This week marks the 12th anniversary of DACA, the executive action that President Obama announced in 2012 allowing immigrant youth to legally work and stay in the US without fear of deportation. A lot has happened with DACA since then — after Donald Trump tried to end the program... Continue »
Rosa Elena Sánchez says that she and her husband Everk “were meant to be together.” But without action from the Biden administration, their life together is uncertain. Their story is featured in a new digital ad highlighting the urgent need for the president to act on relief for... Continue »
anti-immigrant militias detain immigrants
Washington, DC – Below is a column by Maribel Hastings from America’s Voice en Español translated to English from Spanish. It ran in several Spanish-language media outlets earlier this week: Following an executive order issued by President Joe Biden to close the border to asylum seekers after daily unauthorized... Continue »
Washington, DC — Alongside ongoing analysis and attention to the details and implications of yesterday’s executive order focused on the border and asylum seekers, some observers are calling on the Biden administration to now move beyond the focus on the border and asylum to address the full range of... Continue »
Vanessa Cárdenas: “We hope and expect the Biden Administration will follow today’s announcement with affirmative relief measures” Washington, DC — Numerous press reports are highlighting the details of the expected border and asylum executive order set to be announced by the Biden administration later today. The following is a... Continue »
Washington, DC — As the Wall Street Journal and Reuters highlight, the Biden administration is exploring executive actions to grant legal status and work permits to some long-settled undocumented immigrants, including those married to American citizens. The momentum behind this affirmative policy vision is driven by American families facing... Continue »
Washington, DC — As more details emerge following the horrifying collapse of the Key Bridge, we’ve seen that migrant workers are at the center of this story and, in many ways, provide an opportunity to redefine our broader conversation on immigration. In such a fractured and politically acrimonious environment,... Continue »
White House
Washington, DC — The following is a statement from Vanessa Cárdenas, Executive Director of America’s Voice, reacting to the rumors of Biden administration executive actions on border and asylum:  “The Biden administration seems to be learning some of the wrong immigration policy and political lessons from recent months if... Continue »
On Tuesday (2/2) President Biden signed three new executive orders on immigration. These three EOs are in addition to the six executive orders, two DHS memos, and the sweeping legislative proposal announced on day one. These policies are a step towards unwinding the cruelty and chaos of the Trump... Continue »
“President Trump’s animus towards all immigrants is perhaps only surpassed by his particular animus towards Black migrants.”    Amid the mostly positive news from the Biden Administration regarding immigration, the deportation of Black migrants stands out as an immediate area where White House intervention is needed. ICE continues to... Continue »