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Donald Trump's recent immigration executive orders unleashed the worst political humanitarian crisis in recent US history. Here's how we're fighting back.

Trump’s Nativism: The Cruel Toll, the Real Facts, and a Better Way Forward

The Trump Administration continues to persecute long-settled immigrants, who are part of American families. This will go down as a dark and disgraceful chapter in American history. With Republicans unwilling to hold this Administration to account, it is left to those of us who still believe in an America that welcomes newcomers and who believe … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Dallas News: “More Migrants May Face Deportation as Trump Weighs Ending Temporary Protection for Hondurans, Nepalese”

Nepal TPS Decision Deadline: April 25th (2 Days) Honduras TPS Decision Deadline: May 4th (11 Days) Dallas, TX – A Dallas News piece puts the spotlight on two specific immigrant populations – Nepalese and Honduran TPS holders – who are living in uncertainty as the Trump Administration is slated to determine whether or not to extend these country-specific TPS programs by April 25th and May 4th, … Continue reading »

“Republican Playbook is All About Fear”

GOP’s Ugly Political Strategy on Display in Maryland and Arizona As attacks in congressional races in Maryland and Arizona demonstrate, and as we have been predicting, Republican candidates and campaigns are following the cues of the Trump White House and Attorney General Jeff Sessions and running hard on ugly, anti-immigrant attacks. According to Pili Tobar, Managing … Continue reading »

Key Observers: The Trump Administration’s All-Out Assault on Immigrants and Refugees Reaches New Stages of Cruelty

Below, we present a series of assessments from leading experts highlighting elements of how the Trump Administration is going for broke in its efforts to deport immigrants, separate families, and turn its back on basic decency and core American values: Tom Jawetz Univision op-ed, “The Sessions Trap on Immigration” Jawetz, Vice President for Immigration Policy … Continue reading »

Senator Dianne Feinstein: Protecting defenseless children is not an immigration ‘loophole’

In a powerful Washington Post op-ed, Senator Dianne Feinstein reminds the nation that we must protect children who show up at our border seeking safety. We recap key excerpts from Senator Feinstein’s op-ed below and read the entire piece here: I remember watching the nightly television news in the 1990s and seeing a 15-year-old Chinese girl … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Good Riddance To Paul Ryan And His Cowardice On Immigration”

Following Paul Ryan’s announcement last week to not run for re-election, America’s Voice Communications Manager Juan Escalante reflected on how disappointing the speakership tenure was for the pro-immigrant movement in his latest HuffPost column. Read excerpts from Juan’s column below and read the full piece here: It’s official. Paul Ryan, the man who made “morally ambiguous” … Continue reading »

Legal & Policy Experts Analyze The Latest in Immigration

A recording of today’s call is available here. The Trump administration’s war on immigrants is escalating. In the last few weeks, the administration made policy, administrative, and directive changes that are not based on facts or needs, but on politics. ICE devastated Tennessee with a workplace raid, destroying the lives of workers, families, and the community as a … Continue reading »

Vox Explainer and Juan Escalante: Yes, Undocumented Immigrants Pay Billions in Taxes Each Year

Juan Escalante: “I am an undocumented immigrant, and unlike President Trump, I am willing to show my tax returns” A new Vox explainer ahead of Tax Day demonstrates how undocumented immigrants contribute billions of dollars to the U.S. tax coffers each year. The new piece, which we excerpt below, is a good complement to a personal reflection essay … Continue reading »

Gov. Northam, like Virginia Voters, Rejects Latest GOP Political Attack on Immigrants

The veto of House Bill 1257 is a victory for the Virginia voters who rejected Ed Gillespie’s xenophobic and racist campaign tactics and shows why elections matter The following is a statement from Matt Hildreth, Political Director at America’s Voice, in response to Governor Ralph Northam’s veto of House Bill 1257, a politically-motivated bill seeking … Continue reading »

Cincinnati Cartoonist Takes Graphic Marker to American Immigration Story

“Living in the Shadows” Depicts One Family’s Story, Fears, and Hopes in Comic-Strip Form Cincinnati, OH — Political cartoonist Kevin Necessary of WCPO in Cincinnati just published a ground-breaking comic-strip series about the life of a local “mixed status” American family. “Living in the Shadows” is an illustrated story, in three parts, that goes deep into real-life … Continue reading »

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