The continued failure to deliver for Dreamers, on an issue that 80-plus percent of the public supports, is a damning indictment of Washington’s dysfunction and misplaced priorities and a testament to why change is needed in November. While the courts’ injunction has provided a temporary reprieve and continued protections for... Continue »
In new piece, Daily Kos’ Gabe Ortiz profiles Juan Escalante, DACA-recipient; America’s Voice Communications Manager; and “the Persistent Dreamer.” Throughout the exclusive interview, Escalante recounts his family’s immigration story, his debut in the fight for immigrants’ rights, and the current state-of-play: “Am I worried? A bit, but then again... Continue »
In the wake of yesterday’s DACA deadline, there are two evident truths: Dreamers face an urgent crisis – at the hands of Trump and his GOP – and, across party and state lines, Americans overwhelmingly support a permanent legislative solution for Dreamers. In a new piece, Time Magazine’s Charlotte Alter profiles Corina Barranco,... Continue »
AUSTIN– In a new op-ed published in the San Antonio Express News, Andrea Fernandez, a Dreamer and senior at the University of Texas at San Antonio outlined how Trump’s cruel termination of the DACA program, compounded by Congress’ inaction on the Dream Act, has jeopardized her future. Mario Carrillo, Director of... Continue »
As we arrive at Trump’s March 5th deadline with no resolution for Dreamers, DACA recipient and America’s Voice communications manager Juan Escalante writes a must-read HuffPost column on the uncertainty and fear that DACA recipients are facing, reminding us that the crisis facing Dreamers remains urgent and that Congress and President... Continue »
Praise Temporary Court Reprieve for Dreamers; Call on Congress and GOP to Deliver Fix Editorial boards across the country are weighing in on the implications the U.S. Supreme Court rebuke of the Trump Administration’s attempt to leapfrog the normal appeals process in hopes of ending DACA quickly — and pointing the... Continue »
Key observers are weighing in on yesterday’s news that the U.S. Supreme Court declined to bypass the appeals courts in order to take up a DACA case. Coverage is highlighting that the news from the Supreme Court represents a sharp rebuke to the Trump administration, and their continued extremism... Continue »
The following is a statement from David Leopold, Partner/Chair, Immigration Practice Group, Ulmer & Berne LLP and former President, American Immigration Lawyers Association, following the Supreme Court’s decision not to expedite the administration’s challenge to DACA: Today, the Supreme Court blocked the Trump Department of Justice’s (DOJ) attempt to... Continue »
“That’s my dream: to make a difference in people’s lives,” she said. “I hope I can do it.” A Washington Post piece masterfully captures the all-too-familiar combination of “dreams and disbelief” that so many high-achieving DACAmented students face as Republicans in Congress and the White House continue to block passage of a... Continue »
In a new must-read piece, CNN’s Parija Kavilanz interviews a few of the many DACA-recipients, who – as doctors, nurses, and teachers – dedicate their lives to bettering our shared nation. Now, because of White House extremism and congressional inaction, they may lose their jobs and ability to fully contribute to... Continue »