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Zero Tolerance Family Separation

ICYMI: Julia Ainsley: “Watchdog group: Trump DHS pick made false claims about role in family separation policy”

Amid the contentious debate on Chad Wolf as acting Homeland Security Secretary, Julia Ainsley for NBC reports recent revelations that Wolf provided false testimony to the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee over his role in the family separation policy, which resulted in 5,400 children taken from their parents with no real plan to … Continue reading »

ICYMI: WaPo Editorial Board: “Only now do we understand the true cruelty of Trump’s family separation”

Following last week’s revelations that the Trump administration separated at least 5,460 children from their parents, the Washington Post editorial board brings Trump, Miller, and the administration to task, calling the separations “…a stain on Mr. Trump, on the government he leads and on America.” It is an important reminder that no matter how much … Continue reading »

ICYMI: The Guardian: “She raised her niece like a daughter. Then the US government separated them at the border”

In The Guardian’s gut-wrenching piece entitled, “She raised her niece like a daughter. Then the US government separated them at the border,” Valeria Fernández and Jude Joffe-Block detail the tragedy of a six-year-old girl ripped from her only living family member, her aunt Alexa, by the Trump administration’s abhorrent asylum policies. For migrant families seeking … Continue reading »

Will We Normalize or Ostracize Those Involved in Executing and Defending Family Separation?

Two designers and defenders who executed the Trump administration’s monstrous family separation policy are in the news, posing a test for whether the rest of us will play a role in normalizing or ostracizing those individuals and the administration involved in this moral stain on America.  Yesterday, former DHS Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen made a controversial … Continue reading »

Previously Unreported 1,250 Children Traumatized By Family Separations Offer Reminder Why Fortune Should Rescind Summit Invitation to Kirstjen Nielsen

The scale of the Trump administration’s unconscionable family separation policy continues to widen. As Courthouse News reports, “the federal government likely separated an additional 1,250 immigrant children from their parents at the U.S.-Mexico border before formally announcing its ‘zero tolerance’ immigration policy, a Health and Human Services official told a federal judge Friday.”  By our … Continue reading »

Family Separations Continue: “A Moral Stain on America” That Trump Administration Continues to Pursue

1,000 New Cases of Family Separation Revealed Since Trump Declared Separations Were Over Yesterday brought home more disturbing reminders that the Trump Administration’s horrific family separations policy continues to this day. By exploiting the “best interests of the child” provisions in the child separation litigation settlement and using the “Remain in Mexico program,” the Trump … Continue reading »

As Senate Republicans Seek To Roll Back Protections for Children in Detention, Democrats Move Forward With Basic, Minimal Standards for CBP Custody

H.R. 3239 provides “basic, common, human decency that is sorely lacking” Next week, the Senate Judiciary Committee will mark-up Republican Senator Lindsey Graham’s bill to remove basic protections for children in U.S. immigration custody and allow the government to hold children beyond the court-mandated minimum period of 20 days.  This is in stark contrast to … Continue reading »

“The Nightmare of Child Separations Continues” House Oversight Committee Report Shows

NPR: CBP Agent Forces 3-Year Old into Literal Sofi’s Choice of Mom or Dad The moral collapse of the Trump administration is on full display: President Trump’s “go back to where you came from” racist tweets and comments aimed at women of color elected to Congress; VP Mike Pence and a group of Republican Senators see … Continue reading »

Reminders of What’s Real on Trump’s Immigration Failures: Deplorable Detention Conditions for Children; Continued Family Separations; Pervasive Fear Among Families

When it comes to immigration policy, sometimes we all need to close Twitter and ignore Trump’s ongoing bluster, threats, and pronouncements; skip past the White House palace intrigue stories about leaks and infighting; and stay focused on what’s real and happening in our name – the Trump team’s ongoing failure to responsibly deal with the … Continue reading »

WaPo Editorial: “Trump’s Family Separation 2.0 comes at a cost to immigrants and the government”

“So this is a policy of cruelty that would also cost the government.” After what seems like a laundry list of failed immigration and border policies, the Washington Post’s editorial board comments on the Trump administration’s latest “scheme” targeting immigrant families and children. Under Family Separation 2.0, immigrants who receive federal housing subsidies would be … Continue reading »