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Border Wall

WaPo Reveals Trump Cronyism to Build Border Wall

Not Only Unpopular, Ineffective, and Offensive, But Another Example of Taxpayers Footing Bill for Trump Failure As the Washington Post’s Nick Miroff and Josh Dawsey reported last night, Trump’s border wall is apparently no longer just a vanity project but also a corruption scheme:  “Trump has personally and repeatedly urged the head of the U.S. … Continue reading »

As Evidence of Border Failures Mount, Trump Again Raids Military Funding for Border Wall Construction

Last week, we highlighted how the latest DHS monthly numbers offered stark reminders how Trump’s border policies had dramatically worsened the humanitarian and refugee crisis. We also noted that Trump’s refusal to adjust course or admit that more deterrence-only approaches are doomed-to-fail and will make the current situation all the worse. Today, we see more … Continue reading »

WaPo: “Trump wants ‘toughness’ to deter migration, but physical measures keep failing”

In a new piece for the Washington Post, Nick Miroff, Maria Sacchetti and Josh Dawsey recount the failures of Trump’s border policies. They point out that the President seems more interested in his burnishing his “tough guy” brand than in proposing pragmatic solutions. From the piece: “Gil Kerlikowske, CBP commissioner from 2014 to 2017 under … Continue reading »

Before the wall of ultra-nationalism

During the last two-plus years we have witnessed a marked deterioration of the American spirit that used to be more supportive, and with which they presumed before the concert of nations to be a country of inclusion. This without betraying constitutional principles, of course, but always being open to the possibility of hope, and becoming —in … Continue reading »

During Texas Visit, Will Trump Do Victory Lap for His Border Wall Land-Grab?

Will he repeat his threats of shutting down the U.S./Mexico border which will have devastating consequences for Texans? Austin, TX – Today, President Trump will visit Texas, with stops in San Antonio and Houston to discuss energy and infrastructure and attend fundraisers in a state that will very likely be in contention during the 2020 … Continue reading »

Of Course Trump is Going to Shut Down the Border

He’s Not Interested in Good Policy; He’s Only Interested in 2020 Politics Below is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice. Mitch McConnell (R-KY) is against it. Businesses across the country and in Texas are against it. Farmers are against it, too. White House staff are scrambling to derail or at least … Continue reading »

ICYMI: “Emboldened Trump hopes a cruel border crisis will get him reelected in 2020”

“I’m old enough to remember when presidents ran for reelection on creating jobs, not on creating chaos.” – Will Bunch In a new must read piece in the Philadelphia Inquirer, columnist Will Bunch assesses the cynical political motivations that help explain the Trump administration’s actions and failures at the border. Bunch’s piece comes as the … Continue reading »

Trump Policy at the Border is a Failure. Instead of an Ineffectual Onenote Strategy of Deterrence, It’s Time for a Workable Multi-pronged Strategy

As NBC News reports, the recent numbers of daily border apprehensions are reaching the highest levels of the Trump administration and are approaching levels last seen in 2006. As a result, the Trump administration is screaming “crisis,” blaming Congress, and demanding a border wall. No, it’s not a security crisis, but rather a humanitarian crisis … Continue reading »

House Republicans Choose To Prop Up President’s Border Wall, But the Costs and Consequences Are Mounting

Yesterday, only 14 House Republicans voted to side with the Constitution and support a resolution blocking Trump’s emergency declaration power grab – a depressing indictment of GOP priorities, but not unexpected given the extent to which the GOP is now a wholly owned subsidiary of Trump. Meanwhile, evidence continues to mount about the high costs … Continue reading »

Trump Administration Border Policy is a Failure

“The Administration wants a blank check from the Congress to address the border, but their incompetence and their laserlike focus on the wrong strategies – especially the President’s border wall – are just exacerbating problems and fomenting chaos,” Pili Tobar For the past several weeks, the Trump Administration has been engaged in a public relations … Continue reading »