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Sen. Ted Cruz Ignores Rio Grande Valley Residents (Again)

By declining to participate in CNN town hall in McAllen, Ted Cruz neglects border community who has asked for town hall before MCALLEN – As reported yesterday, Sen. Ted Cruz has declined an invitation from CNN to be a part of a town hall in which Rep. Beto O’Rourke has already agreed to in McAllen … Continue reading »

Texas Continues Seeing Spike in Voter Registrations on Deadline Day

El Paso and Hidalgo Counties, both along the border and majority Latino, have seen spike in voter registration On the last day to register to vote in Texas, counties throughout the state have been reporting an increased number of registered voters in comparison to previous election cycles. El Paso and Hidalgo Counties, respectively, have both … Continue reading »

ICYMI Texas Observer: Ted Cruz Campaign Becoming a “Fear Factory”

LINK to article here In a piece published today in the Texas Observer, Justin Miller details how Sen. Ted Cruz’s campaign for reelection has taken an ugly turn since Congressman Beto O’Rourke has narrowed the incumbent’s lead in the polls. Below is an excerpt from Justin Miller’s piece in the Texas Observer. Find the piece … Continue reading »

ICYMI Dallas Morning News Op-ed: Neglect Of Latino Voters Could Mean Lower Turnout

Texas has seen historic surge in registered voters ahead of midterms, but many Latinos still ignored by campaigns and parties AUSTIN, TX – In an op-ed published yesterday in the Dallas Morning News, Latino Decisions’ Senior Strategist and Advisor David Ayón pointed to recent polling they’ve conducted to show Latinos are tuned into what’s happening … Continue reading »

Voter Registration Numbers Are Up Weeks Ahead of Key Midterm Elections

Organizations and influencers from across the country came together for National Voter Registration Day and to engage young people in their country’s democracy Yesterday was National Voter Registration Day (NVRD), an annual celebration across the country, in which corporations, organizations, influencers and everyday Americans came together to register people to vote. As noted in our … Continue reading »

GOP’s Divide and Distract Strategy Launches Attack Ads in MO, ND, WV, IN, AZ, TX

Donald Trump, Stephen Miller, and the GOP have made their 2018 election strategy clear, with a cynical political game plan that seeks to use racialized smears against immigrants to divide Americans and distract from the issues that affect the lives of most voters. The plan was articulated by Stephen Miller to Breitbart months ago, and … Continue reading »

Lyin’ Ted Goes Racist in Latest Ad Against Immigrants

Cruz Part Of Cookie-Cutter National GOP Ad-Campaign Demonizing Immigrants AUSTIN, TX – Ted Cruz is running an inflammatory campaign ad that attempts to portray immigrants as violent criminals while pushing his anti-immigrant agenda. This is an update to another Cruz ad that first appeared this summer and is similar to other Republican ads this cycle … Continue reading »

ICYMI: Houston Chronicle Editorial, “The egg cannot be unscrambled: Save DACA now!”

Despite the best efforts of President Trump, Stephen Miller and Jeff Sessions, the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program still lives. A series of legal rulings allow renewals to continue, including the recent surprising ruling from the notorious anti-immigrant Judge Andrew Hanen. A strong editorial from Sunday’s Houston Chronicle takes stock of the DACA … Continue reading »

Latest Polling Shows Embattled Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton in Dead Heat in Bid For Reelection

According to recent polling, Texas Attorney General Ken Paxton is now in a dead heat in his bid for reelection. Saddled with legal troubles because of an indictment on securities fraud, Paxton led the recent lawsuit trying to force an immediate end to the DACA program, which was recently — and surprisingly — rebuffed by … Continue reading »

ICYMI: More Than 50 Immigrants Remain in Detention Following Workplace Raid in North Texas

Texas Tribune: those released on bond remain unsure of their future Austin, TX –   A week after an Immigration and Customs Enforcement workplace raid in North Texas detained more than 150 immigrants, nearly a third still remain in ICE custody while those released are now left to pick up the pieces from having lost their … Continue reading »

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