Donald Trump was the most anti-immigrant president in modern history who used his time in office to enact cruel and inhumane policies. In 2020, our multiracial, multiethnic, multigenerational majority chose a new America. As we prepare for a new administration and era in American politics, many immigrants and advocates took to social media to express… Continue »

A continuación compartimos una reflexión de Frank Sharry, Director Ejecutivo de America’s Voice. ¿Por qué el próximo gobierno Biden-Harris se apoya en la inmigración? Porque lo que parecía inamovible ha cambiado, creando una opción más favorable que nunca para la política migratoria. Los factores clave de este cambio: 1) El nativismo de Trump resultó contraproducente… Continue »

“Trump’s immigration actions and rhetoric comes with a demonstrated body count”   Ahead of Donald Trump’s scheduled trip to the border in Alamo, Texas on Tuesday, the following is a statement from Mario Carrillo, the Texas-based Campaign Manager for America’s Voice:  It’s a dark and fitting end to the Trump presidency that Trump will visit the… Continue »

“The Biden Effect?” Puleeze. The issue is the Trump Trauma inflicted on all of us.   Yesterday, White House advisor Stephen Miller appeared on Fox News to attack our democracy. He peddled Trump’s election fraud lies and predicted Trump would be declared the rightful winner of the 2020 presidential election.  He was rightly mocked in… Continue »

Throughout the pandemic, undocumented workers have borne a terrible price – serving in essential jobs as farmworkers, food processors, and healthcare workers, while being disproportionately affected by COVID and left out of economic recovery. Today, an array of observers offer reminders for why including undocumented workers in our nation’s recovery – most notably through a… Continue »

Must read by WaPo’s Greg Sargent on why Arizona going blue is a big deal Yesterday, Arizona officially certified that Joe Biden won the state. Tomorrow, Democrat Mark Kelly will be sworn in as the new U.S. Senator for Arizona. These developments reflect one of the most consequential trends in recent election cycles: the political… Continue »

Follow for full data in Georgia and nationally   Washington, DC —The 2020 American Election Eve Poll has released results for African American and Latino voters in Georgia. Full results available at with select Georgia findings below: 2020 American Election Eve Poll: who did you vote for in the presidential election (Georgia)? African… Continue »

Trump’s naked appeals to white grievance on race and immigration may excite his core supporters, but the backlash effect is even stronger. Need evidence? A confident Joe Biden is advertising on family separation. Democrats down ballot have staked out pro-immigrant policy positions. Trump and Republican attacks are falling flat. A pro-immigrant multiracial majority is emerging.  … Continue »

Mientras Donald Trump busca su reelección en la lucha ante el demócrata Joe Biden, la pregunta, al igual que en el ciclo 2016, es por qué un porcentaje de latinos sigue apoyando a un presidente que ha ofendido a la comunidad latina con retórica y política pública; que le guiña el ojo a supremacistas blancos;… Continue »

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