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Legal Experts and Community Leaders Decry the Deportation of Mauritanians and the Arrest of Anti-Slavery Leader Biram Dah Abeid

A recording of the call is available here. Columbus, OH – In a sharp departure from prior administrations, Trump’s Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) has restarted deportations of long-term U.S. residents to Mauritania, despite the grave risk of arrest, slavery, and extortion they face.  This situation was recently highlighted in a major cover story in … Continue reading »

TUES PRESS CALL to Decry Deportations of Mauritanians Facing Slavery, Arrest of Internationally-Acclaimed Abolitionist Biram Dah Abeid

***MEDIA ADVISORY*** Tuesday, August 14 12:30pm eastern Dial in: 877-876-9173; Passcode: FREE Columbus, OH —  An article in The Atlantic is shining a spotlight on the Trump Administration’s efforts to ramp up deportations of long-settled U.S. residents from Mauritania, back to a country where they are likely to face arrest, torture, and slavery.  Danae King’s … Continue reading »

Women’s Refugee Commission Joins Ohio Legal and Pediatric Experts to Discuss the Southern Border Refugee Situation

A recording of the call is available here. Cleveland, OH – The Trump Administration’s manufactured “family separation” crisis at our nation’s southern border has captured headlines and outraged Americans in Ohio and nationwide.   On the same day that the government released updated numbers showing that its policies have not had the “deterrence effect” it … Continue reading »

Arrest of Anti-Slavery Leader in Mauritania Shows Danger Ohio Immigrants Face if Deported

Biram Dah Abeid Arrested by Government One Day After The Atlantic Runs Story About Black Mauritanians Facing Deportation, Fearing Slavery Columbus, OH —  Not much is known about the arrest of prominent anti-slavery leader Biram Dah Abeid in Mauritania yesterday, but this is not the first time he has seen the inside of a Mauritanian … Continue reading »

PRESS CALL: The Southern Border Refugee Situation, Explained

***MEDIA ADVISORY*** TODAY, August 8th 12:15pm ET DIAL IN: 877-876-9177 PASSCODE: “REFUGEE” PRESS CALL: The Southern Border Refugee Situation, Explained Dr. Robert Needlman, Ohio Attorneys, National Experts Unpack Policies, Impacts,  & Alternatives to Family Separation The Women’s Refugee Commission will join Ohio legal and health experts on a conference call with reporters today, at 12:15pm … Continue reading »

The Atlantic Cover Story, “How Trump Radicalized ICE,” Highlights Plight of Mauritanians in Columbus

“I came to America to be free.  This is not freedom.” The new cover story of The Atlantic is a must-read piece by Frank Foer,  “How Trump Radicalized ICE.” Making several trips to Columbus, Foer uses the example of Mauritanians, who fled ethnic cleansing for safety in the United States—and now face deportation under Trump—to … Continue reading »

Mom Arrested in Corso’s Raid, Released On Bond, Rearrested Hours Later

Tramonte: “Trump’s deportation force sees Anita Marin only as a statistic and a game piece, not a human being.  We cannot allow our government to treat our friends and neighbors this way.”       Cleveland, OH – Lorain County resident Anita Marin and her daughters have been living a nightmare that is growing more and more … Continue reading »

28 Reasons Why ICE is a Rogue Agency

Tramonte: “Not one state or local tax dollar should go toward deporting hardworking Ohioans” Cleveland, OH – In Columbus today, Earth First! and the American Indian Movement of Ohio as well as other leaders and community members disrupted “business as usual” at the Immigration and Customs Enforcement office. According to the news media, multiple people have … Continue reading »

58% Disapprove of Trump’s Immigration Record

58% Disapprove of Trump’s Immigration Record From Deportations, to Ending DACA, to Family Separations, Trump Administration Tries to “Make America Hate Again,” Americans Refuse Cleveland, OH — There are both practical and moral reasons why 58% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of immigration (see recent Quinnipiac and Washington Post polls). In a column and … Continue reading »

6000+ Ohioans Protested Family Separations, Raids, Deportations

Cleveland, OH – Last weekend, more than 6,000 Ohioans in sixteen cities across the state plus Washington, DC rallied to #KeepFamiliesTogether.  Rallies were held in 750 cities nationwide.   More than 60 people turned out in Ashland and 200 in Bowling Green, where Councilman Bruce Jeffers said “we’re interested in welcoming all people.”  Cleveland drew … Continue reading »

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