A recent arrest by federal law enforcement officials highlights the continued danger around the mainstreaming of white supremacist ideology, particularly in the state of Texas, which was already the site of a hate-related terror attack in 2019 and what appears to be a mass murder steeped in white supremacist... Continue »
To access recording of today’s call, click HERE Washington DC – Earlier today immigrant rights groups spoke out against H.B. 7 and H.B. 800, extreme anti-immigrant bills that could establish Texas’s own border patrol unit, increase criminal penalties for anyone who transports undocumented people near border areas, and fund a... Continue »
Communities across Texas are remembering the eight migrants who were horrifically killed after they were hit by a speeding driver in Brownsville on Sunday. The victims had been waiting at a bus stop outside a local shelter that serves migrants and unhoused people when they were hit by the... Continue »
Republicans in Congress do have an immigration plan — but it’s not designed to address the issues of providing a safe process at the border or our immigrant neighbors. No, it’s a political agenda. And, their plan is to nationalize the anti-immigrant hostilities being leveled at local communities by... Continue »
Texas Senator Ted Cruz has been among the loudest — and worst — of anti-immigrant demagogues. He’s more than suggested the Biden administration is to blame for smuggling incidents, just this month tweeting that “he cartel human trafficking business is exploding.” Further inflammatory remarks have been false claims that... Continue »
This month marks one year since Texas Republican Governor Greg Abbott launched a costly and inhumane stunt busing what would eventually number thousands of newly-arrived migrants processed and released by U.S. immigration officials. Abbott initially targeted Washington, D.C., then expanded his cruelty to Chicago, New York City, Philadelphia and... Continue »
On March 10, 2023, Texas state Rep. Matt Schaefer, a Republican from Tyler, introduced HB20, a piece of legislation that would give Texas Governor Greg Abbott unprecedented power and would further militarize border communities. It is moving through the Texas legislature now. HB20 would create a separate unit within... Continue »
Looking to provide the fuel for the anti-immigrant judicial pipeline, the Republican Attorney General candidates in Texas, Arizona, and Kansas could shape national immigration policy for the worse.    Ken Paxton (R-TX), Kris Kobach (R-KS), and Abe Hamadeh (R-AZ) are putting nativism at the forefront of their campaigns, but... Continue »
Washington, DC – Sen. John Cornyn’s comments on border security and immigration this week are completely consistent with his brand and fit into what we at America’s Voice call the “Cornyn Con.” The senior Texas Senator goes to great lengths to sound reasonable on immigration and border issues –... Continue »
New America’s Voice Report Explores Texas GOP’s Dangerous Embrace of Nativist Ideas and Rhetoric Washington, DC – In a new analysis posted to the America’s Voice website, America’s Voice Senior Political Manager Zachary Mueller highlights how Texas Republican elected officials and candidates “have recently turbo-charged their embrace of ‘replacement... Continue »