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58% Disapprove of Trump’s Immigration Record

58% Disapprove of Trump’s Immigration Record From Deportations, to Ending DACA, to Family Separations, Trump Administration Tries to “Make America Hate Again,” Americans Refuse Cleveland, OH — There are both practical and moral reasons why 58% of Americans disapprove of Trump’s handling of immigration (see recent Quinnipiac and Washington Post polls). In a column and … Continue reading »

When Will GOP Candidates Learn that Scapegoating Immigrants Won’t Work?

Since the election of Donald Trump a number of other Republicans have tried to mimic his style of anti-immigrant ugliness to win elected office. But, many of their attempts have failed or backfired, showing repeatedly that — despite Trump’s election — attacking immigrants is not a path to electoral victory. After over a dozen electoral … Continue reading »

As Trump Demonizes Immigrants, Americans Grow More Pro-Immigrant Than Ever

Gallup poll: record-high 75% think immigration is a good thing, up from last year Pew poll: Democrats have 14% advantage over Republicans on issue, up from 6% last fall As President Trump speaks of immigrants as “infesting” our country, killing Americans and hailing from “shithole countries,” everyday Americans have a different view. James Hohmann writes … Continue reading »

Quinnipiac Poll: Vast Majority of Ohioans Support Creating Path to Citizenship for Undocumented Ohioans

Findings Echoed in Strong Turnout at Rallies Across the State A Quinnipiac poll of 1,000 Ohio registered voters shows that the vast majority supports creating a path to citizenship for Dreamers and other undocumented immigrants. From the poll: Ohio voters say 76 – 19 percent that undocumented immigrants brought to the U.S. as children, so-called … Continue reading »

Multiple Polls Show Black Voters Don’t Like Racist GOP Attacks, Period

A new Quinnipiac poll finds that there’s one group of Americans who oppose Donald Trump’s stupid, wasteful border wall even more than Latinos — and that’s black Americans, 87% of whom do not believe that the wall should be built. In his Washington Post analysis, Eugene Scott notes that there are a few reasons why … Continue reading »

CNN Poll: By 83-12%, Americans Want Dreamers Protected; Strong Majority Hold Trump & GOP Responsible for Inaction

New CNN polling finds, once again, that Americans across all partisan affiliations overwhelmingly support Congress protecting Dreamers. Meanwhile, nearly two-thirds of the public holds either President Trump or congressional Republicans responsible for the continued failure to pass legislation protecting Dreamers. Among the key immigration takeaways from the new CNN polling include: By an 83-12% margin, Americans support policies … Continue reading »

Quinnipiac Poll: Americans Want Dreamers Protected; Think Trump and GOP Want Dreamers Deported

The latest polling from Quinnipiac offers another reminder that the American public, across party lines, overwhelmingly supports Dreamers gaining citizenship. The new poll is the latest in a series of polls each finding that at least 80% of the public wants Congress to protect Dreamers. The polling also finds that the public is seeing through the White House and … Continue reading »

Quinnipiac Polling: Americans Overwhelmingly Support Dreamers; Overwhelmingly Oppose White House Immigration Plan

Will Senators side with American people or enable radical and unpopular policies on ramped up deportations, dramatic cuts in legal immigration and an unpopular, wasteful border wall? As the Senate kicks off immigration week, February 6, 2018 polling from Quinnipiac offers a reminder that the American public overwhelming supports Dreamers and strongly opposes key elements of the … Continue reading »

In Iowa and Across America, Public is Strongly Pro-Immigrant and Opposed to Trump’s Nativist Agenda

When it comes to immigration, President Trump and fellow hardliners are on the wrong side of American public opinion, as new analysis and new Iowa polling each make clear. At Vox, Dylan Matthews analyzes a range of immigration public opinion in a piece titled, “Polls Show Americans are Closer to Democrats than Donald Trump on … Continue reading »

ABC News/Washington Post: 87% of Americans Support Protecting Dreamers

A new ABC News/Washington Post poll is the latest in a long line of recent polling that shows deep, broad, and consistent support for Congress delivering a solution on behalf of Dreamers. The new ABC News/Washington Post poll finds: By an 87-11% margin, the public supports protecting Dreamers (70% strongly, 17% somewhat). Core Republican voters are strongly pro-Dreamer. As the accompanying ABC … Continue reading »

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