A powerful New York Times story by Erica Green explores the contributions and fears of the 9,000 teachers with DACA status whose lives and students are facing an uncertain future due to President Trump’s decision to end the DACA program. We excerpt key sections of the story below: Karen Reyes spends her... Continue »
Austin, Texas – In a new must-read, Juan Castillo, the editorial page editor for Austin American Statesman calls on President Trump to leave behind the nativist language of his campaign and to instead lead on a solution to the crisis he created by ending DACA. Castillo calls on President Trump to provide... Continue »
Will He Cave to the “Hell No Caucus” or Help GOP Pragmatists Desperate to Distance Themselves from Trump? Washington, DC – As we head into December, it’s increasingly clear that, in the words of a headline from The Hill, “Congress is barreling toward explosive immigration fight.” With all Democrats and many Republicans in... Continue »
A recording of today’s event is available here. Today, experts from RAICES, Make the Road New York, American Civil Liberties Union, National Immigration Law Center, and Center for American Progress addressed the reality that DACA recipients are already threatened – with unjustified arrests; with detention; with denials of applications because of bureaucratic... Continue »
More than One Million Immigrants – DACA and TPS Recipients – At Risk of Losing their Status and Being Deported  A recording of today’s event is available here Miami, FL – Today, undocumented youth, immigrant mothers and TPS recipients joined Florida voters and leaders to discuss why a legislative solution... Continue »
The arbitrary and cruel decision by President Trump’s decision to end DACA and to set the October 5th re-application deadline make it increasingly clear that Dreamers are under threat and in need of relief now. Recent reporting in the New York Times and Vox highlights that some of the 22,000 DACA recipients who missed the... Continue »
Between September 5 and October 5 of this year, more than a hundred thousand Dreamers scrambled to renew their DACA applications for the last time, after Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that Donald Trump was killing the program. It was a rushed, arbitrary, and unfair deadline that left 22,000... Continue »
The Washington Post’s Jesse Dougherty has a new must-read on the tight rope that Dreamer and high school volleyball player Nicolle Uria is walking. Like all Dreamers, Nicolle grew up American – her family emigrated from Bolivia when she was just one year old. She didn’t learn she was undocumented until she was a... Continue »
The so-called March 5th “deadline” is not; it’s an excuse for inaction Yesterday, Senator Dick Durbin (D-IL) told NBC News, “I am not planning on going home from Washington for any holiday until we take care of the DACA and Dreamer issue. We have made our promise to do that.” Senator Durbin... Continue »
This week, the USC Center for the Study of Immigrant Integration and the Center for American Progress released new data on how much the dismantling of DACA would cost America, Congressional district by Congressional district. Previous reports have shown that doing away with DACA wouldn’t make any sense, as... Continue »