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Deportation Cases

Ahead of Her Release, Husband and Lawyer of DACA- Recipient Detained For Doing Her Job Discuss Latest Developments In Heartbreaking Case

A recording of today’s call is available here. This evening, ahead of the release of 28-year old DACA recipient Selene Saavedra Roman, who was held in an immigration detention center for nearly two months, Selene’s husband and lawyer provided the latest updates on her case.  Selene, a flight attendant for Mesa Airlines, was told by … Continue reading »

Families Don’t Stop Being Families After a Loved One is Deported

In Youngstown, Cincinnati, and Lorain, Fractured Families and Fractured Hearts Hope to One Day Reunite and Heal Youngstown, OH — Last night family, friends, employees, and strangers gathered at Circle Hookah and Bar in downtown Youngstown to show their continued support for Amer Adi Othman, owner of the hookah bar as well as the adjacent … Continue reading »

Because Groom was Latino, Republican Pennsylvania Judge Calls ICE on Couple She Was Supposed to Marry

A racist judge in Pennsylvania redefined judicial activism last week when she called ICE on a couple that she was supposed to be marrying, for no other reason than the color of the groom’s skin. Alexander Parker and Krisha Schmick were high school sweethearts who had been eagerly waiting to be married, but Judge Elizabeth … Continue reading »

Trump’s Deportation Force Jails DACA-Eligible Florida Man With Down Syndrome

The Florida Immigrant Coalition is reporting that during a recent raid in Fort Pierce, FL, Trump’s deportation agents arrested 28 workers and community members, including Juan Gaspar-García, a DACA-eligible Florida resident with diabetes and Down syndrome. As Gaspar-García’s sister, Dolores explained “My brother does not have the ability to understand certain situations without a proper … Continue reading »

Key Observers: The Trump Administration’s All-Out Assault on Immigrants and Refugees Reaches New Stages of Cruelty

Below, we present a series of assessments from leading experts highlighting elements of how the Trump Administration is going for broke in its efforts to deport immigrants, separate families, and turn its back on basic decency and core American values: Tom Jawetz Univision op-ed, “The Sessions Trap on Immigration” Jawetz, Vice President for Immigration Policy … Continue reading »

‘Aquí y Ahora’ subraya la tragedia que vive Pedro Hernández y su familia en Elyria, tras su deportación

Cleveland, OH — El cuerpo de Pedro Hernández vive en México, pero su corazón está en Elyria. El “gigante amable”, trabajador y hombre lleno de nobleza fue deportado y alejado de Seleste, su esposa estadounidense, y sus niños ciudadanos de este país en septiembre de 2017, debido a la política de deportación masiva del presidente … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Major National News Magazine “Aqui y Ahora” Highlights Ongoing Tragedy for Elyria Man, Family Following Deportation of Pedro Hernandez

Cleveland, OH — Pedro Hernandez’s body lives in Mexico, but his heart is in Elyria. The “gentle giant,” hardworking and kind man was deported away from his American wife, Seleste, and American children in September 2017, via President Trump’s mass deportation policy. Previously, Pedro qualified for a work permit under an exercise of prosecutorial discretion … Continue reading »

Las Vegas Mom Detained at Green Card Interview

Outrageously cruel treatment of American family, outrageous misuse of US tax dollars   Last week, Cecilia Gomez went to U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services in Las Vegas for a green card interview and never came out.  Instead, she was shoved against a desk by Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) agents and put on a bus to … Continue reading »

From Trump’s Political Police Force to Government Secrecy to Indecent and Inhumane Immigration Actions, The Smell of Neo-Fascism is in the Air

As America’s Voice Spanish-Language Media Advisor David Torres points out in his new column, the “smell of neo-fascism” is in the air, as the Trump Administration continues to radically change the way the U.S. Government operates in multiple arenas. Lynn Tramonte, Deportation Defense Coordinator for America’s Voice, said: “The Trump Administration is rapidly dismantling democratic norms … Continue reading »

Brutally Cruel Detention and Deportation Cases Under the Trump Administration

In the last year, Donald  Trump has directed his Administration to be more aggressive toward immigrants, unleashing the full force of the federal government to target and deport the undocumented, including those without criminal records. “No one is safe,” a recent TIME headline said. ICE deportation arrests soared 40 percent from the same period last … Continue reading »