The following is a statement from Frank Sharry, Executive Director of America’s Voice, on where we are today with respect to the family separation crisis: Yes, Americans rose up and forced the President to step back. No, we are not close to being done with this crisis. Yes, the... Continue »
The GOP is Determined to Keep Hurting Dreamers and Immigrant Families In his latest op-ed for HuffPost, Juan Escalante breaks down the GOP’s scramble to enact legislative solutions for immigrant families and Dreamers. In reality, it seems that Republicans only seem to care about waging a war on immigrants.... Continue »
Condemn the crisis manufactured by Trump administration “Zero Tolerance” policy; Call on local, state and federal officials to block abusive conditions and family separation Houston, TX – Today, Houston Mayor Sylvester Turner publicly opposed a new Houston immigrant children’s facility. The mayor joins calls by Houston immigrants, legal advocates and service providers to... Continue »
Yesterday, President Trump signed an executive order which purports to end his cruel family separation policy.  However, as written, it does no such thing. In fact, it could make the situation worse by requiring indefinite detention of families and continuing to permit children to be taken from their parents.... Continue »
A recording of today’s event is available here Following today’s issuance of an executive order regarding border policy by President Donald Trump, policy and legal experts gathered to discuss what’s next. Michelle Brane, Director of the Migrant Rights and Justice Program, Women’s Refugee Commission, said: The executive order President... Continue »
Children Don’t Belong in Detention, Especially When There Are Effective, Humane and Cost-efficient Alternatives Medical experts, from pediatricians to psychologists, have resoundingly agreed that separating children from parents under Trump’s family separation policy is “causing irreparable harm… can carry lifelong consequences for children.” The President of the American Academy... Continue »
No, Secretary Nielsen, Enforcing the Law Does Not Require Tearing Families Apart. DHS Secretary Nielsen claims DHS is merely enforcing the law to secure the border when her Department separates children from parents.  She is wrong. The separation is the result of a series of draconian policy choices by... Continue »
The nation is outraged by the Trump administration’s decision to separate immigrant children from their families at the border. Ultimately, there’s only one way to permanently stop these policies. The Trump Administration is now separating immigrant families who try to come through the U.S.-Mexico border without documentation. The parents... Continue »
Americans Must Rise Up to Call an End to Attacks on Immigrant Families and Restore Our Values It’s a moment of truth for House members this week when they vote on two anti-immigrant bills. The Goodlatte and Ryan-Trump bills essentially do the same thing: both create an underclass of... Continue »
A recording of today’s call is available here. As the Trump administration continues to take children from their parents as part of their unprecedented and recently-initiated “zero tolerance” policy, and as President Trump and House leadership gear up to divert attention to House immigration votes later this week, experts gathered... Continue »