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Border Wall

Immigration 101: Why the Border Wall is a Terrible Idea

The day after Trump said he was open to a path to citizenship for Dreamers, the Trump Administration proposed immigration legislation that asked Dreamers to make an unacceptable trade. In return for protections for immigrant youth, the Trump Administration is demanding drastic cuts to family-based migration and the cancellation of the diversity visa lottery program … Continue reading »

The Real Casualties of a Border Wall

A recording of today’s call is available here As Trump prepares to pitch his hardline, nativist immigration proposals at the State of the Union – including his border wall – communities across the southern border are standing firm against policies that would protect Dreamers while hurting people, commerce and the environment. Experts, elected officials and Border … Continue reading »

New York Times Report: Trump’s Border Wall Would Come at Direct Expense of Actual Border Security

Trump Ready to Shut Down Government Over $18 Billion Wall Ahead of today’s White House meeting on immigration, President Trump seems to be closing in on a demand to shut down the federal government unless they get $33 billion in border militarization funding, including $18 billion for Trump’s border wall. But as an important new … Continue reading »

Frank Sharry Reacts to White House Demand for $33 Billion for Wasteful Border Wall and Unneeded Border Patrol Agents

“President Trump Has to Choose.” In response to the Trump Administration’s demand for billions more for a border wall and extra agents, Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, issued this statement: Today’s move by President Trump to insist on billions for a stupid border wall comes at a delicate moment in the negotiations to produce a … Continue reading »

Rep. O’Rourke and Rep. Gallego Introduce Legislation To Protect Landowners from Trump’s Wall

For a recording of today’s call, click here. WASHINGTON – Representatives Beto O’Rourke (TX-16) and Ruben Gallego (AZ-07) held a press call this afternoon to discuss the details of their new legislation that would prevent the Trump-Pence Administration from poaching private land in order to build their irrational and illogical wall. The Protecting the Property Rights … Continue reading »

Going for Broke: After a Week of Dismal Failures, Trump Administration and Cohorts Try to Change Subject By Lashing Out At Immigrants

The Trump Administration and its hardline anti-immigrant allies are taking their assault against immigrants to disturbing new heights. As we noted yesterday, we are in dangerous times, as a presidency under siege is lashing out against immigrants with new venom. From new details of the Administration’s immigration enforcement agenda to the renewed push to end DACA … Continue reading »

AVEF Responds to Sneak Attempt to Enact $1.6 Billion Funding for Costly and Unnecessary Border Wall

The Republican-controlled House of Representatives reportedly plans to sneak $1.6 billion in funding for Trump’s border wall into a “minibus” spending package this afternoon. According to Politico’s Ted Hesson: Why in a rule? Why not just amend the bill once it’s on the floor? Probably because the wall doesn’t have enough Republican support to pass there. This … Continue reading »

Rep. Gallego Joins Environment and Immigration Experts to Condemn House Sneaking in Vote for Wasteful $1.6B Border Wall

A recording of today’s event is available here. In an unusual procedural move, House Republicans will add $1.6 billion in border wall funding to a “minibus” bill that includes funding for the Defense Department and other agencies including the Department of Veterans Affairs. A vote on the package is expected mid-week. On a press call today, … Continue reading »

Trump’s Ego-Driven Insistence on Border Wall Funding is Hitting a Wall of Opposition: Democrats, the Public and Border State Republicans

What could go wrong? To what lengths will Donald Trump go to fulfill his considerable ego needs? Will he shut down the government unless he gets his way on border wall funding? These are the central questions this week, as Congress returns after recess to face the prospect of a government shutdown fight. Donald Trump … Continue reading »

ICYMI: NY Times Editorials Blast “Extreme Foolishness” of Trump’s Extreme Vetting and Border Wall Proposals

New York Times editorials from today and this past weekend blast two of the administration’s signature policy proposals: Trump’s extreme vetting proposal for foreign visitors to the U.S., and the wall that Trump promises to build at the U.S.-Mexico border. While the Times is referring to the border wall when it writes “[it is] an idiotic … Continue reading »

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