Immigration reform has long been a personal issue for Latino voters. According to polling from Latino Decisions, one in three registered Latino voters are related to someone who is undocumented. An additional one in three have a close friend who is an undocumented immigrant. Now, new research from the Center... Continue »
In a new analysis published at Medium, immigration attorney and former president of the American Immigration Lawyers Association, David Leopold outlines why United States v. Texas, the impending immigration executive action case before the Supreme Court, is really an epic political battle. Through a detailed overview of the original case and... Continue »
Earlier, Speaker Paul Ryan took what he’s himself called an “extraordinary” step — allowing the Republican House to vote to file an amicus brief to the Supreme Court against DAPA and DACA+. It’s a blatantly partisan move, and the final count from today’s vote only proves this move from... Continue »
It’s Donald Trump’s party now as House Republicans, led by Speaker Paul Ryan, are set to vote on filing an amicus brief against President Obama’s immigration action as soon as Thursday. Speaker Ryan has himself called his move “a very extraordinary step,” and it’s confirmation that this lawsuit is... Continue »
As the Supreme Court is set to hear oral arguments on DAPA and expanded DACA, a new study finds that undocumented immigrants eligible for the two programs — as well as young immigrants currently enrolled in DACA — are “deeply embedded” in American society, with familial ties and work... Continue »
Cross-posted from Lynn Tramonte’s post on Medium. Could you do this, if you had to? Stand before a national television audience and a possible future United States President, talk about the most painful event of your life, and ask for help? With the assistance of Univision reporter Enrique Acevedo, and a... Continue »
As the Supreme Court prepares to hear oral arguments in U.S. v. Texas—the legal case that currently blocks implementation of the President’s DAPA and DACA expansion programs—advocates and affected individuals joined Senator Menendez today to discuss the potential impact of the President’s deferred action programs and what’s at stake for the millions... Continue »
16 Attorneys General, mayors and leaders from nearly 120 cities and counties, over 60 business leaders and entrepreneurs, and two dozen faith-based organizations are among those urging the Supreme Court to uphold President Obama’s executive actions on immigration. This was an impressive showing of support for DAPA and DACA+.... Continue »
Ahead of April 18th oral arguments, advocates, business leaders, elected officials and eligible DACA+/DAPA recipients demonstrate strong support for President Obama’s Executive Actions Today, Florida elected officials, local advocates and community leaders signed on to amicus briefs filed in U.S. v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that will determine the... Continue »
Ahead of April 18th oral arguments, immigrants, advocates, community leaders, and elected officials demonstrate strong support for DHS’ immigration actions Yesterday, Ohio elected officials and organizations signed on to amicus briefs filed in U.S. v. Texas, the Supreme Court case that will determine the fate of the Obama Administration’s executive... Continue »