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Border Wall

New Poll Reveals Majority of Voters in Southern Border States Disapprove of Trump’s Border Policies

Voters have a ‘crisis of confidence’ in Trump’s approach to border, immigration A recording of the call is available here. To read the report, click here Earlier today, immigration experts and advocates from across the southern border gathered on a press call to discuss the findings of a new poll by the U.S. Immigration Policy … Continue reading »

Fact Checkers Agree: Trump a Failure on Immigration and a Liar on Immigration Ad Claims

Last week, we fact checked the Trump re-election campaign’s television ad lie that he has “cut illegal immigration in half.” As we noted, the ad compares the Trump record to the Trump record (comparing May 2019 numbers to September 2019 numbers), while relying on the less-than-neutral arbiters of Fox News and Trump acolyte and nativist … Continue reading »

Cutting a Hole in Trump’s Border Wall a Perfect Reminder of its Offensive, Wasteful, and Ineffective Nature

Trump’s political obsession over building the border wall has led to one government shutdown and threatens another. The wall idea itself, borne out of a memory trick to remind candidate Trump to incite his followers in a racist rallying cry, is an offensive waste of money and obviously ill-equipped and ineffective as a serious policy … Continue reading »

The Price of Admission to Support Trump’s Failing Wall Fiasco: Private Land Being Seized; Money Diverted from Military Projects; Wall Not Being Built

Republicans Ignore Constitution and Big Government Concerns to Stand with Trump A Washington Post story by Nick Miroff and Arelis Hernandez, “Trump administration has acquired little of the private land in Texas it needs for border barrier,” reminds us that despite Trump’s border wall obsessions and the related enabling by congressional Republicans, the administration hasn’t … Continue reading »

As Trump Betrays Our Values and the Constitution, Federal Courts Stand Up for Both. Will the Supreme Court?

Courts deal multiple blows to Trump’s ‘policy of exclusion in search of a justification. As Trump’s unilateralism and nativism go into overdrive, a series of court rulings offer a reminder why the judicial branch is an essential backstop for a different vision of the country. Since last Friday, five federal courts have ruled against the … Continue reading »

Ads Target Senators Over #FakeTrumpEmergency Diverting Funds From States to Border Wall, Ahead of Wednesday’s Senate Vote

Republicans Senators will be targeted from Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Georgia, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Louisiana, Mississippi, North Carolina, Oklahoma, South Carolina, Texas and Wisconsin As the U.S. Senate prepares to vote on Wednesday on a measure to revoke President Trump’s national emergency declaration, America’s Voice today launched a series of online ads to hold … Continue reading »

What is Trump’s National Emergency? And Why is it Taking Billions Away from Our States?

Originally published January 8, 2019; last updated September 22, 2019 *** IF YOU OPPOSE TRUMP’S BORDER WALL, CALL YOUR MEMBERS OF CONGRESS AT (202) 224-3121 AND TELL THEM NO WALL *** In February, Donald Trump declared a national emergency in order to appropriate money for his border wall. This national emergency is now allowing him to … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Planning to Strip Billions More in Military Funding For Trump’s 2020 Wall

In a new piece for the Washington Post, Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey report on the Trump administration’s latest plan to divert more than $18 billion in military funding to pay for 500 miles in border wall by the 2020 elections. The report comes only weeks after the administration stripped $3.6 billion from 127 approved … Continue reading »

Trump: Who is Going to Pay for the Wall? European Allies are Going to Pay for the Wall! 

Just the Latest Outrageous Idea of How A “Lawless President Funds His Wall” In response to the public outrage that the Trump administration is raiding $3.6 billion from 127 military construction projects for the sake of a campaign promise, the administration is now proposing that Europe picks up the tab. No, not the Onion. As … Continue reading »