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Mass Deportations

As Trump Stokes Fear Over Criminals, ICE Deports Non-Criminals Like Michigan Mom Cile Precetaj

Matt Hildreth: “This kind of fear-mongering has no place in our country. We are better than this.” As the White House’s continues to stoke fear over immigrants and as President Trump delivers another anti-immigrant stemwinder on Long Island, it’s again worth remembering the ongoing gulf between the Trump administration’s rhetoric and the reality of who … Continue reading »

14 Times the Trump Administration Has Treated Immigrants Like “Animals”

Last week, Donald Trump referred to immigrant as “animals”, a comment which has been criticized by a wide range of advocates and commentators for its dehumanization. While apologists have tried to parse what Trump actually meant by the comment, the scary fact is that the Trump Administration treats immigrants like animals, period. We’ve seen it … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “A family is torn apart: Siblings fight to save their home after their parents are deported.”

Three siblings in Bridgeton, NJ are struggling to keep their family home after their parents were deported. In late 2017, mother and father Humberta and Oscar Campos were deported to Mexico, after years of living in the United States under supervision orders and attending ICE “check-in” meetings regularly, like so many other immigrants. With the … Continue reading »

Pili Tobar: “Trump Administration’s Decision to Terminate Nepal TPS Marks Fifth – But Likely Not Final – Tally Mark in its Quest to Deport All Immigrants”

Today, the Trump Administration announced it would terminate Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for approximately 9,000 Nepali TPS holders, subjecting hardworking, tax-paying, and integral contributors to the fabric of our nation to deportation. According to Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice: This Administration’s motion today to terminate TPS for Nepal marks the fifth in a string of heartless … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Dallas News: “More Migrants May Face Deportation as Trump Weighs Ending Temporary Protection for Hondurans, Nepalese”

Nepal TPS Decision Deadline: April 25th (2 Days) Honduras TPS Decision Deadline: May 4th (11 Days) Dallas, TX – A Dallas News piece puts the spotlight on two specific immigrant populations – Nepalese and Honduran TPS holders – who are living in uncertainty as the Trump Administration is slated to determine whether or not to extend these country-specific TPS programs by April 25th and May 4th, … Continue reading »

ICE Conducts Warrantless Raid on a Dairy Farm in Upstate NY as Part of Trump’s Mass Deportation Strategy

Will Rep. Claudia Tenney Stand Up for the Employers and Workers in her District or Stand with Trump and his Excesses? Across America, immigration officials in the Trump Administration have been operating in a cruel and unaccountable manner. On April 5, 2018, Trump officials arrested 97 immigrants at a meat-processing plant in rural Tennessee. It … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Good Riddance To Paul Ryan And His Cowardice On Immigration”

Following Paul Ryan’s announcement last week to not run for re-election, America’s Voice Communications Manager Juan Escalante reflected on how disappointing the speakership tenure was for the pro-immigrant movement in his latest HuffPost column. Read excerpts from Juan’s column below and read the full piece here: It’s official. Paul Ryan, the man who made “morally ambiguous” … Continue reading »

Philly Inquirer and ProPublica with Deep Dive on ICE Deportation and Cruelty

A multi-part and deeply-reported joint investigation published by the Philadelphia Inquirer and ProPublica details how the Philadelphia regional office of ICE is arresting, detaining, and deporting a large number of immigrants without criminal records, driving up its deportation numbers by focusing on people who are simply driving to work, smoking a cigarette, or going about their daily … Continue reading »

More From the Frontlines of Trump’s War on Immigrants: Border Patrol and ICE Need Accountability, Not a Blank Check

Yesterday, Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen tried to hype the false narrative that the “border is out of control” in order to justify the Trump Administration’s radical agenda. This despite the fact that unauthorized border crossings are at an historic, 46-year low. In fact, what’s out of control are CBP and ICE. A series … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “ICE raided a meatpacking plant. More than 500 kids missed school the next day”

Life in the Trump era is especially difficult for immigrant families. CNN’s Catherine Shoichet explores the ripple effects of ICE’s deportation strategy following last week’s workplace raid in Tennessee. After Trump’s agents arrested nearly 100 people, over 500 students missed school the next day.    The piece is excerpted below and available online here. Kids who are supposed … Continue reading »

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