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Disambiguation: There are multiple pieces of legislation called SB 4 in Texas. SB 4 (2017) was about sanctuary cities, and you can read our explainer here. There was a Senate Bill 4 (the “Texas Travel Ban law”) from the legislature’s third special session, which took effect on February 6,... Continue »
El Paso, Texas — In contrast to much of the fear-mongering, purposeful chaos, and dehumanizing of immigrants in the news, El Paso faith and community leaders held a march for human dignity in downtown El Paso yesterday. Hundreds gathered in San Jacinto square and marched to Sacred Heart Church... Continue »
Today, hundreds of immigrants, advocates, and faith leaders from all over Texas came to El Paso for the March & Vigil for Human Dignity. Drummers and dancers joined Bishop Mark Seitz, Bishop Anthony Celino, and faith and community leaders from across the borderlands to make a statement against SB... Continue »
texas sb 4
Washington, D.C. — The following is a statement from David Leopold, legal advisor to America’s Voice and Immigration Group Leader at UB Greensfelder LLP, reacting to the legal whiplash surrounding the Texas immigration law (SB4) and the larger stakes: “The legal whiplash on display and related short-term implications shouldn’t... Continue »
texas sb 4
Vanessa Cárdenas: “Allowing the Texas ‘show me your papers’ law to proceed is an invitation to cruelty and chaos that threatens to violate the civil rights of both immigrant communities and U.S. citizens alike“ Washington, DC — The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s... Continue »
texas sb 4
Immigration continues to be front and center in Texas, where a GOP-appointed federal judge on Friday dismissed a lawsuit led by corrupt state Attorney General Ken Paxton that sought to block a successful program that allows Americans to sponsor Cuban, Haitian, Nicaraguan, and Venezuelan (CHNV) migrants that meet certain... Continue »
Texas Rep. Joaquin Castro’s guest to President Biden’s State of the Union address this week will be Priscilla Martinez, the widow of a North Texas rancher who was shot and killed by a neighbor last year. Despite the aggressor having previously expressed anti-Latino animus, local authorities have filed no... Continue »
This week, the Supreme Court temporarily delayed the implementation of Texas’s S.B.4, the extreme “show me your papers” law that empowers every law enforcement officer to question the citizenship of any Texas resident and detain them. While a sound-minded federal judge initially blocked the law, that hold was lifted... Continue »
Washington, DC — Immigration and border issues have been front and center in the news recently, especially an array of developments and events in Texas yesterday. Below find our take on three key developments – our read on the importance of the preliminary injunction against Texas’s SB4 and its... Continue »
In a major win for legal advocates and Texas communities, a federal judge in Austin has temporarily halted S.B. 4, the “show me your papers” law that, if implemented, would empower every law enforcement officer to question the citizenship of any Texas resident and detain them. The law, which... Continue »