In an editorial board interview with the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, Cornyn says he broke with Trump on the border wall, but kept opposition private. Of course, Cornyn’s voting record and public statements show the exact opposite, and this willful misrepresentation of his own actual immigration record is classic Cornyn cowardice in his inability to stand up to Trump.… Continue »

Senator John Cornyn is facing a tough re-election fight against Democratic challenger M.J. Hegar ahead of tonight’s Senate debate. Polls show the diversifying Texas electorate holds overwhelmingly pro-Dreamer and pro-citizenship sentiments and Senator Cornyn’s hypocrisy and failures on immigration have been a recent focus of the race. Here are four key immigration questions for Senator… Continue »

“Trump can’t paint over failure:” His relentless border wall obsession fits alongside the balcony and bible photo-ops  CNN reports that President Trump is pushing for 82 miles of the border wall in Texas to be painted black, at the cost of “an extra $1 million per mile.” The article adds, “During an Oval Office meeting… Continue »

Frank Sharry: “The border wall epitomizes Trump’s presidency: built on racism, corruption, lies, scandal and incompetence, it’s falling apart before our very eyes.” “60 Minutes” ran a story on the border wall last night that featured bombshell revelations:  “Three former administration officials tell 60 Minutes that President Trump quote ‘pressured” government officials to direct wall… Continue »

New engineering report finds border wall will fail, a reminder that it epitomizes  Trump’s presidency We have long characterized President Trump’s border wall obsession as the perfect encapsulation of his presidency – failing, corrupt, narcissistic, offensive, and unpopular. The recent charges against Steve Bannon and other leaders of the ‘We Build the Wall’ fundraising campaign… Continue »

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to Steve Bannon and leaders of the ‘We Build the Wall’ fundraising campaign being charged with defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors in a multi-state criminal conspiracy. This is a story that captures the era.  The President’s men have been… Continue »

The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, in response to President Trump’s speech in Yuma, Arizona today, in which he accused Joe Biden of being a radical on immigration. “The vast majority of Americans believe in a commonsense approach to immigration. It starts with creating a roadmap to citizenship… Continue »

Trump heads to Arizona; Schumer heads to New York harbor Today, Donald Trump heads to Arizona to hug his border wall. Tonight, Chuck Schumer delivers his convention speech in front of the Statue of Liberty.  Trump will demonize immigrants, claim inaccurately that his wall saved us from the pandemic, and thrill his shrinking core of… Continue »

A recording of the call is available here Earlier today, immigration justice advocates gathered on a press call to speak on their experiences as border residents and landowners fighting the administration’s attempts to take over the land and build its infamous wall. In the middle of a nation gripped by multiple crises including uprisings against… Continue »

Trump’s Handpicked Contractor – a Donor and Fox News Regular – Builds Privately-funded Section of the Border that is About to Come Tumbling Down President Trump loves to talk about his border wall. These days he talks more about his border wall than he talks about the coronavirus pandemic that has taken 135,000 lives. He… Continue »