No” Votes on Goodlatte and Ryan Bills America’s Voice recommends that members of the House of Representatives vote no on Goodlatte and Ryan’s immigration bills set for this week. Summary The “Securing America’s Future Act” authored by Rep. Goodlatte … Continue reading »

US Conference of Catholic Bishops: Ryan Immigration Proposal Runs “Contrary to Our Catholic Social Teaching”

Today, the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops sent a public letter to Speaker of the House Paul Ryan criticizing the immigration bill that Ryan negotiated with the House Freedom Caucus and so-called Republican moderates. As the letter notes, “As written, this bill contains several provisions that run contrary to our Catholic social teaching.” The … Continue reading »

Advocates and Policy Experts Denounce House GOP Immigration Bills

A recording of today’s call is available here Following Speaker Paul Ryan’s announcement that the House of Representatives will vote on two immigration-related bills next week, policy experts gathered on a press call today to respond to these developments. A recording of today’s call is available here. Sanaa Abrar, Policy and Advocacy Manager at United … Continue reading »