With Democrats controlling Congress and the White House, Americans expect Democrats to deliver on just immigration policies, Senator Harry Reid argues in a recent piece in The Hill.  The former Senate Majority Leader notes that his 2010 reelection proved that Democrats can fight and win on immigration. In that race, he took on a rabidly… Continue »

The proposal to grant only work permits and protection from deportation to some seven to eight million undocumented immigrants is the most recent alternative that the Democrats are trying to include in the Senate’s budget reconciliation, after the rejection of measures that contain a path to citizenship by the body’s own Parlamentarian. This new hope… Continue »

A recording of the call can be found here. Washington, DC — On a press call today, immigrant advocates gave their take on the state of play regarding the movement’s drive to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants in Congress this year.  Lorella Praeli, Co-President, Community Change Action, said, “From the beginning of the year, we… Continue »

Join growing chorus of experts criticizing the Parliamentarian’s rationale for getting to no on citizenship proposals   A Who’s Who of immigration legal scholars has penned a letter to Vice-President Kamala Harris and Senate Democratic leaders that strongly criticizes the Senate Parliamentarian’s rationale for rejecting legislative proposals to put millions of undocumented immigrants on a… Continue »

A link to the recording can be found here. Washington, DC- Today, advocates and activists who mobilize immigrant, Black, Latino, Labor and progressive voters in key battleground states gathered on a press call to urge Democrats to keep fighting and win legalization for immigrants because of its impact on voter enthusiasm in upcoming 2021 and… Continue »

For a second time, the Senate Parliamentarian rejected the Democrats’ so-called Plan B to try to legalize millions of undocumented immigrants. It seems the Parliamentarian will not give a green light to any language that involves the conferral of green cards to the undocumented population. That’s how strict the criteria of just one person is,… Continue »

Affected individuals and their allies are reacting to the Senate parliamentarian’s latest opinion opposing citizenship for immigrants with a clear message: Democrats need to find a way to use their power to deliver on the immigration reforms they promised. Meanwhile, key experts and outside voices are highlighting the potential political costs in the midterms if… Continue »

Immigration Expert and Author Charles Kamasaki Critiques Her Rulings to Date Washington, DC – In a new Medium piece Charles Kamasaki, Senior Cabinet Advisor at UnidosUS, Fellow at the Migration Policy Institute and author of Immigration Reform: The Corpse That Will Not Die (Mandel-Vilar Press 2019), pens a deep-dive article titled, “How the Senate Parliamentarian… Continue »

The Senate Parliamentarian’s recommendation to not include language legalizing undocumented immigrants in the budget plan to be considered under reconciliation is, obviously, a setback. But that doesn’t mean the Democrats can wash their hands of this issue. On the contrary, the Democrats who still control the White House and Congress, albeit with tight majorities, have… Continue »

You can listen to a recording of the press call here   On a press call today, Sen. Bob Menendez (D-NJ), a long-time champion for immigration reform, joined immigrant advocates to analyze and discuss the Senate Parliamentarian’s initial decision about inclusion of immigration measures in budget reconciliation. The stakes are higher than ever for millions… Continue »