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Mass Deportations

ICYMI: Fabiola Santiago: “This former Cuban political prisoner, 82, has been denied U.S. citizenship. Shameful”

In her latest column for the Miami Herald, Fabiola Santiago underlines the crushing reality for many Cuban refugees. Once heralded as heroes who defied Fidel Castro, now Cubans are increasingly denied legal protection and deported by the Trump administration.  Santiago tells a related story. Francisco Verona, an 82-year-old former Cuban political prisoner, applied for citizenship … Continue reading »

PHOTOS: Mississippi ICE Raid Arrests Hundreds of Parents, Leave Children Stranded at School

Yesterday,  ICE conducted a massive worksite raid at seven locations in six cities in Mississippi, leading to the arrest of 680 immigrants and the largest single-state worksite enforcement action in our nation’s history. During the raids, family members and supporters surrounded the buses that had been organized to take workers away, shouting “let them go!” … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Beth Werlin on “The Human Cost of Fast Track Deportation”

In an eye-opening op-ed for the New York Times, Beth Werlin, executive director of the American Immigration Council, breaks down the Trump administration’s decision to expand the use of expedited removal. As Werlin clearly describes, this cruel decision will “[undermine] American principles of fundamental fairness and [put] United States citizens, permanent residents and asylum-seekers at … Continue reading »

Dallas-Born U.S. Citizen Remains in ICE Custody

After being detained at a Border Patrol checkpoint in South Texas, Francisco Galicia is the latest U.S. citizen under threat of deportation Austin, TX – An 18-year-old U.S. citizen has been in immigration custody for more than three weeks, and is now under imminent threat of deportation, the Dallas Morning News first reported. Francisco Galicia … Continue reading »

Reminder That American Citizens At Risk Under Trump’s New Fast-Track Deportation Program

Yesterday’s announcement that the Trump administration is expanding “expedited removals” nationwide, enabling them to fast track deportations without judges, hearings or any shred of accountability or due process, is a disturbing escalation of the Trump deportation agenda. As Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice noted yesterday, “Picture this: using whatever pretext they want, ICE … Continue reading »

“Going all in on the Nativist Agenda” – Pili Tobar on Significance of Trump’s Expedited Removal Policy Change

Every American Citizen is at Risk, Not Just Immigrants The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Deputy Director of America’s Voice:  News this morning that the Trump administration is planning to scale up so-called ‘expedited removal’ policy nationwide is a staggering and dangerous escalation of the Trump deportation agenda. This is a nationwide ‘show … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry: Racism, Nativism and Stoking White Grievance Will Be the “Beating Heart” of Trump’s 2020 Campaign

“Racial incitement is the animating electoral strategy of a sitting President and his party.”   The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: The beating heart of Trumpism is and has always been racism and xenophobia. Now, Trump is turbocharging it in his desperate attempt to hold onto power. As … Continue reading »

ICYMI: WaPo: “Why Trump’s ICE raids might deport people who weren’t given a chance to stay legally”

In a new must-read explainer, Washington Post’s Philip Bump reveals that many of the undocumented immigrants targeted by this weekend’s raids may be deported without having received due process,  despite claims from the Trump administration that they have. Bump cites a recent report from Syracuse University’s TRAC program, “which analyzes immigration-related data including the outcomes … Continue reading »

Stoking Fear & Fueling His Political Base, Trump Readies Raids for Sunday

Having Created Mass Failure at the Border, Now He Wants to Add to the Chaos The New York Times and others are reporting that neighborhood immigration raids will begin Sunday. Trump threatened to launch massive immigration raids in the U.S. after July 4 and now in cities across America, immigrant families and community allies are … Continue reading »

“No Time for Complicity or Silence” – Taking Stock of Trump’s Human Rights Crisis

What Happened to Simple American Decency? The volume of disturbing developments and relevant news about the Trump administration’s immigration and border plans are hard to keep up with. But the common threads connecting many of the developments is one of cruelty, chaos, and dehumanization.  According to Douglas Rivlin, Communications Director of America’s Voice, “We’re in … Continue reading »