dream act
Senators Dick Durbin (D-IL) and Lindsey Graham (R-SC) are set to unveil a bipartisan version of the Dream Act, legislation to provide a road to citizenship for nearly 2 million Dreamers who are Americans in all but paperwork. The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of... Continue »
On Tuesday (2/2) President Biden signed three new executive orders on immigration. These three EOs are in addition to the six executive orders, two DHS memos, and the sweeping legislative proposal announced on day one. These policies are a step towards unwinding the cruelty and chaos of the Trump... Continue »
America’s Voice   Americans Need Decisive Action on COVID-19. GOP Response: A Political Stunt. New Dream Act Bill An Important First Step and a Moment of Truth for GOP Senators Immigration Advocacy Groups Comment on Biden’s New Immigration Orders English Washington Post (Opinion) A big move on ‘dreamers’ will... Continue »
After four years of intense, sadistic, and systematic attacks on immigrant communities of color, the winds are beginning to blow their way, not only through acts and words of goodwill but now, above all, with concrete steps at the highest level. What political irony the United States is living... Continue »
“President Trump’s animus towards all immigrants is perhaps only surpassed by his particular animus towards Black migrants.”    Amid the mostly positive news from the Biden Administration regarding immigration, the deportation of Black migrants stands out as an immediate area where White House intervention is needed. ICE continues to... Continue »
America’s Voice   Anti-Blackness in Immigration: Team Biden Must Address It English New York Times Biden Issues Orders to Dismantle Trump’s ‘America First’ Immigration Agenda By Michael D. Shear and Zolan Kanno-Youngs February 02, 2021 News & Observer Biden takes steps on immigration. Reversing Trump policies won’t ‘happen overnight’... Continue »
Luego de cuatro años de intensos, sádicos y sistemáticos ataques en contra de comunidades inmigrantes de color, los vientos empiezan a soplar a su favor, ya no solo con actos y palabras de buena voluntad, sino ahora sobre todo con pasos concretos desde el ámbito oficial. Vaya ironía política... Continue »
Es vital la reunificación de familias separadas por la inmoralidad del gobierno de Trump   El presidente Biden firmó tres nuevas Órdenes Ejecutivas en inmigración. Estas se suman a otras seis, dos memos del DHS y una amplia propuesta legislativa anunciada desde el día uno de su gobierno. Abajo... Continue »
Reuniting Families Ripped Apart by Trump’s Depravity is Vital This afternoon President Biden will sign three new Executive Orders on immigration. These three EOs are in addition to the six executive orders, two DHS memos, and the sweeping legislative proposal announced on day one. Below are four key points... Continue »
America’s Voice   Cuatro puntos clave de las Órdenes Ejecutivas de Biden sobre inmigración Four Key Points on Biden’s Immigration Executive Orders English USA Today A pardon for ‘Dreamers’? Some activists tout amnesty for undocumented immigrants if Congress doesn’t act By Dennis Wagner February 02, 2021 Associated Press Biden... Continue »