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Border Wall

A Study in Contrasts: Governor Jay Inslee Steps Up and Forges Statewide Unity; Trump Deflects, Divides and Distracts

Trump and Allies Escalate “Blame the Immigrants” Strategy to Cover for Their Mismanagement of the Coronavirus Crisis Washington Governor Jay Inslee appeared on MSNBC’s Rachel Maddow show last night to discuss the state’s ongoing response to coronavirus. He embodies the kind of leadership needed to navigate the outbreak of the coronavirus: let’s pull together, we … Continue reading »

Will Trump’s Border Wall Obsession Be a Political Liability?

After Defense Secretary Esper Receives Bipartisan Criticism Yesterday, Today Landowners Will Decry Desecration and Seizure of Lands Just because President Trump is obsessed with the political significance of his border wall – often it seems to be the only topic capable of holding his attention – doesn’t make it a politically beneficial subject for Trump’s … Continue reading »

Trump’s Normalizing of Corruption and Lawlessness Continues at the Border

“Chief Law Enforcement Officer” Trump Waives Contracting Laws for Cronies Building the Wall  Yesterday, after issuing pardons and clemency to a host of white collar criminals, President Trump declared himself to be the “chief law enforcement officer of the country.” As the Washington Post summarized, the self-description capped a day in which “Trump granted clemency … Continue reading »

Texans Remain in Crosshairs of Trump’s Obsession: $3.8 Billion More from Military for Border Wall

In response to reports that President Trump will raid an additional $3.8 billion from the Pentagon to fund border wall construction, the following is a quote from Mario Carrillo, Texas-based Campaigns Manager of America’s Voice: One year ago, Donald Trump declared a fake national emergency in an effort to forcefully move forward with building a … Continue reading »

5 Key Points About the Border Wall on 1-Year Anniversary of Trump’s National Emergency Declaration, 2/15/19

Saturday, February 15 marks one year since President Trump manufactured “a national emergency” regarding the southern border. Coming on the heels of Trump’s unpopular government shutdown over border wall funding, the President used a legal provision related to the conduct of war to declare a national emergency, using it as the pretext for raiding billions … Continue reading »

$3.8 Billion More from Military for Border Wall Obsession: An Emboldened and Vindictive Trump Taking America Into Authoritarianism In the Service of Hanging Onto Power

In response to reports that President Trump will raid an additional $3.8 billion from the Pentagon to fund border wall construction, the following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice: Just in time to commemorate the 1-year anniversary of his fake national emergency declaration, a lawless President Trump is raiding billions … Continue reading »

President to Raid Billions More from Military to Fund Border Wall Construction

Trump now treats the Defense Department budget as a slush fund for his boondoggle President Trump, with the acquiescence of the conservative majority in the Supreme Court and most Republican Senators, is now treating the Department of Defense as a slush fund for his ineffective and costly border wall. This week marks the first anniversary … Continue reading »

Five New Disturbing Revelations About Trump’s Obsession with the Border Wall

Where are the GOP’s conservative principles when you need them? Next week marks the first anniversary of Trump’s fake national emergency declaration which was the pretext for raising military funding to divert it to border wall construction. As we noted last week, Trump’s “impenetrable” border wall is showing its weaknesses as an immigration strategy, given … Continue reading »

Trump’s “Impenetrable” Border Wall Will Permit “Easy Entry of Smugglers and Migrants” for Months Every Summer

Frank Sharry: “Trump’s ‘impenetrable’ border wall is having a very, very bad week” In an explosive new Washington Post story entitled, “Trump’s border wall, vulnerable to flash floods, needs large storm gates left open for months,” Nick Miroff, writes: President Trump’s border wall probably will require the installation of hundreds of storm gates to prevent … Continue reading »