No other governor in the nation has carried out a more cruel, ineffective, and wildly expensive anti-immigrant agenda than Texas Republican Greg Abbott. Across the country, Republicans as part of their downward trajectory on immigration, have proposed or implemented dehumanizing, dangerous, and wasteful policies attacking migrants, including those seeking... Continue »
Meanwhile, Kobach is Stonewalling any Comment on His Legal Vulnerability Two associates of Republican Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach were sentenced to prison this week for their roles in defrauding hundreds of thousands of donors who had contributed to their cockamamie “We Build The Wall” project, a $25 million... Continue »
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As March 1 primary approaches, dangerous “Invasion” rhetoric has been a central message of GOP elected officials and candidates Washington, DC – In shocking comments yesterday, former President Trump commended Russian President Vladimir Putin’s increased escalation in Ukraine, which includes the deployment of “peacekeeping” Russian troops in two regions... Continue »
Rick Scott blueprint captures ugly GOP motivations, whitewashing of Trump’s failed war on immigrants Washington, DC – A new political blueprint from Senator Rick Scott (R-FL), the chair of the National Republican Senatorial Committee (NRSC), outlines Republicans’ election messaging for 2022. Among the sections of the “11 Point Plan... Continue »
“We cannot sit back and watch another Democratic administration blow it on immigration.” Washington, DC – According to Bloomberg Government, Assistant Democratic Senate Leader Patty Murray (D-WA) is “as committed as ever” to seeing immigration reform move forward as part of the Build Back Better reconciliation bill currently stalled... Continue »
Must-Read New Yorker Article by Jonathan Blitzer featuring Andrea Flores Washington, DC – A must-read article in the New Yorker, by longtime immigration chronicler Jonathan Blitzer, tells the story of the Biden Administration’s disappointing first year on immigration and border measures through the lens of former White House National... Continue »
Cutting through the lie at heart of the GOP attack strategy Washington, DC – Even before President Biden took office, Republicans and rightwing media allies began engaging in an ongoing attack on what they call the “open borders” policies of Biden.   For example, see former Acting ICE Director Tom... Continue »
Must-read Catherine Rampell column on the Biden immigration and border record after one year Washington, DC – A must-read column from the Washington Post’s Catherine Rampell, “A year into his presidency, Biden has kept some of Trump’s worst immigration policies in place. Why?” captures the dispiriting reality of the... Continue »
Originally published from #WelcomeWithDignity   FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: December 2, 2021 CONTACT:   #WelcomeWithDignity Denounces Biden Administration’s Expansion of MPP, Calls for this Unlawful and Cruel Policy to be Ended Once and For All   Washington — Today the Biden administration announced it will restart and expand the implementation of the... Continue »
Instead of copying his predecessor, President Biden must end betrayals of what he promised would be humane immigration policies Karen Musalo, Professor of Law and Director of the Center for Gender & Refugee Studies at the University of California, Hastings, pens a powerful op-ed in the LA Times calling... Continue »