Far too many politicians, pundits, and online commentators with massive audiences are peddling bigoted conspiracies about a plot by elites to use non-white immigrants to undermine our democracy with masses of fraudulent votes and dilute the voting power of “real” Americans. This conspiracy is a version of replacement theory... Continue »
El Paso, Texas — In contrast to much of the fear-mongering, purposeful chaos, and dehumanizing of immigrants in the news, El Paso faith and community leaders held a march for human dignity in downtown El Paso yesterday. Hundreds gathered in San Jacinto square and marched to Sacred Heart Church... Continue »
While elected officials in New York  blame immigrants and asylum seekers for budget cuts and economically-strained communities, the facts continue to show that immigrants, including asylum seekers, actually strengthen New York’s economy. From filling open jobs to paying billions in taxes to bringing in billions of dollars in income,... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 8.25.23 Mucha retórica antiinmigrante sin soluciones sensatas en el primer debate republicano En Texas se conduce el juicio por el futuro del permiso humanitario para cubanos, haitianos, nicaragüenses y venezolanos (CHNV) Reporte de FWD.us detalla beneficios económicos y demográficos de la... Continue »
America’s Voice · La Semana En Inmigración – 8.18.23 Investigan muerte de niña migrante de 3 años Señalan al gobernador de Texas, Greg Abbott, por separar familias en la frontera y porque sus boyas invaden territorio mexicano Informe detalla serias irregularidades en los centros de detención de ICE Estudio... Continue »
Statement by Douglas Rivlin of America’s Voice   Washington, DC – The following is a statement from Douglas Rivlin, Director of Communication for America’s Voice, ahead of Florida’s S.B. 1718 immigration bill – pushed through by Gov. Ron DeSantis – set to go into effect on July 1: “Ron... Continue »
Washington, DC – Today, the Biden Administration announced plans to extend Temporary Protected Status (TPS) for current TPS holders from El Salvador, Honduras, Nepal and Nicaragua for 18 months. However, the administration is not redesignating or expanding eligibility for TPS beyond existing recipients from these four countries covered in... Continue »
Like the draconian anti-immigrant laws of the past, DeSantis’ show-me-your-papers law already starting to backfire. Florida Governor Ron DeSantis got tons of press coverage yesterday when reporters cut and pasted his latest anti-immigrant stunt press release about “deploying assets” to help a fellow anti-immigrant governor in Texas. DeSantis, who... Continue »
Week of May 1, 2023 THREE OPPOSITION MESSAGES FROM THE WEEK H.R. 2 – dressing up nativist fundraising as legislation: After over 12 congressional hearings, consolidating multiple bills, and tens of millions spent on political promises, the House majority dropped their plan for the border, and they have again... Continue »
May 2023 With immigration and border policies prominent in the news, the role of Republicans in forging and maintaining our broken system is essential to understand: On 10-year anniversary of immigration reform bill Republicans killed, we are still paying a price for GOP obstruction and subsequent blocking of the... Continue »