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Mass Deportations

If Trump Wants to Grow the Economy, Why is He Deporting Entrepreneurs?

Donald Trump the candidate — when he wasn’t busy running on white nationalism — claimed to be a ‘business president’ with unique insights on how to boost the economy. “I will be the greatest jobs president that God ever created,” he boasted. Yet in the last year, Trump has presided over a sweeping deportation crackdown … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: “GOP hardliners are using sanitized language to cover up the ugly smell of a radical and, yes, racist agenda”

As the Senate’s immigration debate kicks into higher gear today, there is a concerted effort underway by Republicans to sanitize the immigration agenda and implications of the proposals from President Trump, Stephen Miller, and fellow hardliners. But there should be no mistake: Republicans are using neutral-sounding language and terminology to promote a policy agenda that … Continue reading »

Montana Man Quits Job Rather than Hand Immigrants to ICE; Becomes “Hero of Helena”

“I’m doing this because I have a child. I want to be able to look my child in eye,” Jordon Dyrdahl-Roberts wrote on Twitter last week. “I’m drawing my line in the sand here. Cooperation with this regime is not acceptable.” Breaking families apart was not something Dyrdahl-Roberts, a former legal secretary for the Montana … Continue reading »

TPS Holders Facing Deportation Make Their Voices Heard Across Country, Demand Congressional Action

A series of media reports highlight the urgency people feel across the country to call on lawmakers to prioritize and protect Temporary Protected Status (TPS) by enacting a permanent legislative solution for 300,000+ TPS holders nationwide facing deportation. Advocates in Arizona, Nevada, Colorado, and California are urging Congress not to lose sight of TPS holders now facing deportation in the … Continue reading »

Trump’s Rubber Stamp Deportations Outrage Americans in Kansas and Rural Washington State

Law Enforcement Official and Trump Voter: “I didn’t sign up for this.  And shame on me for being short-sighted about this, but it’s not just.” From Ohio to Kansas to rural Washington state, Americans are increasingly outraged about the rubber stamp deportation policy the Trump Administration is implementing. The detention and pending deportation of Kansas … Continue reading »

UPDATE: Ohio’s Amer Adi Remains in Detention Despite Judiciary Chairman Asking ICE to Stay His Deportation

Last Friday, Youngstown businessman Amer Numan Barhoum Adi Othman (“Al Adi”), 57, was transferred to a federal prison after commencing a hunger strike following his unexpected arrest by the Cleveland ICE office. Hundreds of people also marched on Saturday and Sunday in support of his freedom. “We’re in fear of his life,” Adi’s daughter, Lina, … Continue reading »

Youngstown Vindicator: “Area businessman a victim of US immigration system”

Detroit ICE Should Stop Deporting Taxpayers and Caregivers, Focus on ‘Bad Hombres’ Cleveland, OH – In the Sunday paper, the Youngstown Vindicator published an editorial against the pending deportation of a downtown businessman, Amer Adi Othman.  After decades in the U.S., Adi was schedule to be deported on January 7, 2018.  Due to the unwavering support of Rep. Tim Ryan and … Continue reading »

Enquirer: “Paraplegic 6-year-old’s ‘Daddy’ faces deportation”

Deportation would be “immoral and un-American” Cleveland, OH – Another impending family tragedy in Ohio is just business-as-usual for the Trump Administration’s immigration agency today, as they prepare to deport yet another loving father and caregiver of a disabled American child.  The six year-old boy, who became paraplegic last year after a car accident, is … Continue reading »

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