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Trump’s Deportation Force Jails DACA-Eligible Florida Man With Down Syndrome

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The Florida Immigrant Coalition is reporting that during a recent raid in Fort Pierce, FL, Trump’s deportation agents arrested 28 workers and community members, including Juan Gaspar-García, a DACA-eligible Florida resident with diabetes and Down syndrome.

As Gaspar-García’s sister, Dolores explained

“My brother does not have the ability to understand certain situations without a proper explanation because he has Down syndrome, and probably does not understand why he is there or what is happening,…He also has diabetes, he takes medication and it is very important that he is with us so we can take care of his special needs,” during an interview with El Nuevo Herald.  If deported to Guatemala, he will not have access to adequate medical care or anyone to care for him – as his father and three siblings live in Florida.

According to Lynn Tramonte, Deportation Defense Coordinator for America’s Voice:

“Juan Gaspar-García’s detention is simply inexcusable. This should not be allowed to happen in America.  He desperately needs compassion and medicine, not brutal agents and a jail cell. ICE should release him immediately and allow him to return to his family. Don’t be fooled by the Trump’s talk of ‘bad hombres,’ it’s community members like Gaspar-García who are feeling the wrath of Trump’s unshackled and out-of-control deportation force.”

Gaspar-García’s sister started a petition in support of her brother and family, available here.