This week, the Supreme Court temporarily delayed the implementation of Texas’s S.B.4, the extreme “show me your papers” law that empowers every law enforcement officer to question the citizenship of any Texas resident and detain them. While a sound-minded federal judge initially blocked the law, that hold was lifted... Continue »
Arizona – This weekend, the Senate released text on a supplemental bill that includes harmful border policies and also has no chance to pass in the House. Arizona immigration advocates respond to the dangers and chaos that this bill would create, especially along the U.S./Mexico border.  Laura St. John,... Continue »
In chilling remarks meant to make him stand out among the anti-immigrant animus of the 2024 GOP presidential primary field, Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis this week called for violence at our border with Mexico. “If cartels are trying to run product into this country, they’re going to end up... Continue »
Florida Governor Ron DeSantis is seeking to boost his 2024 Republican presidential primary chances by enacting what’s been reported as “the toughest crackdown on undocumented immigration by any state in more than a decade.” His anti-immigrant proposals are as harsh as they are expansive, forcing hospitals to inquire into... Continue »
On February 23, an all-Republican delegation of the House Judiciary Committee held a field hearing in Yuma, Arizona, the fourth hearing in four weeks ostensibly about the border. And in all four hearings, they have amplified white nationalist conspiracy theories and failed to offer a substantive policy discussion on... Continue »
Looking to provide the fuel for the anti-immigrant judicial pipeline, the Republican Attorney General candidates in Texas, Arizona, and Kansas could shape national immigration policy for the worse.    Ken Paxton (R-TX), Kris Kobach (R-KS), and Abe Hamadeh (R-AZ) are putting nativism at the forefront of their campaigns, but... Continue »
Republicans bet on extremism, courting the potential for violence from supporters – and backlash from voters.     In primaries on August 2, Arizona Republicans selected the candidates to represent their party in November, and it is a ticket filled from top to bottom with dangerous extremists. Arizona Republicans have put... Continue »
Washington, DC – Arizona Republican Senate candidate Jim Lamon’s despicable ad where he depicts shooting the President, the Speaker of the House and Arizona Senator Mark Kelly is being widely condemned by observers in his state and across the country (read our take here). Yet elements of the ad... Continue »
Arizona has long been at the center of the debate about immigration, producing some of the most extreme and ugly voices, from Joe Arpaio to Jan Brewer to the violent border posse. This year, we’re seeing Republican elected officials and candidates pushing even more dangerous xenophobic rhetoric. And, it’s... Continue »
Washington, DC – Un anuncio dado a conocer hoy por el candidato republicano de Arizona al Senado, Jim Lamon, lo representa a él como un alguacil del Viejo Oeste disparando a personajes que caracterizan al presidente Biden, al senador Mark Kelly (D-AZ) y a la presidenta de la Cámara... Continue »