Rather than taking up a comprehensive approach to finally deal with our broken immigration system, Republicans are rushing piecemeal legislation — being referred to by many as the “Donald Trump Act” — that only seeks to cast immigrant families as criminals. This proposed legislation stems from Congressional Republican leaders bowing to screeching, anti-immigrant voices like Donald… Continue »

With the House and Senate holding multiple hearings and gearing up to vote on anti-immigrant legislation this week, it’s clear that Republicans in Congress are following the Donald’s lead. Instead of calling up comprehensive immigration reform, a solution favored by three quarters of the American people, Republicans in the House and Senate are rushing to take… Continue »

Republicans wasted no time piling on Donald Trump (now the leading GOP candidate for President, according to multiple polls) for despicably questioning John McCain’s valiant military service and the years he spent as a prisoner of war during Vietnam. Republican Presidential candidates Jeb Bush, Rick Perry, Rick Santorum, and Bobby Jindal immediately issued tweets (and… Continue »

Ohio Governor John Kasich is set to officially join the Republican presidential field. America’s Voice has released a series of resources that help track and make sense of Kasich’s immigration stance. Read a detailed backgrounder on John Kasich and immigration: http://americasvoice.org/research/meet-2016-gop-candidates-president-positions-immigration/#kasich Press statement and video: “In Iowa, Ohio Immigrant Family Confronts Gov. Kasich on Immigration Lawsuit”: http://americasvoice.org/press_releases/in-iowa-ohio-immigrant-family-confronts-gov-kasich-on-immigration-lawsuit/ Read our… Continue »

Looks like Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker’s outreach to Latinos and immigrants is to make their young children weep at the prospect of deportation. During a stop in Iowa on Sunday, Jose, an undocumented dad, and his two U.S. citizen children confronted Walker about the bogus lawsuit Wisconsin and 25 other states filed last year to… Continue »

New analysis from Latino Decisions suggests the eventual Republican presidential nominee will need 47% support from Latino voters nationwide in order to win the majority of the popular vote in a two person race.  Meanwhile, new reminders from the campaign trail underscore that Republican candidates are headed precisely in the wrong direction from that target number.… Continue »

Albert Hunt of Bloomberg View Sets the Record Straight on the Republican Meme that the Border is Out of Control In a piece entitled, “Facing the Facts on Illegal Immigration,” Hunt takes on the notion that is repeated ad nauseum in the Fox News/GOP bubble: “the border is out of control, it’s Obama’s fault, and we have… Continue »

As his fellow Republican Presidential candidates struggle on how to respond, Donald Trump’s racist comments about Mexicans continue to reinforce the party’s xenophobic brand among Latinos and immigrants. And while voters nationally disapprove of both Trump and his remarks, GOP primary voters absolutely love him and the rhetoric — and this could spell huge trouble… Continue »

The GOP base may be warming up to Donald Trump, according to two news polls. But, a deeper dive into the numbers spells trouble for his prospects. Yesterday, USAToday/Suffolk University released its latest poll showing that Trump has taken the lead among GOP contenders. He leads Jeb Bush 17% – 14%. Two things stand out… Continue »

As we noted earlier today, there’s no denying Donald Trump’s Presidential campaign has ignited a fire in the Latino community, both here at home and abroad. Latinos are poised to play a pivotal role in the 2016 Presidential election, and they are already flexing their cultural, political, and economic muscle by pushing Univision, NBC, Macy’s,… Continue »