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Last Time We Checked, Republicans Control Washington

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Frank Sharry: “The Audacity of the GOP’s Attempted Blame Game is Breathtaking”

Washington, DC – While there’s uncertainty about the timing and details of a potential way forward on the government funding package, one thing is already certain and on display: Republicans are trying to set up a blame game to pin a potential government shutdown on Democrats.

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice Education Fund:

The audacity of the Republicans’ attempted blame game is breathtaking. They are in charge of both branches of Congress and the White House. They are responsible for keeping the government’s lights on. They will be responsible if the federal government shuts down. It’s that simple.

Trump’s own recklessness is spiraling out of control. His lack of seriousness about the duties of the office, the GOP’s internal divisions and the incompetence of the GOP-led Congress have been on full display since January. If a government shutdown occurs, it’s on them. Period.

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