Children Don’t Belong in Detention, Especially When There Are Effective, Humane and Cost-efficient Alternatives Medical experts, from pediatricians to psychologists, have resoundingly agreed that separating children from parents under Trump’s family separation policy is “causing irreparable harm… can carry lifelong consequences for children.” The President of the American Academy... Continue »
No, Secretary Nielsen, Enforcing the Law Does Not Require Tearing Families Apart. DHS Secretary Nielsen claims DHS is merely enforcing the law to secure the border when her Department separates children from parents.  She is wrong. The separation is the result of a series of draconian policy choices by... Continue »
The nation is outraged by the Trump administration’s decision to separate immigrant children from their families at the border. Ultimately, there’s only one way to permanently stop these policies. The Trump Administration is now separating immigrant families who try to come through the U.S.-Mexico border without documentation. The parents... Continue »
Americans Must Rise Up to Call an End to Attacks on Immigrant Families and Restore Our Values It’s a moment of truth for House members this week when they vote on two anti-immigrant bills. The Goodlatte and Ryan-Trump bills essentially do the same thing: both create an underclass of... Continue »
A recording of today’s call is available here. As the Trump administration continues to take children from their parents as part of their unprecedented and recently-initiated “zero tolerance” policy, and as President Trump and House leadership gear up to divert attention to House immigration votes later this week, experts gathered... Continue »
Condemnations rain down from across the country and across the spectrum As a humanitarian crisis at the border builds, outrage over Trump’s family separation policies escalates. Burgess Everett, John Bresnahan, and Rachel Bade of Politico report: … The administration’s decision to separate children from parents has elevated the issue... Continue »
Updated: June 21, 2018 For more than a month now, the Trump Administration has been separating children from their families and locking them in cages with little more than space blankets for warmth. For a time, the Administration wasn’t allowing anyone in to see these children — raising questions... Continue »
Questions and Answers Can the Trump administration immediately stop separating families at the border, without an act of Congress? Yes.  Last month, the Trump administration unilaterally implemented a new policy that results in family separations.  On May 7, Attorney General Sessions delivered remarks confirming a “zero tolerance” policy in... Continue »
From Laura Bush to Cher to Lin-Manuel Miranda and John Legend, here’s what celebrities have been saying about the Trump Administration’s horrific policy of separating children from their families at the border: I live in a border state. I appreciate the need to enforce and protect our international boundaries,... Continue »
Congress is a Sideshow; Trump is the Main Event Don’t be distracted by the side show in Congress. Don’t be confused by the lies, obfuscation, and blame shifting from the White House. Be aware of the cynical strategy we are all witnessing. With observers across America horrified by Trump’s... Continue »