The following is a statement from Pili Tobar, Managing Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the news and implications of yesterday’s Capitol Hill “Queen of the Hill” press conference about Dreamer legislation: “Are the Republican moderates behind the Queen of the Hill push posturing and looking for political cover? Or are... Continue »
The Florida Immigrant Coalition is reporting that during a recent raid in Fort Pierce, FL, Trump’s deportation agents arrested 28 workers and community members, including Juan Gaspar-García, a DACA-eligible Florida resident with diabetes and Down syndrome. As Gaspar-García’s sister, Dolores explained “My brother does not have the ability to... Continue »
“Living in the Shadows” Depicts One Family’s Story, Fears, and Hopes in Comic-Strip Form Cincinnati, OH — Political cartoonist Kevin Necessary of WCPO in Cincinnati just published a ground-breaking comic-strip series about the life of a local “mixed status” American family. “Living in the Shadows” is an illustrated story, in three... Continue »
Key Observers Agree: Trump Killed DACA, Torpedoed Solutions and Sounds “Divorced from Reality” Across the nation, key observers are highlighting how and why President Trump’s laughable attempts to blame Democrats for the demise of DACA is falling flat. Moreover, Trump’s decision to end DACA and torpedo every attempt at... Continue »
Austin, TX – In a series of Twitter rants over the weekend, President Trump noted again that a DACA deal will not be happening as he continues to hold DACA-recipients hostage to his anti-immigrant agenda. As noted by Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur today, “A sizable majority of Americans, especially Democrats... Continue »
The political downside of Trump’s latest anti-immigrant screeds President Trump has been tweeting and trash-talking immigrants in what Greg Sargent of the Washington Post correctly characterized as a “jumble of lies and incoherence.” It’s not too early to ask, however: how will Trump’s war on immigrants and basic decency will play... Continue »
Donald Trump took the political world for a spin last Friday when he tweeted a threat to veto the omnibus bill that Congress had just passed. In his tweet, Trump pretended that the veto threat was about DACA — even though Trump and Congressional Republicans have refused to embrace... Continue »
Donald Trump took the political world for a spin last week when he tweeted a threat to veto the omnibus bill that Congress passed, just hours before a government shutdown that would have begun Friday at midnight. In his tweet, Trump pretended that the veto threat was about DACA —... Continue »
The continued failure to deliver for Dreamers, on an issue that 80-plus percent of the public supports, is a damning indictment of Washington’s dysfunction and misplaced priorities and a testament to why change is needed in November. While the courts’ injunction has provided a temporary reprieve and continued protections for... Continue »
In new piece, Daily Kos’ Gabe Ortiz profiles Juan Escalante, DACA-recipient; America’s Voice Communications Manager; and “the Persistent Dreamer.” Throughout the exclusive interview, Escalante recounts his family’s immigration story, his debut in the fight for immigrants’ rights, and the current state-of-play: “Am I worried? A bit, but then again... Continue »