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Trump’s DACA Rant Could Spell Trouble for Texas Republicans

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Austin, TX – In a series of Twitter rants over the weekend, President Trump noted again that a DACA deal will not be happening as he continues to hold DACA-recipients hostage to his anti-immigrant agenda.

As noted by Bloomberg’s Sahil Kapur today, “A sizable majority of Americans, especially Democrats and independents, support giving legal status to Dreamers, opinion polls have shown. The topic resonates especially in California, Arizona, Texas, Florida and Nevada — states with large Hispanic populations where Democrats are seeking to chip away at the Republican majorities in the House and Senate.”

Mario Carrillo, Director of America’s Voice Texas, said:

In Texas, along with the Senate race that will likely be closer than Sen. Ted Cruz would like, there are House seats in districts with large populations of Latinos who for them, DACA isn’t an abstract policy issue, but something that affects thousands of people in their community.

And for Latinos and immigrants in Texas, it’s no secret who has left DACA-recipients out in the cold and uncertain of their future: President Trump. It’s President Trump who ended the DACA program and it’s a Republican-controlled Senate and House that refused to address the issue, and has now left thousands of Dreamers under the fear of being left without status and under threat of deportation.

America’s Voice Texas will be working to empower communities throughout the state, ensuring that they’re able to register to vote and able to ensure that young immigrants and their families are protected and able to further contribute to the state they call home.